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Chill out in the lounge. Hang out here with friends from Qatar Living and chat about anything unrelated to the more "serious" forum topics. 

  1. Ezdan rent?

    Any one know the rent for 2 BR in ezdan 22/23/24?

    I called them a month before and it was 4600 pm, however todya I called them and they told me

    now its 5500/6000? Is that true?

    Are there any apartments(2BR) available in ezdan for 4600?

  2. Lead singer wanted for new Doha Band.

    We are a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist and drummer, and need a great front man/woman to fill the band.

    We are all ex-pats with experience in playing gigs. The band is doing covers from the 60s to modern times, with a real mix of rock, pop, blues and everything in between.

  3. lets help

    Last night I was walking on marina behind 4 season hotel in west bey and I mett on guy. He told me the story that he don't have place to sleep, no money, nothing. He is all alone and he sleep outside. His company put him on the street and he is waiting court. Qatar do not want to help.

  4. Housing

    Could anyone please let me know where I would find a fully furnished studio, I have 4000 riyals as my budget, also where is a good place to rent a car from, cheers

  5. Kichenco is closed on Salwa road?

    The shop called Kitchenco on Salwa road, where we usually purchase the chargers for our whipped cream maker machine was surprisingly closed last week. It seemed that some major construction was going on there. Does anybody know about them or where else these chargers are available in Doha?