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Can someone tell me how he create a Paypal account with a Qatar VISA card

they tell that this country not accepted for Paypal transaction.

Only American or Europeen country accepted.

I want to buy from E-bay but most of them use only Paypal payment.

Please If you know some solution tell me.

Thanks to all.


Qatar is accepted by paypal but it's oneway, only for making payments, Check the paypal site, Qatar is listed. I have a paypal account and I use QNB Visa Card with an Aramex mailbox address of the US.

Thanks I tried before it don't work, but maybe now time changed

Did you try to buy something from E-bay ????

( ok thru Aramex US mail box )

thank you for the info.

and paid with a Qatari credit card. No problems whatsoever.

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You can buy using Paypal account for Skype Phone credit also.

Surely works , no probs what so ever .

it's all about ur bank .. some banks just blocking ebay ... contact ur bank CS & check with them

i have a QNB card & pay pal account & works good for me

I have Qatar Islamic Bank Visa Card, i will try, hope it will work now

Thanks to all

I've tried with my CBQ visa and that did not work, it seems to be very Bank specific whether it works or not..

Hello !

Here is the website to have ur paypal account created to buy stuff online through ebay.

please register through this site only.


Good Luck.

paypal make it EXTREMELY difficult if you have a Middle Eastern address.

I had an account for 4 years, and it was linked to over 1000+ positive feedback and to my business.

I had to go through hell because after changing my address to my Qatar address (used to be UK one) they magically decided that they wanted to put my account on suspension pending 'review'.

I sent them photos, ID, proof of address, Bank statements, my legal degree, proof of business and they STILL made me wait 3 months until I got my account back.

I freaking hate paypal.


Amnesia, I guess you had a Money paying and accepting Paypal account which was OK in the UK and since Qatar is only listed for money paying you had problems with your Paypal Account.

My account was a business account (still is). It was only after I changed my home address that issues started.

Thankfully I the person in charge I spoke to on the phone apologized and sorted it (still 3 months late, but ah well, I moved to Google Checkout since then)


Visa cad is acceptable internationally

I have a pay pal account from India itself and I am buying tings from e bay and found no problem

Please write to your card issure


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SURASAN: The problem is with paypay business account. This is supported only in few countires. India is one of them and Qatar is not in the list. As far as a paying account is considered Qatar is in the list so there are no problems with paypal account. The problem is only with business paypal account ( used for selling Things as well)

i tried also to register in paypal using my QIIB debit card. i got a confirmation that it was registered successfully and paypal charge my card for $1.94 and will be credited soon to my paypal account. the only problem is i have to confirm it with 4digit paypal code which i dont know where to get it. can anyone help me?

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2xclick you will find the code in the bank statement of your VISA card. Check with your bank. Most of the banks send a SMS message for the online transactions, In case your bank does then the number maybe there.




Please go to " https://www.paypal.com/qa " and sign up for paypal. purchase with any type credit card from any site. e bay or any other by pay pal account. They will charge fee 0.70 Euro for every transaction.

Please go to " https://www.paypal.c... " and sign up for paypal. purchase with any type credit card from any site. e bay or any other by pay pal account. They will charge fee 0.70 Euro for every transaction.

What about receiving payments? Is there anyway to withdraw the cash?

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