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  1. Philippine Immigration

    Hi Guys! My husband is coming on Dec. 31 under visit visa I'm worried because I heard Immigration in the Philippines are crocodiles and I'm afraid he will be off loaded. Are they very strict also for family visit? What do they usually ask or look for? thank you very much!
  2. how can i get a job

    I'm a graduate on family visit visa with extensive experience in sales and administration in India and UAE, I'v been in Qatar for the past 4 months in search of a job but have been rejected because no one seems to have Indian visa, I'v already applied for my licence which is in progress(parking pass
  3. premarital medical test

    I have heard about the premarital medical test here in qatar. Which all tests are done in this?  Do they do virginity test also?  Is this done in private hospital or health centre?  Do they disclose it to the family?