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Chill out in the lounge. Hang out here with friends from Qatar Living and chat about anything unrelated to the more "serious" forum topics...

  1. QL, Please Stop Fiddling with Yourself

    I have noticed in the latest round of changes that QL has changed how the site works when links are clicked on. They used to open in another window if you clicked on the picture. That was quite nice as you could just close it when finished, now it refreshes and reloads.
  2. part time job

    hi every body... Im in Qatar at Doha. i need a part time job since 7.00 p.m till 11.30 p.m. any body know any details plz inform to me. itz my kindly request. u may contct me on -
  3. Win prizes for using public transport

    Dubai is currently following the novel idea of offering mega prizes worth millions, to the winners that are selected from those who use the public transport. This is effectively putting many of the private cars away from the city roads, thus reducing the traffic jams.
  4. Can i renew my RP Myself

    Hi QLers, I have a question for on arrival visa in Dubai airport. I will be flying to Dubai on 01-Nov-2014 and i noticed that my RP is expiring on 20-Dec-2014. By rule, the RP expiry date should be more than 3 months on travel date. In my case its not.