Facilities at Ministry of Animal Resources???
By qatar.doha • 7 years 5 days ago.

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I heard that there is good medical facilities at the Ministry of Animal Resources. The one which is near airport road.
Does anyone have an idea abt it. I want to know if they have good medicals for pets (Dogs)

Thanks Alot!

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By Chelsea• 7 years 5 days ago.
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The animal resource department is fine for rabies vaccinations and neutering street cats but I really wouldn't recommend it for anything else. Their facilities are very basic and to be honest they don't have much experience of pet animals. They deal mostly with camels, sheep and street cats.

By qatar.doha• 7 years 4 days ago.

Thanx Chelsea..

Which vet would you recommend?

By Chelsea• 7 years 4 days ago.

The Veterinary Surgery 436 7187 or Qatar Veterinary Centre 421 6405. They are the only vets that are allowed to touch QAWS animals!!

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