Most Popular Nationality

Who is the most popular nation in the world? Who does EVERYBODY else like? For a bit of fun choose the people you like best or add some other nations.


for me

1st GREAT BRITAIN--Good music, Shakespeare, winning wars, industrialisation, free health care

2nd USA------------Greatest amount of freedom to dreams


The most powerful country in the world

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Popular? The most populous nationality is China!

We are really trying hard in India to overtake them Boston ;)

am not asking about the population here if thats you refer boston and sandeep...

medulla normally a person likes his/her country the most so the one with most population will be the most popular..

Maybe you can ask which country you like the most besides your own..

i disagree with you sandeep...

like the example i wrote up there..look you are from INDia right?so your popular of something?which am not aware of that...only Taj Mahal which is well known and you so spicy foods...

Actually I hate spicy food..

Israel, the cradle of humanity and religion.

Great Britain

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No contest - Wales. Why? Well because it's Bandit country :)

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Mrs TB..could you share to us..what do you have in your country?

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1) popular = Iceland.

No 2) Popular = Fiji.

Fuji is also famous for it's film industry.

medulla, you're not asking about the population? Then you are probably on for a nationality bashing thread?

The best and most popular nationality are the humans. They can be found all over the planet. You just have to look for them.

When it comes to products , it's China ( ohhhit's made in china )

Where to begin, medulla? Rolling hills, dramatic mountain ranges, wild coastal areas, fabulous singing (Bryn Terfel, Shirley Bassey) breeding ground for famous actors (Richard Burton, Anthony Hopkins), some of the friendliest people in the world, a load of Qatari gas that's being imported......and me and Timebandit, of course...........

'Up there for thinking....down there for dancing.'

common boston...the title of the thread is the "MOst Popular Nationality" this for bashing?...population is different to popular...popular is like well known or known for something,,anyway,thanks for your sarcastic answer on your second comment...understand first the word before you react..Peace...

Thansk TB its too nice to know your country...Its Going to be Christmas for Christian,and everyone are excited to be with thier family on thier country of origin..

The nation that most people want to go to is the USA.

The best nation for me is Britain.

its like a one sided game...everyone is patriotic and loyal towards his/her country... no one votes for the other....mind it....!!!

Most popular is who is in the news most often. Then the prize goes to Afghanistan.

but boston now a day's its india in the news all over... indian hindu extremists rush into the ibn channel centre... in mumbai and pune... many centres has been targeted...

they are popular for being chaotic country...


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Great food, art, culture, and people. And they don't bother anyone else.




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It's all about Britain for me, but apart from there, I would say USA, I holiday there every year!

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no one from

I have a friend in the Peace Corps there and the people are so nice! Talk about amazing landscape, too!




I didn't drink the kool-aid! -- PM

The country which s attracting maximum number of immigrants must be most popular. By this criteria, Canada must be most popular

There is not one report everyday in any of the news around the world that doesn't show the US President's 'adventures'. ;-P

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Don't forget that pretty little thing from "The Darling Buds of May" :O)

first i decided to counter strike for your comments, but when i gone through ur profile, i found there "Plain house wife" :-)

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dotcom..u can comments here..its free to express...its well known nowadays that AFghanistan are in troubles...does it offend you?well,sorry for that.

"never ever give up"

rather it was better, if u stated, chaotic by Bastards invaders.

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Daa stergey jaadoogarey dee, daa meena lewanai da!


1) USA

2) USA

3) UK

Well for me number 1 is Pakistan because how we got this country, it was impossible at that time and even today as well unless you capture other's land. Therefore we are still surviving... because it is very difficult to raise and maintain new country... We fought many wars to protect it... including the biggest Afghan-Russia war.. if today USA is the only super power because Russia lost that war. History knows and Americans historians admit as well, that we never won that war without Pakistan....

Now Pakistan became the war land for many countries because USA again wanted to remain in Asia but India, Iran and China don't want them in their region. On top of that, Pakistan holds Nuclear arsenal which is not being digested by many super powers.

