53 Injured at petrol station explosion!

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Gas Explosion at petrol station causes damages, 53 injured

Wednesday October 14th – A horrific gas explosion in the diesel tanks of a petrol station in Hilal area caused a stir at 5 am this morning. The explosion caused the ground to break open, engulfing a school bus, and shattering a total of six store fronts as well as some cars in the vicinity.

H.E. the Minister of State for Internal Affairs, Sheikh Abdallah Bin Nasir Bin Khalifa Al Thani, and Director of Civil Defense, Brigadier Abdullah Al Suwaidi, prompted the efforts towards controlling the situation.

Civil Defense personnel quickly rushed to the scene and began diverting traffic and taking all necessary safety precautions, while ambulances rushed the injured to the hospital. Most reported injuries, 53 in total, were minor while there were 7 seriously wounded.

Watch the v


What is your source for this story?

53? how reliable is this?...

Watch the "V" ??

You mean the V- channel ? but isnt it a music channel ?

I drove by it about 5:15 am yesterday - don't know about the number of injured but the ground was caved in, the roof over the petrol pumps had collapsed and there was debris in the road. It was too dark (and I didn't want to block traffic or emergency vehicles) to take notice of the storefronts.

I'm glad that no one was killed - this could have been a real tragedy.

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But come to think of it, diesel is not highly imflammable. You can't even ignite it with a cigarette. It ignites only beyond 143 deg. F!


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More than 50 people were injured, seven of them seriously, when the underground fuel storage tank at a petrol station in the Hilal area exploded yesterday morning.

Read todays gulftimes

hmm i would read it, as soon as i find out who took it this morning...

Online, mjamille.


i would check online MD, but i would still want to get a hold of that newspaper.. the guys in the office that i always look for it every morning and they always take it not bothering to bring it back..

That looks like the Petrol Station near the Kahramaa Roundabout.. Close to where you work MJ?



yes UkEng, close to where i work..

I know, mjamille, I also like the smell of a freshly printed newspaper. It goes good with a coffee and a cigarette!

My source... I can't say as the link would be removed. Suffice it to say there's a vid. They seem to have official info since they specify number of severely injured and mention those two officials. That minister guy is gettin' busy these days, Doha's not used to all this shock-therapy!

P.S: Soryy about the "Watch the v" lol. it's was like 1 am and my mouse-selection abilities were off!

hey MagicDragon... have you ever heard that children's song that goes like "little jackie baker, loves that magic puff"? cool reference!

i'v recieved email with pics yesterday on this explosion.

horrific..thankgod, there wasn't school bus. This could have been deadly on children.



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now i will scare to go to any OLD petrol stations.

Read in GT headlines...God save us from such calamities....

Use only Woqod for filling petrols.....

It's not the diesel or the petrol that's the danger, it's the fumes that are more flammable. That's why you're not supposed to smoke, use your mobile or have your engine running when you are at the gas pumps in case a spark sets off an explosion due to the fumes.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

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