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What sort of work opportunities exist in Qatar

  1. Re-Enrty in Doha

    I have been working in Qatar for last 3 years. Now i got a very good offer from Qatar Gas and i dont want to leave that offer. Is it possible that i cancel my visa and come on Business visa without NOC to work with Qatar Gas.




  2. Cabin Crew

    I was able to browse the career section and was able to know the offers and the employment requirements.  I would love to be a cabin crew, where do I begin?

  3. white young qatar

    I don't know if this is proper question for forum, but I need to ask about the White Young Qatar company. Does someone work in that company, and is it good one? I'm looking for another job here, and I just want to now do they have good package, so I can now what to expect.

  4. Recruitment

    Hi All there in sunnnny Qatar!

    I am lady from Serbia and need your help. Can someone there put websites of recruitment companies for architects?

    Thanks in advance