Qatar airways recruitment
By NOMI12345 • 3 years 4 months ago.

I applied online for a commercial job position in Qatar airways and after the successful telephone interview they invited me for f2f interview at Doha. I had my interview last week and it went well , i am a bit confused because the interview was based on a general conversation with few questions about my work experience. One of my senior said that if they flew you all the way to Doha then they definitely gonna hire you as you already had successful telephonic interview with them. Can anyone suggest me what are the chances? like they have paid for my ticket,visa,accommodation and meal allowance , does this make sense if i compare this with my senior's statement?

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By puru1600• 3 years 4 months ago.

all the best...

By binorachel1• 3 years 4 months ago.

Never say dont worry to any one, always say have faith....

everything is going to be good for u... all the best

By hackrishna• 3 years 3 months ago.

Can you tell some of the questions they asked you ? I am curious to know what those people ask the most :3

By justshaz• 3 years 3 months ago.

When they are spending so much for u to bring u to Doha its obvious that u r selected. May be u have to fill the probation perioud that too only if they will tell u otherwise u r selected..congrats and welcome to Doha

By• 3 years 2 months ago.

dear friend. if u got selected they will call . no need to come here

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