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  1. Looking for a Home forever

    Looking for a home for two lovable dogs

    01 - male and 01 female they are about 1 year old

    Fully vaccinated Playfull

    Garden trained

    Contact 77015005

  2. Siberian Cat free adoption - Male

    One Year Old. Very playful. Well trained to live inside a house. Vaccinated. Good with socialising with other cats as well. It is very hard for me to give it up as he lived with us from his childhood and grown up like our kid but we are expecting our baby hence it is not comfortable for him.

    Lost Dog Pls Help!

    Eshli (chihuahua) missing on October 15, 2014 on Musheireb Area

    Female 3 years old Microchipped with Red Collar

    With a Reward of 5000Qr

    Pls call: 55814727

  4. Microchip

    Now the Government vet have changed the rule for neutering or spaying street cats. Those who personally take street cats for neutering, they have to provide microchip. If the Vet employees take the cat, unless the owner of the building sign the paper , they will not return the cats from where they caught. This type of rules will further increase multiplying the cat population. There are many working class people who are helping to neuter or spay the street cats in their area, otherwise it will multiply and the kittens life will end under the wheel. For preventing this type of incident, many working and non working class people are helping and utilizing their precious time to take the cats to Wakra vet clinic. Since microchip is compulsory for neutering the cats, then many of them will give up this idea and ultimately it go on multiplying. Is there anyone have any idea where are those cats govt .vet employees trapping for neutering or spaying. ?