24 years incest relationship - so sick

AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) -- Austrian police believe a 73-year-old man held his daughter captive in his cellar for the past two decades and fathered at least six children with her, according to police and state-run news reports Sunday.


An investigator works on his laptop in front of the house where a father allegedly abused his daughter.

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The woman, identified as 42-year-old Elisabeth F., has been missing since 1984, when she was 18 years old, police said at a news conference.

The situation came to light earlier this month after her daughter -- a 19-year-old woman, identified as Kristen F. -- was hospitalized in Amstetten after falling unconscious, according to police.

She was admitted to a hospital in Amstetten, outside Vienna, by her grandfather with a note from her biological mother requesting help. Amstetten is a rural town about 150 km (93 miles) west of Vienna.

But police said a DNA test later revealed her grandfather, Josef F., was also her father, according to ORF, Austria's state-run news agency.

That sparked a police investigation, which revealed that Josef F. may have fathered at least six children with his daughter, forcing her and three of the surviving children to live in the cellar of his house, according to ORF's Peter Schmitzberger.

The children are now between 5 and 19 years old.

Police are awaiting DNA tests to verify their relationship to Josef F., who faces arrest for "severe crimes against family members," according to police. So far, he has not given a statement to police.

Police spokesman Franz Polzer told ORF that the 73-year-old has led police to several hidden rooms in his cellar accessible only by an electronic passcode that he provided to police. VideoWatch a report on the discovery »

On Sunday, police searched the hidden rooms where Josef F. admitted he kept his daughter and their children, Polzer told ORF. The rooms included sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a bathroom, which Josef F. told police he built, Polzer said. Neighbors told ORF they were shocked to hear the news, and had no indication such horrors were taking place in their town.

"One can't imagine how it could happen, how nobody could realize anything of what was going on in the cellar of this house," Schmitzberger told CNN. "It's quite unimaginable."

Acting on "a confidential tip," Amstetten police apprehended Josef F. and Elisabeth F. on Saturday near the hospital for questioning, according to a police statement. Once police assured the daughter that she would never have contact with her father again, "she was able to tell the whole story," Schmitzberger said.

Josef F. lived upstairs with his wife, Rosemarie F., who police said had no idea about her husband's other family living in the cellar.

Josef F. and Rosemarie F. had adopted three of the children that he had with his daughter, according to police. He told his wife that his missing daughter had dropped the unwanted children off at the house because she could not take care of them, police said.

The other three children -- Kerstin, 19; Stefan, 18; and Felix, 5 -- remained locked in the basement with their mother, according to police. None had seen the light of day during their entire time in captivity, police said.

After she was detained Saturday, Elisabeth F. gave police a "psychologically and physically disturbed impression," police said in a statement. She told them her story after she was assured her children would be protected from further harm.

She said her father began sexually abusing her at age 11. On August 8, 1984 -- weeks before she was reported missing -- her father enticed her into the basement, where he drugged her, put her in handcuffs and locked her in a room, she told police. For the next 24 years, she was constantly raped by her father, resulting in the six surviving children, she said, according to the police statement.

She told police she gave birth to twins in 1996, but one of the babies died a few days later as a result of neglect, and Josef F. removed the infant's body and burned it.

She told police that only her father supplied her and her children with food and clothing, and that she did not think his wife knew anything about their situation.

When Kerstin fell ill earlier this month, Josef F. apparently told his wife and the hospital that his "missing" daughter had dropped off the sick girl on his doorstep.

In an effort to find out what might be ailing 19-year-old Kerstin, the hospital asked the media to put out a bulletin requesting any information about the girl or her missing mother, attorney general Gerhard Sedlacek told NTV.


Sometime later, Josef F. brought Elisabeth F. out of the cellar, telling his wife that she had returned home with her two children after a 24-year absence, police said.

He took Elisabeth F. to the hospital to talk with doctors about Kerstin's condition, and at that point, authorities became aware of her situation, Sedlacek said. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

CNN's Ben Brumfield contributed to this report.


r7 r7

That is so disgusting and Pathetic... That guy has some real issues.. The poor girl must be so psyched out now... Sad how some people are...


yes r7, very very sick. some of the children never see the sun rest of their life, hows mind blowing is that??? i hope the police shoot him death or worst stoned him to death.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

r7 r7

Sad part is he'll b punished for wahtever now and the rest of them have to live with this shit for the rest of there lives... 


