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What sort of work opportunities exist in Qatar

  1. job offer

    I am a graduate mechanical engineer from India having 2 year experience. Now i am in Qatar on a visit visa. I got a job offer of 4000QR+ Acoommodation+ car in an MEP project. But they are asking for my Degree certificate as a security measure for thee year bond. Wats ur openion about this?

  2. Work as dentist in Qatar

    Hello everyone. I am a dental surgeon from Mauritius. Can somebody please  tell what are the procedures I have to follow to work as dentist in Qatar. Is there a specific place to apply please? Thanking you.

  3. Student job


    I'm looking for any sort of student job that pays reasonably well and is obviously part time...Does anyone know where I could find this kind of job or where I'd be well off applying?


    Anyone had experience with this before?


  4. Architects in Qatar

    My brother runs a successful architect consulting firm abroad and wants to explore opportunity of expanding his consulting business in Qatar. Can anyone throw some light on how a new firm can introduce itself in the Qatar market?