how to start business in Qatar?

I'm a Chinese now in Dubai and I'm planning to go Doha to start decoration material (such as flooring and wall paper) business there. If you could spend some time to let me have the answers of the following queries, I will be very grateful:
1. What's the procedures for a visitor to register a company there and how long it will take? what's the cost?
2. How long it'll take to apply a visa for the company employee?
3. Could you also please let me know roughly how much it will cost for the showroom (per sqm)? Please let me have the rate in the downtown area and urban fringe. If I take the shop near the edge of the city, is there any key money I have to pay?
4. How much I have to pay to the sponsor each year?
You may post your answers here so that everybody can share or you can write me by email. My mail is Thanks a lot.


That's one big showroom you're looking at my friend.

1 Square meter???


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Way to go Ray!


I think he`s looking for the price per square metre

what is there so funny to tease his Chinese English ?

He was asking just "per" square meter.

Instead of "per" he used "1" sq metr, I think


I am also in the process of setting up my own business here, although in a different field, I am offering communication coaching.

However, I have made some inquiries and it seems that there is no specified amount that you have to pay the sponsor. Any Qatari can sponsor you and it is up to them what they charge you. I have heard that a lot of them go for a percentage of your revenue rather than a fixed amount...

Sorry, I don't know the answers to your other questions yet. Would like to know myself...

Yes, I want to rent a showroom there and would like to know how much it'll cost per square meter.

thanks for your attention. I want to know how much it will cost per sqm.

thanks, Cazei.

As you may know, in UAE most sponsor charge the service at a fixed amount rather than percentage basis since they don't know how much the revenue is.

Here comes my question: how does Qatari know the profit of the company that he sponsors? thanks.

I would be curious to know if the Qatari sponsor can change his charge when and how he/she likes? Are there any contracts that can be written to have the percentage fixed amount written in stone?

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

We do have a business in Qatar and we have been with 2 Sponsors.

There is no definite guideline, it all depend on what you want, how you negotiate.

If you need help, PM me as I think our sponsor is very reasonable.

There are times when it is easier to use an existing registered business rather than starting a new one. Save time and also, a sponsor could be a good factor in generating business.


Dear Sara, Please let me have your email or mobile. I'd like to have more information about using an already existing company. My email is Thanks.

hai sara, can i have your email id.. i have some doubts regardng starting a new business.. please provide me ur email id.. or mail me rajesh9992/at/

The norm of qatari sponsorship laws are basically the sponsor has a 51% share in ur business and you have the rest 49%, there were a few amendments in the law but its all again in the favour of the sponsor.

Sometimes you might find few qatari sponsors who are more generous and probably would only charge you with a fixed amount as fees, But on the whole dont expect much from doing business in doha. The rules are pretty much blurred here, and its not exactly easy to get hold of any good sponsor. But neways best of luck.

Dear Cydsir, sorry due to Ramadan I was not regularly openning my track.

You can e-mail me at







I am new to Qatar I have heard of a law reqarding 100% Foreign Ownership but legal advisors told me to better go for Qatari Sponsership because it takes 20-25 days for forming a LLC company in Qatar. We have to deposit 200,000Qrs in a bank a/c which can be latter used for company affairs etc. and about 30-40 grands for legal documentation and expenses. Some Qatari's prefer percentage in profits and some prefer fixed charges for sponsorship. It basically depends a lot on the type of business and your expertise. If you are not totally confident with what you are doing go for a profit sharing sponsor who will get you good business leads and contacts in a way helping you get business. If you know your business profitability and think you can pull it off all by yourself here in Qatar than go for a qatari ready with fixed sposorship charges, who will mind his own things and leave you alone with your business.

Real estate is exhorbitantly expensive in Qatar for sure. You have to hunt a lot to find a good deal.

After everything else in business it is very important How well you negotiate. And trust me Arabs are tough to negotiate so be 100% prepared with bargain skills and uptodate homework.


Even I am looking forward to ask the same question which you have raised. I guess there are no relevant answers for this question. If you found answer by now, please do help me to safeguard my interests with my sponsor.

If you want start a company you need a local sponsor (51:49)

(100% percent foreign ownerships are for big companies and projects, there are some minimum investment confirmations or some special permission from ministry for that)

Nothing can guarantee the 51% that you don’t own.

One safest option is find some Qatari investor who is ready to invest 51% so what is legally in his name is actually his.

