Arabic Dua's with English Translation

[img_assist|nid=7015|title=Arabic Dua's with English Translation|desc=Here is your dua's han19, Inshallah you will like and love to read :-)|link=none|align=left|width=440|height=402]


Thank you, brother.

Assalam-alikum, Allah huma Khair. Inshallah I would like to give some cotribution from my end, hope you will appreciate my efforts and guide me whenever I am wrong!!

thank you so much quddus.

happy heart

drive safe because someone is waiting for you at home

You are most welcome:-)

Thanks Abbas! can you please provide me Dau-e-Vits that recited in Makkah in Sallat ul Vitr Plzzz.

believe in allah. he who learn allahs 99 names will enter paradise

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