So back to the question, why I like it because many people are still eating it by corruption, many countries are fighting their war in it, we are handling so many international diplomacies over there, still many countries have an eye on our nuclear arsenals, warm sea, best strategic location of harbor in the world (Gwadar), natural resources, and many things; bomb are being blasted in public places, but still many many people love it, it is still on the map, still Pakistan's existence is most important for this region, still they are fighting with their militants despite of deadly blasts ....

We still go to Pakistan for vacations... :)

Many people are giving examples of UK, USA and other developed countries... there are no comparison between them and few yrs old countries.... They all have many many years histories... UK, USA, Germany, France, and whole Europe also survived in their initial years......

and i love it, becoz of my second home.

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You are welcome....

I respect and love Pashtuns, they are true defenders ...

I appreciate what Najams have said and's remarks.

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The romanians are the cradle of vampirism, you need to ask Dracula for a tour in Romania. They are Sworn enemies of the Federation of QL.

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made you laugh.

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i dont care country is the best for me...

as i said in pevious post.....

its just like one sided game...everyone is patriotic and loyal towards his/her country... no one votes for the other....mind it....!!!

stupid you mean popular like famous?!?!? or popular as infamous!!?!!!?


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rezy..i also disagee with your line...

its just like one sided game...everyone is patriotic and loyal towards his/her country... no one votes for the other....

some people choose to be with the other country to live instead of thier country of origin because they found thier life is fruitful on that certain country...

"never ever give up"

the most popular nationality is PAKISTANI , everybody talks about all the time ....

the most popular is ur nationality medulla...

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medulla... i dont know your country of origin... but i hope you would prefer to love your country and nation...rather than a country you are staying in... which is not your's... in some way you would like to see your country on the top of list...

sir dolly good morning,..nice intro of your comments right?

whats the Title of the Thread? "MOST POPULAR NATIONALITY"...i think you know what is famous/popular...

"never ever give up"


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of course rezy..i love my country of origin,but my thread is talking for the most popular nationality...

and you want to ask me why my country is not on the list?because there are countries which are popular than mine...

"never ever give up"

medulla thanks for the compliment , but seriously im not understanding what do u mean by "popular" ... is it the nationality that is the most known all over the globe?!! if that what u mean , then it should be uk and usa cause their language is the one most used all over the world!!!


I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise

medulla from which country you are?

he is from philipines... but he would prefer bangladeshi's being the most popular nationality for him....:D

rockers why shall i stop the thread,You dont think that it helps US to know what they have on their countries?

LOok the other comments like Najams,I AM SO AMAZE and appreciated how he commented,some of us has misperception of the other counties although we been not there yet.

"never ever give up"

Exactly Sir YOU got what i mean..

Rezy you make me laugh...LOL

"never ever give up"

I really appreciate your words

some of us has misperception of the other counties although we been not there yet

Hope u got my point :-)

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Daa stergey jaadoogarey dee, daa meena lewanai da!

Janaan...... contest!


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Once I finish visiting all of them I will comment ;)

Like you said , you just know about Taj and spice in India, we all have very limited knowledge on most of the countries.

If u wana try a voting on QL. I can tell u the result


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I like Kiwis. Down to earth, nice people.

Can't stand sophisticated bs-ers.

Its pretty obvious that currently Philippines is the most popular nationality.

1. In Sports there is our own Manny Pacquiao! (7 times world champion in different divisions - first in the world of boxing)

2. In singing there are a lot

3. in natural disaster - Typhoon ondoy and Pepeng

The Nobel Prize for Physics went to these guys this year: Charles K. Kao, Willard S. Boyle, George E. Smith (China, USA, USA). Chandrasekhar was 1983! (You should really not misspell his name!!)

please don't forget the Muslims emperor era. They are also the part of Indian history.

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Daa stergey jaadoogarey dee, daa meena lewanai da!


wow kumaran thats so nice of you..thanks for sharing information about your country INDIA...

Is it true that India is also the largest population of MUslim community?

"never ever give up"

That's Indonesia, medulla.

thanks BOston...