Most of the good Qatari sponsors go for percentage for sponsorship of companies: but here is some clarification to the above posts, as far as I know, mostly it is not percentage of profit, it is of turnover.

That is the revenue in the bank, ranging from 3 -10 or even 15% depends on your expected sales turnover and relations. If you are doing a cash retailing I am not sure.

There are legal ways to restrict the sponsor’s interference in taking over control of the company once you are well established, consult a good lawyer before making the WLL agreement.

In UAE the parallel contract made between the sponsor and foreign partner regarding the actual investment confirmation and ownership rights may get validity at times. But in Qatar it is illegal, it is as good as cheating the government.

All the best

contact me at 5852704 to discuss about this matter in detail.

the most important thing is to have a sponsor who is loaded with cash willing to work

and make sure to have a good lawyer and an open exit visa

or the sponsor can take ur money then kick u out of qatar easily

Dear Chinese Friend,

1 sq/m can vary from 50 riyals to 100 riyals, depending on the location.


People here might not give you exact answers, as they aren't much aware, of any query you can PM and I would be glad in helping you out.

Your Pakistani Friend,


Right now, beware, there are other people offering help but infact these are not genuine,especially for someone like you, who doesnt know the right and left of establishing a business yet be wise enough to know the genuine one...goodluck. PM me for other guidelines...



"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

I am planning a new business in Doha and am am looking for a good sponsor. The suggestion of using an existing registered business sounds appealing to me. Could you be kind enough to give me lead how to go by finding such business which is relating to my field (Intially trading in specialty products and later in a MEP company)

Thanks and regards,


for small timers and start-ups...

this seems to be the best option to start with,

while still on the process of learning the ins and outs.

their business names can be used for collections and billings and charge you a fixed percentage commision.... say 10%. sponsorships costs may be as per negotiations...

once settled down and profitable, then just decide later if still wishing to go on your own...

some of my friends do it this way ;)


" fear always spring from ignorance.... "



I have an existing company and i want to start rading activities specially food products.

If our ends meet we can do business.

Call me 5154046

00 00


I want to start trading in qatar aswel, i have the suppliers for all types of products including food straight from the manufacturer and ive already got hold of a few buyers here in qatar. My problem is in starting up the company cuz it seems like a hazle to do that as in finding a partner and so on. If u have an existing company i was wondering if I could import and sell the products through your company and we share the profits. basically its like doing the business in partnership. My suplier sources are from china, japan, sri-lanka,India and korea. I can get the products at competitive prices plus credit terms can be worked out after the first few imports.

I'm Qatari, and ready for any type of corporates with you guys, I'm professional and open mind.

00 00

if you can find buyers for my products i can directly ship u the goods from my country..if your interested just let me know ill list u the products which im dealing in

Why dont we form a group for business-minded people? i lke the idea...


My brother is graduated in marketing and his willing to come Qatar to start a company of web design.

He have several costumers already in Portugal and Spain.

If you are interested let's talk about it, I'll be the main investor.

Waiting forward for your feed back


Renato Costa







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E-mail :-,

Hi, "dezigner"

thank you very much for coming forward,

I need more information about starting up a business in qatar,

please reply to my e mail

at ammeer at


can i have your e-mail id , as i was thinking to start some small business , i need to have more details to start a business .

Hello Dear

We are available to provide sponsorship and support.

reach us santoshdsouza/-a-t-/ or 3437258



Greetings from Santosh D'Souza. I hope you find this mail in sound health of mind and body.

I am looking for a Partner (Passive) / Investor for International Franchising Business.

Key Highlights

* Partner/Investor should be from Doha Qatar

* Invsetment of USD 5000 -USD 15000

* Investors dont need to be involve

* Investors contact will be a huge Plus Point for Business

* ROI within 3-4 months

* Minimum Annual Net Profit of 400,000 USD (with 1 Office)

* Only 5-6 similar businesses around Middle East (1st in Doha Qatar)

* 2-3 staff

* Should have good contact with high net worth individuals

If this is of your interest you can contact me or mail me further details.


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We are ready to sponsor and partnerships

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I would like to form a company in doha

Now for my main queries

1)Is the free zone suitable or normal industrial area is fine. Basically i want to know the difference between the facilities of both.

