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Chill out in the lounge. Hang out here with friends from Qatar Living and chat about anything unrelated to the more "serious" forum topics...

  1. Questions for women in qatar???

    As a women living in qatar, You want to buy an affordable and nice bag, where do u buy it from?? which shop? in the mall? or in the sou2? which place? and whats the handbags prices in general? plzz i hope you can help me, im studying the market in qatar.... ill appreciate it thanxxxx
  2. Xbox live on Xbox ONE

    I was thinking of getting an xbox one, but then i read on a thread here that xbox live isint supported in qatar. Sure enough it isin't. so i did a live chat with a microsoft tech assistant , and he said that although it isint supported i could get on live by changing the reagion.

  3. Qatar needs fast business diversification

    Higher energy prices can trigger bigger businesses and vice versa triggers smaller businesses. Either of these can lift or take down the smaller countries quickly. Therefore Qatar needs to be consistent and fast on small businesses diversification.