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I have a bachelor degree of Business Management, did my first year Masters Marketing, preparing for my CMA and I have 1 year experience in credits cards services.

I am fluent in Arabic, English and french.

I am searching for a suitable job in Qatar.


With that credentials, companies should be looking for you not the other way around...

I taught there is a separate section for classified. Anyway I'll ask around.

"simple yet complicated"

"makamal a anak"

When I first came here I checked this website for companies, banks, and organizations in Doha. It takes u to their website and u can check for vacancies and contact details.

Good luck, its a good website!


I have been job hunting for a job in Doha for a while... I am not in Qatar, so I rely on my network there and the internet.

I have secured some interviews that will go ahead soon.

My advice to you is to check all of the recruitment sites online: monstergulf, reed, kershaw leaonard etc... Also, start applying directly to companies via their website.

You can also check out the gulf times newspaper online and click on classifieds on the left side of the page. Jobs are listed daily in this news paper.

I spend a LOT of time doing this, but it has been successful to date!

Good luck and happy hunting!!

Doha Dreamer,

Thank you so much, I appreciate your help.

can i get a job with an ond in accounting plus 1 year experience in an accounting field

send your cv to they need some people having accounting experience. all the best.

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