2)My employment will mainly consist of Indian nationalities,

and from what i have heard Indian visas are hard to apply for.Can i know whether all this is true??

please help me with my queries

yodesh, how can you compare free zone with industrial area? Free zone (QSTP) is creature of 22nd century, it is qatari future and its pride.. industrial area is 19th century, and it is qatari shame.. forget about Free Zone, it is not for you. Hundreds of companies are in the long list to get an office in free zone. QSTP is extremely selective, only most famous companies are granted space in there. First requirement is the 'technology/research/future development' nature of your business.. companies like Microsoft, Cisco, some world known scientific environmental/health research companies are there.. and here you "reflect" whether you 'want' it or not to be there.. pathetic...

yeah, and it is not true that indians visas hard to apply for.. it IS true that they are hard to get..

hey qatarisun

Thank you for the information. I am a resident in dubai, and the government here has a liberal view for any company to join its freezone and actuallly they hav 3 freezones in here.It was out of my knowlege about the freezone not existing in qatar. Thanks for clearing that

And regarding the indian visas

what are the maximum number of india visas i can apply for ??

you may get 10, you may get Zero. Depends on how you are, and what are you company's needs. Noone can predict.

Yogesh21, what type of company your building? Are you accepting other nationalities or must be pure Indian?

Yogesh, your proposal sounds good on my ears. May be we could join forces for the venture. You could reach me at ajinpt(at)gmail(dot)com or +919535211126

if i wana start a business in Qatar? eg:like a salon i just want to knw wat are the proceedures ..


U need to have a local Sponsor 1st.THen you would need a Office Space where you will have to get approval from Baladiya/Muncipality. YOu have to get Initially the COmpany registered and then u can apply for Visas

Dear All,

A company based in India wants to start its courses mentioned above in Doha speciallilly in universities / schools ( 9-12th) standrds,can someone help to find someone who can approach to the target customer and finding good sponser.if someone interested pl contact on sgulab/at/yahoo/com

Hi There,

Are you still looking for opening a Saloon. We have the expertise to invest, sponsor, provide you VISA and open a new shop for any nationality.

If interested contact me. +974 66882569 or



contact me

for all advice


office space

open legal documents

viza process

my phone no. is 33 5 33 7 32


I needed to open a trading office in qatar. Currently i'm in Dubai, working. What will be the minimum requirement for opening a business set up in Doha? any body can help?



itsrasheed at


One of my friend also plan to start a business here and he is looking for a sponsor,and you said that your sponsor is so reasonable. Can you please provide me your contact no, so that we can discuss more about that.

Thank you

hi, i have extended experience in food distribution in the tri state are of new york and i am willing to help or enter a business venture in that food industry field .

Sara, If it's possible, I would like to contact you (preferably on phone) to inquire about the things mentioned by yourself in your comment above. Please let me know.

ok im looking to open a hardware shop,r u interested to do bizz with me, i hv some capital

ok, i want to open a shop in doha, can u please guide me.or plz give me ur mobile number,thanks

ok friend , plz give me the sponsors nor.

You can visit the following website for more details:

or email to info/-a-t-/

Good infromation at this window:

If you are want to start business, make sure to sign contract in clear language. Decide profit terms.

Try to find sponsor not practically involved, in business, mean silent partner, but be honest and give him, handsome gift,not bribe, gift to his son or give some cash amount. Some qataris are very gentle and do not create any legal problem,but their new generation is educated and you can not hide any thing they can take legal action.

If your sponsor is nice then you are lucky and can make good money.....but do not for get to give him gift,,,cash,,,on Eid days,,,,or birthdays....good luck


Send Your Complete Contact at.

Plus Phone numbers. if you Are a local sponsor..

We deal

If you are not..

Then Dont waste my time...

I'd recommend obtaining professional advice on starting a business in Qatar.

I know that PRO-Partnership has some really valuable advice on their website and blog here:

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

We a doing a building materials business in qatar. Already we have a tow showroom. do you like a join with us or more information call me 00974704804 or Email samaalkhair2GMAIL.COM .

Small world, read the above posts and looked at PRO-Partnership for Business Set up in Qatar, then I saw the director is John FORDE. I used to know him in the UK, the guy is a complete sleaze bag, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. He was turning people over in Yorkshire a long time ago!! Don't touch him with a barge pole, you'll get burnt.

I am also interested to start a food business in Qatar and in search for a genuine sponsor.

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