Top 10 companies in Doha Qatar

Hi Guys...


I just want to know which are the top 10 companies in doha.

Kinldy mentioned the name with the contact email ID.

Actually m looking for a better job in doha but i tried a lot but not even get a single call from the companies..i need your help to find a job...




Kindly need a help to find a job...

Top in what? Please mention the particular sector.

Looks very funny.... There are thousands of jobless people, they even cannot get a job somwhere and you are looking for top 10. Better look for TOP 1, which can be the president of the country.Just an need of Top 10 or Top 5, this all depends on your package, the company is going to offer you.  

It's on "Funnies" section?

I meant to say some best companies in doha..........

For freackin sake, you are 18-25 y.o. indian, working in sales sector and you are interested about ...Oil and Gas companies for example..??????

some trading and construction give me your advice and don't freak me out. u guys aks lots of questions instead of giving proper answer...

go to Mark & Spencer site:;Landmark_Qatar...also Tadmur guys are hiring a lot... join to Top 10 Companies/ Qatar you need at least 10 years experience.Good luck!


hi hawk10 since he asked some help those who know the companies list just to help him. there is nothing funny he just want to try some good companies.  there may be thousand of people jobless but if this guy is lucky he may get a job in top 1 company. since you may be employed hence you can't understand his pain. think it in a positive way.

@ROSENMOGRA. I can feel his problem but the way he is asking, it is strange. If he is professional in a field, he should ask for the specific business or job category. I encountered these things lots of times, as I am more than 20 years in the gulf. If ever I am jobless, I have nothing to do with the top rating of the companies, as far as they can offer me a good job in my field of speciality.  

which company is better for IT job in qatar

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