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What sort of work opportunities exist in Qatar

  1. Student job


    I'm looking for any sort of student job that pays reasonably well and is obviously part time...Does anyone know where I could find this kind of job or where I'd be well off applying?


    Anyone had experience with this before?


  2. Architects in Qatar

    My brother runs a successful architect consulting firm abroad and wants to explore opportunity of expanding his consulting business in Qatar. Can anyone throw some light on how a new firm can introduce itself in the Qatar market?

  3. French in exchange with Arabic

    • Hi  all,
      I am egyptian lady who is interested in studying French language. I can speak English and my native tongue is Arabic .I used to study  French at school long ago. But as there was no practice for the language i almost forgot it.
  4. Sanitory Inspector


    Could you please tell me where can i find sanitory inspector job in qatar. I measured in Public Health & Sanitation Technology having 10 years experience in health/ medical area.

  5. About Job

    do you think that qatar can give  enough job oppurtunities in hotel industry?can i get the list of some job offers in and around doha?

  6. Al Dana investment (Doha Bank)

    What a huge prize they're giving away to their investors. I would like to invest too and have the chance to win one of their fabulous prizes. But how much is the minimum investment they accept? Anyone have tried investing to them? pls share...thanks!