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What sort of work opportunities exist in Qatar

  1. Literacy & numeracy tuition

    I have recently moved to Doha and am in the process of getting my RP. I am a British female with qualifications in education including a BA (hons) in Education degree. I am hoping to offer numeracy and literacy tuition to students who need some extra support.

  2. Qatar Exchange

    Hi all,

    I intend to try to make some money from making transactions in Qatar Exchange, I'm new to the field so any info on the subject will be appreciated. Also which is the best broker company among the ones available or they are all the same?

  3. Tutoring


    Not sure if this is allowed or not but....

    I am a Secondary School Teacher and my wife is a Primary School Teacher both working in Doha, we have heard about friends tutoring who got the opportunities from this site so thought we would give it a go.

  4. Hi guys, need your help on this

    Hi, I just want to ask for those of you who have been given a chance by Maersk Oil to be interviewed and went to the normal hiring process in the company (e.g. saw the job posting in their site, applied for it, received a call from their HR team and was interviewed).

  5. Hamad Medical Corporation


    I have been offered a job working for HMC in management (after being a Graduate of the NHS Graduate programme).

    I'm 26 and I've been offered accommodation and a salary of around 22,000 QRi a month plus other benefits, is this reasonable?