Naked girls plow fields for rain

By anonymous

Naked girls plow fields for rain
Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:21am EDT

PATNA, India (Reuters) - Farmers in an eastern Indian state have asked their unmarried daughters to plow parched fields naked in a bid to embarrass the weather gods to bring some badly needed monsoon rain, officials said on Thursday.

Witnesses said the naked girls in Bihar state plowed the fields and chanted ancient hymns after sunset to invoke the gods. They said elderly village women helped the girls drag the plows.

"They (villagers) believe their acts would get the weather gods badly embarrassed, who in turn would ensure bumper crops by sending rains," Upendra Kumar, a village council official, said from Bihar's remote Banke Bazaar town.

"This is the most trusted social custom in the area and the villagers have vowed to continue this practice until it rains very heavily."

India this year suffered its worst start to the vital monsoon rains in eight decades, causing drought in some states.

(Writing by Bappa Majumdar Editing by Sugita Katyal)

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By edifis• 8 years 2 days ago.

Verisi, I can't take pictures while I am coaching them!

By Platao36• 8 years 3 days ago.

Probably it will rain "voyeurs" instead of water ;)

hmmmmm, just imaging, naked girls and mud, makes me wonder where's the ringue ;)


Only God Can Judge Me

الله فقط يمكنه محاكمتي

I am you and you are me, if you love i love, if you suffer i suffer

أنا أنت, و أنت أنا, إذا أحببت نفسك أحببت نفسي, إذا عانيتَ عانيتُ

By SPEED• 8 years 3 days ago.

By verisimilitude• 8 years 3 days ago.

have a nice holiday in Bihar

remember to relax...

don't get too 'worn out'

do send bring back some fotos

oh no wait...

actually... DON'T bring back ANY fotos

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.

With all his experience, he'll be safe, veris.

By verisimilitude• 8 years 3 days ago.

I warned you

but if you want to be the only guy in a field filled up with naked rural Bihari girls mucking about in the mud...

that's your choice...

By Mom_me• 8 years 3 days ago.

Voyeurism tourism - don't know about rain but it sure will bring tourism to remote Bihar.

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.

Why didnt anybody take a photo? Has it rained in bihar or do we still have a chance to join in?

By edifis• 8 years 3 days ago.

No Verisi, experience matters! And I am not selfish! I am Edifis the farmer. I didn't ask for any fees as other professionals would. I am willing to do this service to the community free of charge.... No charges!! you understand. And I share my expertise with the subjects! This is called symbiotic community service.

By verisimilitude• 8 years 3 days ago.

no hands on experience needed

you can keep your hands to yourself :-p

By edifis• 8 years 3 days ago.

Very nice custom for the drought! I hope this continues...I shall personally go to Bihar and teach these girls how to plough the field properly.

I am very experianced in ploughing fields! I shall give the girls a hands on experiance an lesson on ploughing.

By eng256• 8 years 3 days ago.

Thanks for posting this

By verisimilitude• 8 years 3 days ago.

the guys must've thought... we want more naked women and no hard work

Well atleast the drought hasn't dried their sense of humour...

By sefri• 8 years 3 days ago.


You are so excited that your spelling has become a mess!

You need to take some time off...



Obstacles are what you see when you set your eyes off the goal.

By Stone Cold• 8 years 3 days ago.
Stone Cold

Seen the scene at Gorgeous!! except for tant

By bobo123• 8 years 3 days ago.

I am sure this custom, if drought continues there in the future would decrease female infanticide as they need more girls to make the weather god etxremely embarassed.


By mmyke• 8 years 3 days ago.

in these here parts as well, don't you think so pilgrim ??


By panda• 8 years 3 days ago.

bihar will get an hurricane!

By britexpat• 8 years 3 days ago.

I'm already at the picturing stage.. Me and te girls, ploughing our field ad it beins to rain.. mud and naked girls .. A heady combination ..

By shiva87• 8 years 3 days ago.

pics or it didn't happen :P

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.

...too...let me check the

Life is Beautiful...Indeed!

By britexpat• 8 years 3 days ago.

I have decided t become a part time farmer .. Any land available in Bihar ??

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