UrbaCon International Co.

Hi! Can someone tell me anything about UrbaCon International Co.
I should go on interview there and I can't find anything online.
Thank you!


I know them very well. what dom you want to know? what is your job title?

I just view your profile and you are a landscape architect from former yugoslovia. I know the opening they have for your position. BTW there is a technical Manager from Croatia already working with them

You work for them? I would like to know, are they good with employes, and are they, if I can say, "safe company" regarding salary, health care...are they respecting contract?

Yes, I know, I have an interview for a position of landscape architect.

"salary, health care...are they respecting contract?"

The short answer is "YES" to all of your questions.

Great! Thank you very much!

Go to near move n pick hotel in Cornish u find find there al meera building on 9th floor.

The company is a family run business with 2 brothers from Syria, with construction background, running the entire operation. The company has been in Qatar only since April 2011. Even though they have landed some of the most significant projects in Qatar they lack organization and professionalism. No health care, full 6 day work week, no paid vacation for 1 year and they have hired and fired far too much.

I would like to know more about the company. Did you work there. Can you tell me which are their ongoing projects. Currently I am working in Abu Dhabi , and got offer from them as Q.S manager. So please share all the details of the company if you know.




-Working hours was not respected (written 8 hrs, then over ruled to 10 working hrs-6 days a week)

-They dont respect holidays, they call to work for holidays also (Not paid)

-Transferring visit visa to working visa takes very long time.

-Those who work there don't have any insurance or medical since the time they were hired til this time..

-Salary comes on the first week of the month..

-they have good projects but sad to say very unprofessional in terms of managing their people (many good workers have resigned due to this)

dear friend.. may be the company is good. but their treatment is very very bad. one of my filipino friend went there for an interview last day. the appointment was at 10.00 am. he reached in the office at 9.45am. the secretary told him that he has to wait for the driver as he has to report in the site office near dukhan for the interview. at last the driver came at 11.30 and they went at the site. there was a few people were in the group for the interview. actually the site is in side the desert and it is very difficult to reach there. the driver had left after dropping them at the site and he came back after 2hours. these people got ready to go back as the interview was over. the driver asked my friend to report to the administration manager. the administration manager asked my friend to stay there because he has to send some one to the head office in the car. actually all of them got tired because they didn't have the lunch till that time. he noticed this to the administration manager, but his reply was very very rude.. if they start to behave with the people before appointing them... how they can work in this company..?

I just received an email regarding my online application to this company.. now i'm thinking if i will reply to their email. Good thing i visited QL, i'm enlightened.

I will draw the attention of the project manager of Dukhan Palace site to this Thread :)

Dear Abdul

Did you joined UrabaCon or not?

Can you tell me something ab it.


What do you want to know about Urbacon?

Dear lucky

Tell me somethign ab Urbacon?

Is it same as Al Khayyat Contracting or are these two seperate companies?

How much a PM should be asking for a Job. Total exp 12 years.

thanks in advance


"Is it same as Al Khayyat Contracting or are these two seperate companies?"

Two seperate entities but same Owners. Al Khayyat managed by the Older Brother and UCC by the younger brother.

"How much a PM should be asking for a Job. Total exp 12 years."

Depends on your capabilities.

Dear Lucky

I'm getting an offer from KCT as PM. Salary QR 25,000.00.

What should I do? How is the company? I have heard not so good stories about KCT / Urbacon here on the forum. Is that True? I want to bring my family also to Qatar. They r processing my Visa now. How much time will they take to get my Residence Permit so that I can bring my family there. plz advice. rgds

Are you related to Diwakar by any chance? I don't know about specialists posting in this forum. Their views are immaterial to me.Processing of Visa is under Qatar Authorities. KCT/UCC cannot do anything about that.

I'm not related to Diwakar, nor do I know any?

R u an Indian?

I have been formally offered a job of Package Manager in KCT (not UrbaCon) with salary of Riyal 25000 with medical insurance, tickets n 21 days leave (Qatar labour law, I'm told). My visa is already done.

Keep in mind, I'm from Dubai with total of 10 years of experience.

Kindly advice me if I should take the Offer.

I want to plan accordingly.


Who is Diwakar, nor do i know him.

r u an Indian by any chance?

I have been formally offered a job of Package Manager in KCT (not UrbaCon) with salary of Riyal 25000 with medical insurance, tickets n 21 days leave (Qatar labour law, I'm told). My visa is already done.

