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Chill out in the lounge. Hang out here with friends from Qatar Living and chat about anything unrelated to the more "serious" forum topics. 

  1. SPOTLIGHT ON: Zig-Zag Towers

    Once again we are putting a spotlight on another remarkable construction in Doha. The Zig Zag Towers have been built with some amazing architecture and design ideas. Two mixed use towers that are linked to Lagoona Mall, which has some fantastic places to hang out.

  2. Qatar living

    Hi everyone ; I would like to get some informations about the living in qatar how is it , I'm offered a job in Qatar Duty Free as a sales assistant " still don't know wether there is a commission or not '' the salary is 3080 QAR +350 transport allowance + 1500 QAR rental allowance ; I'm a fitness

  3. Copper Sulfate

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for Copper sulfate for a while now, and could not find any..

    Does anyone have an idea where can I find it?

  4. Kerala & Filipinos

    For some time now, I have been looking for an accommodation to rent, and something is really so funny and somewhat is more irritating that 80% of the rents posts are for Kerala or either pinoy / Kabayan “means Filipinos”.

  5. Property Rent Contract


    - Is anybody know the guidelines of the contract clauses, probably from baladiya or other, to protect the tenant?

    - For AC (air Condition) maintaining of the villa for example, is that to be done by the landlord or by tenant?

  6. Deposit issue

    I am having a situation right now. I tried to rent a partition room and I gave a Qrs. 500.00 riyals for reservation, unfortunately there is an issue with HRA of my husband reason that we cannot proceed with with the rental.