Qatari? No. Impossible.... (WASTA-MAN!!!!!)

By QTR246

I never thought I would say this but I am tired already. I am highly regretting my decision of moving back to Qatar right after graduating from the U.K. 

I feel like it's nearly impossible for a fresh chemical engineering graduate to find a job, I was thinking that getting a first class degree from the U.K, would be appreciated in the job market but as it turns out, it's all about the people you know or the nationality. I have applied to almost every job opportunity that I found online and most of them require a minimum of 5 years of experience. Therefore, I wasn't relying on that only, I tried to visit as many offices of the oil and gas companies that I could, but to be honest, the receptionist will lose all interest in talking to you the moment words like job or internship are mentioned and they just politely ask you to leave as if I have said something illegal. And apparently having worked 3 years as a research assistant for a QP's project doesn't count as relevant experience, but what do the employers expect from a "fresh" graduate? 

Unfortunately, even after living in Qatar all my life, I don't have sufficient or any wasta in this regard hence I am screwed. so this calls for a need for our own Qatari superhero, "Wasta-man", who can help the wasta-less peasants. But I wonder why does Exxon Mobil, Total, QChem, Qafac, Qapco, RasGas, QatarGas, Qafco, SEEF Qatar, QatarVinyl, Qatar Fuel, Woqod, Total, Occidental, dolphin energy hire workforce from outside the country and ignore fresh graduates. 

I am now considering to apply for the international graduate scheme in the U.K or try and move to Canada, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. 



Wasta-less Chemical Engineer

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