"never ever give up"

In the English world I say

1st is USA

2nd is Great Britain

In the Arab World

1st is Lebanon

2nd is Dubai


Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit.

Everything from lodging to food to transportation costs more in Japan.

"never ever give up"

Of course PHILIPPINES!Strike you own dude!

SAUDI ARABIA - holyland and biggest pilgrimage in the world.

JAPAN - sony,toyota,mitsubishi,nissan etc

FINLAND- nokia

USA- dell ,hp,motorola,microsoft, GMC etc

GERMANY- mercedez, BMW, Porche and so on.

CHINA- Biggest army in the world and master in making fake products like NOKLA NIKTEL AND so on.

spicy house wife.. I WANT A SPICY ONE... one from KL wil do nice.. ummmmyyyyy

Rules are a guideline for intelligent people, but they must be adhered to by idiots.

I think the answer would differ based on age and nationality.

When i was in Grade school

1. Spain - Because of Magellan

2. USA - Because of Mc Arthur "I shall return"

3. Japan - conqueror during world war 2

But now,

1. USA - dollar

2. China - products

3. Middle East - jobs without tax ^_^

Magellan was Portuguese, camile!

LOL you to remember her :)

'Up there for thinking....down there for dancing.'

Boston....Magellan is Portuguese by nationality but he was financed by the Spanish government to prove that the world is round by going east but sailing west....

1521 when he landed our shore....but was killed by our own Lapulapu....

the rest is history.....

So, he was Portuguese, or what?

He was Portuguese.

He was Portuguese.....the first circumnavigator of the world...but the Spanish government got the credit....

That's not true. Even the Milky Way, our own galaxy, honors Magellan with two accompanying dwarf galaxies, the Large and the Small Magellan Cloud.

Boston, Magellan got the title of the first circumnavigator, but the Spanish government got the credit for financing his trip plus the luxury of exploring and exploiting the so called new found lands....

And Columbus was an Italian!

And Hitler was an Austrian.

Rules are a guideline for intelligent people, but they must be adhered to by idiots.

Land of beauty, culture, dignity with respect to all inspite of different races and religions. Just to name a few....Most intelligent & highly talented women like our Late.Mrs Indira Gandhi, at present Mrs Sonia Gandhi (Congress High command) our reigning President Mrs Prathiba Patil,the lady with the most melodious voice the great singer Ms Lata Mangeskar are world famous. Most beautiful Ms Universe, Ms World and most famous cricketers and record makers like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev,Anil Kumble and Sachin Tendulkar and not to forget the WWE wrestler Great Khali have made India proud etc etc., Well Known poets & writers like Rabindranath Tagore, Harivanshrai Bacchan etc etc, great Actors like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan etc etc.........Oooooooo this land is incredible apart from beautiful mountains, rivers,monuments, temples and a variety of languages, culture and great variety of colourful attires. Last but not the least to say the great leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharla Nehru etc., rulers & Great Scientists like A P J Abdul Kalam & Billionaires like Mr.Laksmi Niwas Mittal, Ambani brothers(naming a few)belong to this land. World famous beautiful tourism places are found here. India is simply Great and most famous in its own way to each Indian.


you forgot one. Indian are popular of the smellll. dont forget this.

All countries have their own beauty....which country is not beautiful?

pardon kmg210..just wanna ask...what do you mean with your comments?

Indian are popular of the smellll. dont forget this.

Your from Lebanon right?Could you share what you have in your country that is popular or famous...

"never ever give up"

chasing women with cars in streets perhaps? :P

I do not agree with you......... so many nationalities we come across smell too, that does not mean their whole country smells.

Do not judge a book by its cover

i'm not agree with you, why u didn't put Maulana Abu Kalam Azad in your leaders list?


A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose! Dr. Choc

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Yes.......U R right...he was popularly known as Maulana Azad. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was one of the foremost leaders of Indian freedom struggle, but check I have written there that I've just named a who does not know Mother Theresa who stayed and breathed her last in India serving the society in silence. There are still so many to be remembered. We are obliged to all these great personalities for making our nation proud. Each and everyone is proud of her/his nation so also me.....thats it

TOp 5 Most Popular Nations for me:

1. Great Britain

2. USA

3. Australia

4. Japan

5. Philippines

and soon Qatar!!!! Inshallah!

