Is it true? hollywood actor Chris Tucker

i recieved a mail hollywood actor chris tucker accepted islam. i leave u the pic. i recieved. don't pinch me just sharing an email which i read.


Thats not him, hell he doesnt even look anything like him!!!

Even then what is the big deal??

he's not Chris Tukker.

He is Omar Regan who acted as Chris Tukker's double in the movie Rush Hour.

And if it was Chris Tucker? I don't get it.

Tallg, Hollywood actors are known for their brains and their ability to speak lucidly about a wide range of topics.

If a Hollywood actor accepts a religion, it's after years of careful study to ensure that the right choice was made.

Why else would Tom Cruise become a Scientologist, if it wasn't a sensible religious choice.

We should all aspire to be more like Hollywood stars, because they are good role models in every concievable way.

LoL and LoLz

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

Ah, good point fubar. Not being a hollywood actor myself I was unable to see this obvious fact.

I would consider your comment as the joke of the day.. lol

A very valid point.. Good old Ronnie Reagan was a hollywood actor and ofcourse our gun loving Charlton Heston.

I shall now aspire to model myself on these..

Fubar what about Hollywood Actresses

Well Andrews, if it weren't for Hollywood actresses, we wouldn't have Kaballah bracelets, would we.

It's not as though wearing a red string around your wrist is (was???) a fashion statement. Kaballah bracelets are signs of your unwavering religious devotion. Madonna told me herself. So did Posh Spice. And it's not as if they're skanky hoes.

Wat abt .....

Malluwood Actorz n Actress....:)

Don't get me started on cosmetic skin whitening creams. That sh1t's deadly! I can't believe that people use it, and that the manufacturers persist with the joke of calling it 'Fair and Lovely'.

There's nothing 'Fair' nor 'Lovely' about promoting the idea that people with pale skin are just plain better.

that 2nd photo looks nothing like chris tucker, definitely not...and even if he did converted, so what...


"if you don't like the heat... get out of the kitchen... but stop trying to fan the flames before you leave... it will burn you on the a** as you go through the doorway...." ME



It must work. After all the advert says that the lady achieved her dream of getting a job on TV by using Fair and Lovely.

lol, we can still look lovely even if not fair-skinned...

the price they pay for their vanity huh...

That's true, Brit.

You might also recall seeing the ad where there was the fashion design student who said 'yes' and realised that with lighter skin she was able to design better dresses.

Maybe it was all the mercury in the whitening cream addling her brain, helping her to become more creative. (Just think what smearing mercury based creams on your skin does for unborn children...)

Or maybe she was using one that contained hydroquinone. This chemical inhibits the body's secretion of melatonin, making you more suseptible to skin cancer. Consequently she became terrified of going out in the sun and spent all day working on her dress designs.

Or maybe she chose one that was a topic steroid. It lightened her skin but also increased her likelihood of developing eczema, bacterial and fungal infections, Cushing's syndrome, acne, skin atrophy and pigmentation disorders. Her light skin was so ugly and disfigured she didn't go out at all because she looked like a weird freak and instead devoted all her time to her work.

So what it boils down to is...Chris Tucker has in fact not converted to Islam but is using Fair and Lovely?


Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

fubar's right, that lightening cream does seem to work miracles.

I seem to recall there are adverts claiming that Lipton tea does the same sort of things. There were a bunch of people trying to set up a business, but they were having no joy. Then they all had a cup of Lipton tea and ended up with a multi-million dollar business. Or something along those lines.

Since this thread has been thoroughly hijacked (I take most of the blame for that)... am I the only one who find the Lipton ad where jars commit suicide to be in extremely poor taste.

If you haven't seen it, or saw it in Arabic and didn't register, the plot is that now that Lipton tea bags come in foil packs, there is no need to keep them in jars. So the tea bag jars are all so sad, they crawl to the window sill and jump to their glassy deaths. I find it totally awful that you would either depict suicide (even of an inanimate object) in such a light hearted manner, or that you would use it TO SELL TEABAGS. It's totally screwed up.

Can a glass jar commit suicide? Are they capable of rational or irrational thoughts? If they can commit suicide then I am afraid that as a kid I murdered quite a few with my catapult. I feel so guilty now.

Who could have known.

Did Michael Jackson converted to Islam by faith or by personal convenience?

Did he pull the time to research Islam carefully?

Only God knows the answer.

I guess he had no time to research Islam carefully and many other social things.

Unfortunately, everyone understand the nature of his current character and crisis, still does not change public opinion about his past tenancy and financial burden.

if chris tucker is using fair and lovely, dang it sure aint workin.......:P

you get what you deserve.........

lol at spicemom...



UK ty for lol at me- and good morning btw---heheheehhe

you get what you deserve.........

Spicemom. the reason why it made me laugh was that, recently I had just returned from my Christmas Holidays in Sri Lanka. Everywhere I went i saw this Fair and lovely cream for men being advertised on billboards. So your comment would not do any good for there advertising I



For men ????????????

Anyway, i have decided to use Dove, because its 50% more creamier and helps my skin retain its natural moisture.

Yes Brit I even noticed it here in the stores.. So imagine Micheal jackson could have saved all that money if he had known..



Hi, Anyone knows where I can buy an authentic kabbalah red string? I had one as a gift however I ran off, I need a new one.


brent,u've used the wrong thread to post ur query..use Q & A section or create separate thread for ur query..

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