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The real deal on Islam and terrorism

By Canadianrunaway • 2 hours 53 min ago.

Good grief, these days many are reluctant to turn on the television or watch the news.  Especially Muslims.

4 comments mvshabeer2 • 1 hour 44 min ago.

Desio Contact Lenses

By scrappykoko12 • 21 hours 11 min ago.

Good day! I just want to ask if you know where can i buy this brand Desio Contact Lenses here in qatar? Thank you very m


how can i take permenent visa for my 3 month old childrens?

By shajeerck • 23 hours 41 min ago.

i have working visa in qatar,and my wife have permanent residence visa under my sponsorship she went to india for delive

12 comments britexpat • 23 hours 39 min ago.

25-year-old foreigner gang-raped in India

By britexpat • 1 day 4 hours ago.

 A 25-year-old foreign woman has allegedly been raped by two men in the popular northern Indian Himalayan resort to

31 comments Molten Metal • 1 day 4 hours ago.

Fine example: Policeman fines himself for failing to wear a lifejacket

By britexpat • 1 day 5 hours ago.

 No one is above the law in Norway, it would seem, after a policeman fined himself for failing to wear a life jacke

13 comments Molten Metal • 1 day 5 hours ago.

Health Centre Service

By mohamed800 • 1 day 21 hours ago.

I visited the Umsalal health center yesterday and the building has been already relocated with the new one near the Woqo

3 comments britexpat • 1 day 19 hours ago.

Qatar Law for early termination of tenancy agreement

By • 2 days 1 hour ago.

Hi,I am just planing to go for a tenancy agreement with a property company but in a fear of loosing the employment with

2 comments britexpat • 2 days 2 min ago.

Rio Olympics 2016: Russia not given blanket Games ban by IOC

By britexpat • 2 days 6 hours ago.

 Russia will be able to field competitors at the Olympic Games, which starts in Brazil on 5 AugustRussia will be ab

3 comments Molten Metal • 2 days 5 hours ago.

MoI forum to help curb cellphone use while driving

By Equin0x • 2 days 7 hours ago.

Moody TalatDoha In a new approach to raise awareness about improper behaviour among motorists, the Ministry of Interior

1 comments britexpat • 2 days 6 hours ago.

Can you survive this 6-day juice diet?

By Canadianrunaway • 3 days 50 min ago.

Every once in awhile I feel myself slipping into cravings of sugar and salty foods.

11 comments Kevin Apelo • 2 days 23 hours ago.

This million pound curry is pretty expensive

By britexpat • 3 days 6 hours ago.

Restaurant owner, Abdul Wahid, was left speechless after a customer accidentally paid more than £1million for a thr

2 comments Molten Metal • 3 days 5 hours ago.

Is there any University in which provides PhD in Mathematics?

By mintu9rfan • 3 days 14 hours ago.

Hello Friends, Please guide me with the info of University or Institutions which provide PhD in mathematics. Thanks in A

4 comments britexpat • 3 days 14 hours ago.

Cross religious Marriage in Qatar

By Hatimab • 3 days 15 hours ago.

Hello everyone, My fiancée and I decided that we want to marry in Qatar, to our surprise we found so little information

13 comments britexpat • 3 days 14 hours ago.

Donald Trump and the United States of America

By Equin0x • 3 days 21 hours ago.

Donald Trump has finally acuqired the presidental nomination from the Republican Party.

5 comments britexpat • 3 days 19 hours ago.

Expat buying property

By honeybunch • 4 days 15 hours ago.

What are the benefits of expat buying property in Qatar. 

12 comments Wild Turkey • 4 days 12 hours ago.

Where shall be the Hide Park in Doha

By Equin0x • 4 days 19 hours ago.

Hide Park is coming to Doha, guess where?And, will it increase or decrease the Park gossips? 

5 comments Wild Turkey • 4 days 19 hours ago.

What do you know about "Ego"

By Equin0x • 4 days 20 hours ago.

What is an ego?,Is it good to have more ego based dealings and decisions or less?Do you think ego is your number 1 enemy

14 comments britexpat • 4 days 19 hours ago.

.. Weekly Greetings ..

By Molten Metal • 5 days 4 hours ago.

Hello All,Greetings to all of you .........Joys by MM, ........ Fri, 22.07.2016, 10.22 hrs

1 comments Molten Metal • 4 days 4 hours ago.

Pak Cricket Team is on the rise once again

By Equin0x • 5 days 4 hours ago.

Pak Cricket Team is emerging once again as a stalwart team, as it tours the UK.They have already won the Lord Test match

5 comments Molten Metal • 5 days 4 hours ago.


By Sudara Amarakoon • 5 days 4 hours ago.

does anyone knows where in doha I can get prepare for the SAT and Toefl. I need to find a school as soon as possible...

1 comments britexpat • 5 days 3 hours ago.


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