AIS honours award winning student

AIS honours award winning student


DOHA ASIAN Integrated School (AIS), a newly established institution using Philippine curriculum with an integration of Singaporean method, held a ceremony in honour of Keanne Vera Amomoy, a Grade IV-Esa student of the school, on Tuesday.

Keanne was honoured for emerging the first runnerup in 7-9 years old category of the Annual Health, Safety and Environment Drawing Competition sponsored by Transfield Services, a leading global provider of operations, maintenance, and asset and project management services.

In achieving the feat, Keane beats other competitors from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, India, and the Gulf Region from which entries were received for the competition.

The ceremony was attended by the Owner and Chairman of AIS-HSC Sheikha Eman Qubrosi, Keanne’s parents, the School Principal Cary Yasir M Aragat, the Admin Inspector Khaldon Naba and the PTA Secretary Ninfa Budiao.

Representatives of Transfield Services led by its General Manager Scoot Bethel and the Deputy Manager of Quality Julie Smith were also in attendance at the event.

Keanne received a plaque of recognition and a token of appreciation from AIS management while students of the school rendered a special number and a smart game challenge on health, safety and environment for both teachers and students.



Nice! I hope next time it will be from academic to prove that AIS Singaporean methods of teaching is effective.

@ spize0238 thank you very much. It is the first year of operation. We'll just wait and see. Let's trust our smart and competent teachers.


Bear in mind though that Singaporean method was developed by a Fillipino professor who was tasked to setup Singapore's first University curricula (previous Dean of University of the Philippines, College of Engineering).

Singaporean method is very effective, especially in areas of mathematics, science, and literature which is why their expertise in related fields/careers are world reknowned!

Congratulations to her! How about the School Admin System? I heard that they are pulling out the students in their class if their monthly payments are late? Is it true?

@ Spize - are you by any chance a product of Salesian education? :)

@ DshahLes - tnx for the info.

Dshahles: No Im not but I was with Salesian Brothers and Priests during my childhood and teenage time.

BTW thank for the info.

How I wish that AIS will strictly follow the DePed school calendar.

@ spize0238 - I believe AIS is following the DepED calendar. Do you have kids studying in that school? Hope we can meet. I have two kids there and I'm quite satisfied with their service.

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