Victory am not creating INTERNATIONAL WAR purpose of posting a thread is on order to get information frm ql members which countries they like and which country is for them ar popular.

We have the right to express here,Arent you not glad from thier comments that helps us to know about the country and what they have?

Am so thankful for all who comments here,you help us guys in planning for future vacation.

"never ever give up"

iraq is you consider this country's popularity reference for your vacation?

what an answer of my comments...ask yourself i think you have good mind to answer...lobot..

by the way passport has something written..."NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL TO IRAQ"...hmmm what you think?do you have also i guess?

"never ever give up"

Each country is popular with specific things. There is no Complete Perfect Nation, so I think it is better if people will tell what is popular in thier own country, than telling my country is the best, because nobody is asking which country is the best as far as the natural answer will be "my country"

For example,

China - Great Wall

Hong Kong - Disney Land

Egypt - Pyramids

Qatar - The third biggest Gas field in the world

Philippines - Tarsiers

Iraq - was famous with thier Universities, Libraries, Army, Museums...etc, but not anymore after the country was destroyed in the Last War.


The above are just examples and not a list of popular things in each country.

ThE mOnStEr Is BaCk To BiTe YoU

Then the title is confusing....the term 'Nationality" to replace with "Tourist places"...then it should be Paris, Milan, Venice, Austria (Salzbarg, Innsbruck), Munich, London and so many places in India (check incredible India website).

at QL....we do agree that everybody LOVES his own country and all EXPATS are patriots here in Qatar.period

If someone loves/like other countries like USA, Canada UK or UAE then just describe in brief the reasons for special preferances...say the natural abundance, make it a beautiful country, peace loving nation, rich in culture/traditions, freedom of press and dreams! economically strong, etc, etc. :)

For me India is the BEST and we are continuously striving in all the fields to sustain the popularity and richness!


dont confuse then make it simple to understnad in title itself...

you wanna say something what is your country of choice that is popular and what you have then write it here...

discpliner thanks for the nice comments...

Have a beautiful day to you guys...

"never ever give up"

that Canada has only been mentioned once....I must admit that a bit of cold weather appears to be working :)

UK is popular in entering to other countries like cockroaches and making their colony and looting wealth.

US is popular in father of all terrorism

Israel popular in wholesale crime.

the Philippines is popular for:

1- Tarsiers.

2- Coconut.

3- Floods.

4- Housmaids.

5- Nurses.

6- Homosexuals and Transexuals.

will be soon famous for what they have done. Check it out in my comming thread

Medulla thanks for opening this thread.

Every body will love their own country like that i love my India and i will say INDIA is also one of the popular nation.

1). We found water in moon by our Chandrayan satelite.

2). Lot of natural secenery places.

3). Very strong in Telecommunication field.

4). Lot of Cultural places

5). Beautiful temples

6). very friendly people

7). Tajmahal

8). Lot of very good universities

9). Indians Working all over the world in key position

10).In Nasa 40 % Indians are working.

11).We are having Atomic power and we are developing our country to become a super power.

12).Our Financial Groath is steady.

13).Recent recession didnot affect India Much.

14).We have lot of Resources

15).Ramayana , Mahabharatha, Bagavat geetha,Thirukural and like that we have lot of history based stories.

16).Rabindaranath tagoor,sarojini Naidu,Maha kavi kalidoss.

Bharathiyar .....likewise many many poets lived in our country.

17).Even though we have corrupted politicians,our economical groath is steady and strong.

18).Our bollywood films liked by lot of country people.

19).Nobel Prize for Physics to Mr.chandrasekhara.

20).Our famous musician A.R.Rehman got Two Ascar awards for Slumdog Millianire.

Like wise many many .......i can list it out.Thanks for reading this.

so i am proud to say that INDIA is also one of the popular country.

Vanthe Matharam.


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