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Latest updates from companies and organisations in Qatar.

  1. Shisha Study

    Do you Smoke Shisha? Are you 40 years or older?

    You may be eligible to participate in a research study conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation.

    The purpose of this study is to find out whether Shisha smoking is harmful to the heart, the blood vessels and the lungs.

  2. Could Charlie Hebdo be a provocation?

    I suppose nobody is indifferent to what happened in Charlie

    Hebdo. I believe people of all religions should be tolerant to

    other beliefs. WHY then most islamic people from

    Pakistan ,

  3. Michael Rauterkus is the new CEO of Grohe AG

    Michael Rauterkus (47) has been appointed by the Supervisory Board of Grohe AG to the position of CEO with effect from 1 January 2015. The announcement was made following the last Supervisory Board meeting. Rauterkus takes over this function from David J.