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Chill out in the lounge. Hang out here with friends from Qatar Living and chat about anything unrelated to the more "serious" forum topics. 

  1. Looking for Curry patta plant.

    I have searched a lot around in nurseries but still m not able to find curry patta plant.I have several Tulsi plant which I wish to give away and I do have loads of Tulsi seeds too.If any of you want than pls message me.Its for free.But pls tell me any location from where I can buy Curry patta pl

  2. La Forme salon

    Is it just me, or does La Forme have the worst customer service on the planet? I went there the other day and was shocked with the outrageous neglect and unprofessionalism and bad service. My hair is now several colours that I didn't ask for!! Does anyone know of a good salon in Doha?

  3. Note to QL Developers

    I like QL, but it gets so boring and repetitive. Is is possible to have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with answers relating to:

    Process and timescales for getting an RP

    How to apply for a visit visa

    How to register a birth

    The time it takes to do a medical