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By leedadori12 • 17 min 44 sec ago.

Make certain you make your exercise a priority.


hi Everyone

By mast kalandar • 5 hours 31 min ago.

long time no see where are my old friends in QL good to be back after a period of years

9 comments Molten Metal • 5 hours 27 min ago.

Colin Kaepernick sits during national anthem over treatment of minorities

By britexpat • 7 hours 31 min ago.

 San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand for the national anthem before games because

2 comments Molten Metal • 6 hours 2 min ago.

Online currency rates

By Intelligent • 7 hours 46 min ago.

Where can I get online currency rates of Alfardan exchange or Gulf exchange.

4 comments britexpat • 7 hours 39 min ago.

Feedback on Zigzag towers

By yashgupta25 • 22 hours 22 min ago.

Can someone comment on how are the living spaces and conditions in ZigZag towers (Westbay)?

4 comments britexpat • 22 hours 19 min ago.

What not to wear

By BritishBedu • 1 day 2 hours ago.

The so-called ‘burkini ban’ in France raises some serious issues for a democratic society which espouses freedom of expr

12 comments britexpat • 1 day 2 hours ago.

CAREEM to provide 50% off on rides to Qatar Summer Festival venues

By QL Team • 1 day 3 hours ago.

Qatar Summer Festival 2016 is in full swing and our awesome transportation partner CAREEM is on board to make the festiv

1 comments britexpat • 1 day 2 hours ago.

Grieving Man carries Wife's Body for Miles

By acchabaccha • 1 day 6 hours ago.

A grieving man in India carried his wife’s body for miles after the hospital where she died allegedly failed to provide

36 comments Rizks • 1 day 6 hours ago.

Woman stages her own kidnap and demands ransom from her husband

By britexpat • 1 day 8 hours ago.

 The 29-year-old woman from Mumbai's Mira Road district reportedly tried to extract Rs one million (£11,338) from h

22 comments Rizks • 1 day 7 hours ago.

Karachites in Qatar

By hamzaabbassi • 2 days 29 min ago.

AOA all ... I am in the process of making a new group here on QL by the name of 'Karachi Club' ..

1 comments zainmzubair • 1 day 45 sec ago.

Best compounds in Doha?

By pnew02 • 2 days 5 hours ago.

Hello everyone, My wife and I are moving to Doha in a months time and we will be looking for some suitable accommodation

2 comments Deleerious • 1 day 8 hours ago.

What a piece of work is a man. BY Shakespeare’s Hamlet

By mango@enjoy2 • 2 days 6 hours ago.

„What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admir

4 comments Wild Turkey • 2 days 6 hours ago.

Filipino Fisherman Reveals 75-Pound Pearl He Kept Hidden For A Decade

By britexpat • 2 days 7 hours ago.

 A fisherman in the Philippines might have discovered the largest natural pearl ever found — and then kept it hidde

1 comments Molten Metal • 2 days 6 hours ago.

Man tries to impress woman, gets stuck between two buildings

By britexpat • 2 days 7 hours ago.

 A University of Pittsburgh student trying to impress a woman by leaping from one rooftop to another instead fell i

10 comments acchabaccha • 2 days 7 hours ago.

Dohan Gypsies

By Canadianrunaway • 3 days 3 hours ago.

Once you have become an expat of the GCC, you can sometimes tranform into a modern day first world gyspy.

2 comments Rony John • 3 days 2 hours ago.

When does a commercial plane get retired from use?

By acchabaccha • 3 days 7 hours ago.

Airline companies decide when to retire a plane based on the structure of the airplane, engine’s strength, average durat

2 comments britexpat • 3 days 6 hours ago.

I am looking for partner

By vinodhsb • 3 days 17 hours ago.

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Anyone interested in online spoken english club?

By arabicstudent • 3 days 23 hours ago.

Hi if anyone is interested in online spoken english club (free!) send me a message at

1 comments Molten Metal • 3 days 6 hours ago.

Country Club India Fraud and Cheats

By Muhammadumershahid • 3 days 23 hours ago.

While i was in city center mall, Doha with my wife a guy approached me with a coupon for a lucky draw, i filled out the

7 comments britexpat • 3 days 23 hours ago.

Piano Teacher

By Oilersfan • 4 days 7 hours ago.

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