Keep in mind, I'm from Dubai with total of 10 years of experience.

Kindly advice me if I should take the Offer. if you know dubai, you'll understand what i mean. i have been to Oman but not to qatar.

I want to plan accordingly.


This should be a Good package for you. KCT is the parent Company. I may bump in to you once u join KCT. I am not Indian.

wow........gud to hear that. I saw tat u r form states, jus now.

do u work there?

m not sure if Luciano is ur surname.

would luv to meet u in person.

so, u recommend joining n working for KCT? SA u can undertsand, I hav been in dubai for long time so i'm in my comfort zone.

Tat's y, i'm bit concerned.

And tan Doha cannot be compared to Dubai, i'm told.

waiting for ur reply


If You are settled there don't come here unless you get a big insentive for changing locations. Doha is 10-15 years behind Dubai. You will not get your free lifestyle in Doha.

How is urbacon treating women in site offices? specifically the one in West Bay Private Villa?

There are several of them I now. exactly which one you are refering to?

Hi lucky. I saw a job opportunity for a Senior Financial Analyst in UCC. I would just like to know if the company is actively expanding through corporate acquisition. Also, in terms of organizational structure, would you know how many person are working in that team.


Please guys, How I am supposed to know about salary scales of individual categories. return tickets and medical is a standard for all companies in Qatar.

Who is 100% correct ?

Interesting thread..

Shows how different people can have very different viewpoints about the same company.

Brit- Submit your application to them. They have 20% salary increase for a year aveg.

incubus_95 - That woman in question has re-joined the company after giving birth in Philippines. Now she is working in the Q/S dept.

Mr. Lucky Luciano. I was hired by KCT as Site Engineer and they already issued a Visa for me. I am currently processing my papers here in the Philippines. I just would like to ask these questions...Are KCT and Urbacon the same?Are they following the Contract/Offer they sent to us? Is the Salary released on-time? Please give me answers to these questions...

I am a diploma holder in Civil Draftsmanship. and having 2 years of Gulf experience as Document Controller.I hereby apply for the same.

Yes. KCT run by the Older Brother and Urbacon run by the younger brother. They honor the contract and salary is paid in time.

Mr. Lucky, I am interested to apply in UCC. where can i send my CV? thanks

Dear Frnds,

Anybody know how much KCT paying for 5 year experienced Draftsman ?????

gud day. i would like to ask if i can work as an industrial nurse in qatar with out prometric exam. i got an offer from urbacon

Dear Friends ' VERY CAREFUL TO JOING UCC OR KCT (both are under same management) sorry to say that the entire Management team is UN PROFESSIONSALS. Only positive thing is they have enough projects awarded due to some connections with the high level. ONE WHO JOINED CAN EXPECT THE TERMINATION IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE YOU SHOULD RESIGN. @@@@PLEASE DON'T JOING UCC or KCT. please pass this messages to all of your friends and relatives.

Beebi , you are getting me scared , i got a job opportunity for a position of planning engineer , got an offer and supposed to be joining them soon ,what with the termination thing please speak more

the manager told me they will give me NOC if they will terminate only , if i want to terminate they won't

the manager told me they will give me NOC if they will terminate only , if i want to terminate they won't

Dear Ashraf Nabil, sorry for the delay in reply your query, before joining please check with few people who is working/was worked with them. If you are a professional you can't work with them, if you are looking for some monetary benefits for a short period it is suitable for you. I know even in HR Department within two years 3 HR directors and 3 HR managers has resigned/terminated. HR performance is very disappointed one. SO AGAIN DON'T JOIN WITH UCC OR KCT uncles you have no other option.

Confused !!

Can Someone Give the True Picture !!

@ Ashrafnabil85 : Did You Join ? If So, Can You Please Give Your Feedback about the Same !!

@ Lucky : Can You Please Highlight About the Company Culture and How Much a Person With PG and 2 Yrs Exp Get Salary ?

Guys any updates , are they getting better?

any recent feedback?

working hours?


Can anybody suggest me in regards to a job offer of project engg...with ucc....their work environ...timings...salary...leave cycle...medical...any cons

UCC is paying very good salaries compare to other companies. but duty timings depend on site requirement. sometimes its even 7am to 10PM too without OT. In UCC there is no word in their dictionary "Increment". Yeah you can get bonus almost every two years either half or one full basic salary. Everyday you wake up with a fear of termination (Sometime without reason). But still its very good company for hardworking talented peoples who is not expecting any increment.

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