American in Qatar Prison

My brother is serving life in prison in Qatar after a ridiculous trial. Please read his daughter's story in the January issue of Cosmopolitan and help this man get home to his country.

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Provide the link please

if he is innocent then why would not the US embassy take action?

The story will be out in Dec, for the Jan 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Check our website for more information. The US embassy take action?? They assist with minor things but do not get involved in another country's legal issues.

What did he (allegedly) do to get a chare of espionage?

Did you Google it first?

Baldrick this isnt the first post, search the title you will see it. From what I gather he tried to sell information to the Irani government concerning the location of Qatars oilfields... Someone correct me if I am wrong, I am just going on memory.

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I'm agree wityh pelonericardodosperros aka baldrick2dogs befoe petitioning for someone's clemency I would like to know what happened.

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Angry at his boss, he sent an email to the embassy of another country offering information, the embassy did nothing with it but gave the email to the Qatar police, who then set him up to accept $1000 cash as a good-faith payment. There was never any information exchanged.

Wasn't this discussed previously?

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Does he want to serve his time in a US jail? Or just be let out even though what he did was illegal?


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US in involving all minor issues in any other contries problem, they are pretending as world police. But they are terrorists. If your friend is against american terrorism they will not take any action to help him.