Suicide cases in Qatar

Hello all,

I am a journalism student and currently writing a story about suicide in Qatar. I want to talk to a person who has either committed suicide and failed or a suicide victim's family. I really need to hear it out from some one who has experienced what it feels like to be in either situation.

ALSO, I want to talk to people who are against or with the suicide law in Qatar.

PLEASE, if you know of anyone who could help - contact me at :

Thanks so much!


I do not know about many people who have attempted but I know a few who committed. As you said you would like to speak to them, you have to go to the graveyard.

I do not know about many people who have attempted but I know a few who committed. As you said you would like to speak to them, you have to go to the graveyard.

i committed suicide b4 one year .. now i am angelman from baradise calling you .. i will send you ticket one way if you like to come :))

If you read again, it says "who have committed suicide and 'FAILED.' Thanks anyways.

soso 92 who has :))

Committed means you did it (and you're not here anymore to tell the tale).

Well Sidra, I was just joking. But you know what? Technically speaking, suicide is either committed or attempted. Attempted suicide means it failed, committed means it succeeded. By the way, I have some background to this subject, if you need my help do let me know.

why don't you commit suicide yourself and "Fail" then write your stupid article huh? you're a funking joke! if Sirda gave you their scholarship damn they should take it back and give it to someone who has a funking brain on their head not in the tits!

as Segmund said he would help you up, well you never know who is child molester or serial killer! i am just saying ! whatever !

I don't have time to argue with someone who has absolutely no respect for women or doesn't know how to talk to anyone. It might be a "stupid article" to you. But, not to me. I am not asking you to comment what you think of my work. It is my professional choice to be doing what I'm doing. So, if you can't help - please keep your useless suggestions to yourself. Also, in your next comment you might wanna be a little more sophisticated. Thanks.

Yeah. Thanks for the correction.

Yeah. Thanks for the correction.

Please send me your details either as a message on QL or on the email address provided above. Include your full name, age, and occupation. Thanks.

Let me try putting some of my inputs......

There could be various reasons for commiting suicide but the bottom line is, when there is no1 to hear you out, you tend to take the extreme step..... If the person shares his/her problem to someone, they wouldnt probably get the solution, but will lighten their heart and feel better. If not, the feeling of loneliness and unwanted is I feel the reason of commiting suicide.

Secondly, the inner strength is not strong enough to withstand the problems they face. example - failure in exams, cheating by the spouse etc.... These things can happen to anyone. But its how we deal it. May be, everyone should be educated on how to overcome these kinda problems than focussing more on councelling etc which comes secondary....

PS: I havnt commited suicide nor have met anyone who has committed suicide..... or probably failed after committing ;) lol

Dear Sidra,

I believe you are wasting your time on these pages mainly because most here are rather depressed than willing to help.

I experienced that before, not many grown-ups rather show-offs and superficial people.

Good luck anyways as I am generalizing of course, might be lucky!

Sidra - can you please elaborate on this suicide law in Qatar that you mention

Sidra, the vast majority of suicides in Qatar occur amongst laborers, who wouldn't have access to Qatarliving. I would suggest actually going and speaking to Emergency Room doctors at the Al Khor Hospital and Hamad Hospital, which would see the majority of suicides.

it is a coincidence that i saw your post also on this same topic. What do want to write?

Thanks a lot to all those who have provided some useful help. I have already set up some interviews with officials and doctors. However, the only thing lacking is the voice of someone who has experienced it in the family or friends. I do know people don't like to be public about this that is the reason I have provided my contact above.Thanks again!

if you are present in the hospital, may be you get details or reports, or if any friend of your working in any hospital here...

else thru media or here by QL, there is no chance, because of censorship...

hi Sidra...u can contact (kokad) he has posted a link on his intentions to make a suicide attempt.... may be u can help him stop as well

Suicide is a personal issue. Someone contemplating suicide is too depressed to either care about or worry about helping someone on QL.

Sidra, it is a nice topic but you need to explore other channels to reach out to people who are willing to talk to you.

I wish you all the best.

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