How to make lot of money???

How to make hell lot of money????????????


Do some Job.....

Stop depending on others for Money.

Stand on ur own legs to get a hell lot of Money ...:)

do something but good think's not go bad way...

get a printer..scan and make it as much as you can

how do you think? duh!

a Qr 500/- bury it and daily water it soo in 500 centuries you will see it growing.

This guy is walking with his friend, who happens to be a psychologist. He says to this friend, "I'm a walking economy."

The friend asks, "How so?"

"My hair line is in recession, my stomach is a victim of inflation, and both of these together are putting me into a deep depression!"


u will be lucky to make any money in these times of rescission just stick to what ever u have n thank God. :)

wanna make hell lot of money? ..........................

Marry a rich girl - this way you can have both - the hell and the money...


Here are some prerequisites

- You have to be on the look out for opportunities and not sensibilities. No bleeding hearts allowed.

- You have to believe that majority of people around the world are very stupid. They deserve to remain where they are while you deserve to get to where you are going.

- You have to believe that in this world “might is right and woe to the weak.” That should be your drive.

- You have to be paranoid – believing that there is not enough for everyone so you must grab as much as you can. Acquire. Do not DISPENSE

- You have to be comfortable looking at the poor as people to be exploited and not people to be helped. When you are tired of being rich, then you can be a philanthropist!

- You have to deny any of these things when confronted about them.

If you work hard on this you will be rich in the near No other easy way!

“There are three ways to make money. You can inherit it. You can marry it. You can steal it.”

Move back to your home country. There is no way to make hell lot of money here.


save n invest properly

stress_in_babel are you ready for that:p

1,Inevest Ur money too me ...........heigh intrest

"Drink Beer Save Water"

Start selling newspapers and investing your income. That is how Warren Buffet made his fortune.

Is is easy to get a job in qatar. If Yes Please do tell me the convinient ways for doing that ,

Even if its easy but you wont be paid for that so easily ..... Becoz your seniors would take all your credit .

Sell your sperm dude, or try some test drugs.

Good way or bad way ... I will then advice ...

Tax the Rich!!!!

Rich peoples should do a lot of charity work and help the poor peoples ... :)

if we didnt have poor people we wouldnt need charity org. Tax the rich!!!!

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I know well about the world..Everywhere the same have many rich person also most of them have poor person...but they don't like to say that we are poor person. That is calling middle class person they have many problems but their ego Don't allow to say that I'm poor also need to help me some one.

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