Poor kids


Mila, we don't have the death penalty here...but it's the sickest thing I've read in a long time...


Doha, I'm coming! Ducks in Doha from 12th - 18th of May :)

are we really living in the same world?

are we really human?

are we and are we and another are we and a big sigh .... :(


The end of this world would be soon ...


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Gautama Buddha)

Mila, am really shoked...


If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?

yes correctly r7, is okay for him, he is 73 years old now, i think he can smell his grave now. and the kids.. poor them.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

this is sick and shouldn't be tolerated... the kids will suffer more with what they (father and daugther) have done.... sigh, aren't they thinking anymore or they dont have this ability?... really upsetting and disturbing news...

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.




¤Be considerate in considering the most considerable things to be consider.¤

parent these days are no parents because they failed their mission in being that . Sorry but I won't listen ot any excuses such as they were not ready or that they were in a relation and it happened or they are just too poor ... If you can't afford that, take responsibility of them then never get married or even be in a relation ... sorry but this is a root solution to those kids on the streets and the ones who knows no mother or father ... what is their guilt ro deserve this ? Bad Bad Parents only ....


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Gautama Buddha)

they should punish the man with unbearable punishment and make it all publish so other pervert out there can see or read for warning.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

I cannot believe!!!

the father should be punished...he destroyed the life of a girl and their children. road to recovery is a very long process. i think this man is mentally ill. but i cant believe why his wife is unaware of this? there is something wrong with her too... this is so sick!

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.  ~Charles Schulz


What will happen he will go to jail and spend the rest of his days there. He is already 73 so may also be sick, and to be honest this is not the only case they have had.

He has ruined the woman's life and damaged the kids lives for good - in my opinion they wil never recover and be able to lead normal lives.

A few years back they found a Belgian ring of pedofiles reaching up to high politicians and clergymen they were running a prostitute ring with small kids and they even murdered some of them. Witnesses were murdered and the whole thing disappeared into nothing.

This is the problem with the system it is far to lenient to such people.

check this out.. pics of them..


he should be sent to prison for the rest of his life. The sad thing is the daughter, who has known nothing but living in a cellar and bearing/rearing children. hope they can all adjust to life in the real world. 

oh cb thats more sadening news than this i think if they talk about pedofilia and included small children. The world goes crazy.. i really hope and pray hard this man got sentenced to death.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

he is a sick person as simple as that. they must  put him in jail and let him die suffering.


 There are some sick sick people in this world.  There is no way any of his children will ever recover, emotionally, psychologically or physically.  Inshallah none of them will end up doing what he did.


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all a copy of their mother :(


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. (Gautama Buddha)

you mentioned it right gypsy, hope the children dont grow up and become of them. very sick indeed. make me want to puke reading this story today.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.


The death penalty is not used in Europe any more and they will not introduce it for him. Unfortunately.

However, me heart goes out to those kids whose lives have been for nothing up until now what do they have to live for? They did not get outof that cellar at all.

i know CB, and they have the incest decease.. so bad.

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

I want to projectile vomit....big time.


They will never recover...... ever.


Time to think of our loved ones and realise how blessed we are.

so many questions going in my mind at the moment. dont the mother (the wife of the man) hear anything at all from the celar below? and how the doughter-mother delivery the babies without any help from medical expert???

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

i think Mila, the mother can also be blamed in this situation. She has been negligent on her lost child and how can she hears and suspect nothing from her husband?!? Im sure she knows it but she is just so scared about it to the point if failing to save her daughter's life... She will forever regret this and im not sure there will be peace in her soul even if her daughter forgives her...

I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.  ~Charles Schulz

lovinni, you rite... i think she knows it but too scared to do anything. but still thats not an excuses right??? i will try to follow this news..

Everybody is right Everybody is wrong, it depend where we stand.

 No I think the wife is a step-mother, married after the daughter had already been locked up, from the sounds of it, she never even met the daughter.


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