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I wanted to know which was/is the best and most sucsessful diet you ever tried and did in your life.Please give me a help because i try verry hard to loose some weight.But it is so hard to resist all those sweets here,especially yet in the easter time(lot of delicious chocolat eggs and bunnies) Embarassed


Comments dont need a diet to loose weight, just eat and live healthy...and do moderate excercise 3-4 times a week, for at least 45 mins, even walking will help if you arent into the gym etc...

With diets you may loose weight but when you are off the diet it will all come back on, learning to eat the right foods is a better option...and try to have sweets once or twice a week....instead of daily..Moderation is the key...



In the end if you tend to put weight on by looking at a box of chocolates you have to diet all your life. Weight Watchers allows you to eat nearly everything and still loose weight. You can't loose weight without excercise and diet it is the best remedy - when the weather allows it get out on your bike this is good excercise I used to travel every day by bike in Munich.

I think I want to get a bike here and trave to and from work with it.

Dieting alone doesn't work.  You should excercise for at least a half an hour a day, and eat healthy food. 


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nadt is right, exercise and moderation are the key for that. In fact, for everything in life. 


Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. --Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

But am thinking about weight watchers...think its a good way

it won't go as fast or  body won't look good since all the muscles aren't tight and the skin will just sag...


muscles use fat as an energy source, so the larger and stronger the muscle, the faster the calories are used up. so exercise is a very essential part of life.


Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. --Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

"Dieting alone doesn't work.  You should excercise for at least a half an hour a day, and eat healthy food." 

Good Excersize - Run after chased by men seeking your autograph in public car parks;) 


when i was in the philippines i was taking diet pills and it really works lose my weight bigtime. but it is not available here..


try to lose sugar, rice and stuff with carbs.. its only a matter of discipline if you really desperate to lose weight... eat only veg salad and more water it works also idi it once last year here in doha.. also no burgers from fastfood..




No not at all but I did say a women (Westerner) of course riding a bike down Al Waab on the middle Islands so it is possible and I used to ride every day in Munich. Ok this is not Munich but worth a try it is only 5 kilometres to work and by car it often takes me 45 mins by bike it would take me less.

try to stop eating big dinner. Just eat soup or small bowl of fruits instead and make sure you eat your dinner 3 hours or more before your bed time.


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

I got same question here, good you start the thread.


I dont want to lose much weight 5-6kg is just enough for me. I dont want to look skinny either. I tried to take diet pills for 2-months but trust me, nothing happens


Whatabout Xenical tab, ladies? they said its more effective but i'm worried with the side effects. Has anyone tried it before?

Me too want to loose  not that much,it is about 8-10kg,till summer and bikini

can you please tell me the name of your diet pills? I'm taking Fitrum for almost 2-months now. But to no progress.....


 you don't need to avoid sweets, just eat moderately.  Lessen your intake of carbohyrates, get more on fruits and do exercise.


Have you heard also Edmarks products???  you can try it.  My sister loose some pounds and got leaner belly in just 2 weeks.



Apple take me - No diet pill will be needed forever ;)

Swissgirl, I practised this method for sometime now and i gradually loose weight. You just got to the habit then you doing just fine.


Bluerose, do you think we can get the edmark products here in Doha?? do you know where?? thanks


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

Weight watchers is nice. They've got two types of diet, in one you can eat anything you want as long as you keep within your points limit. The other one you can only eat certain foods.

Try doing it online, you can do the uk version or the american version, all you need is an address in either of those countries to sign up. American one is slightly cheaper.

Those who say you need to exercise as well are right - dieting by itself may produce initial results but you'll struggle to keep it off. Combining it with exercise will result in more long term results. In fact, you don't necessarily need to diet at all, just eat sensibly (that means cutting down on the chocolates I'm afraid!). And Keep your matabilism high by eating small amounts at regular periods throughout the day, rather than having just three large meals.

As for diet pills, they rarely work so I wouldn't bother with them. 

taebo worked for me...a 30-minute regime is not that can do it every other day but u must cut the sweets..i eat sweets as reward after two weeks...eventually u will get used to not having sweets.

minimize ur intake of everything..u r still allowed to eat everything you want but in moderation.


best diet for me is when my relationship stress...

by far the best books I have ever read and changed my own eating habits are those by Gillian Mckeith in the UK. You can buy her books on amazon.. The 30 day starter book really changed my life.

She focuses on healthy eating, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Although she is a vegetarian herself she caters to meat eaters too.

her focus on excercise is a welcome bonus! Here is a link to her website.


A diet often time limits the amount and quality of foods a persons eat! And that is never healthy!


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also the sadest one.and what will happen when you are happy again?


i know i should maximize my exercices.But i am soooooooooo lazy.

Shame on me.



such a sensitive topic females and their figures



Diet peels can do more harm than good. These peels can put extraordinory load on bladder and eventually on kidneys preventing them from working efficiently.

 Mantra of weight control is 'Utilize everything you consume'...In other words exercise is the best way to loose weight.

Well, walking is my way to keep fit. Also I am one of those blessed ones who never face the problem of too much weight gain.



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but will not tell you



I have friend she was 95 kg. before, in two in a half months she lost  17 kg. why  don't you call and ask her what she did. You can call her at 5687075


I hope this will be a big help for your problem..God Bless..


Lady Di


please be a good guy and help us here.


I am not a female, so it is an unsolicited reply.


When I came to Qatar I put on so much of weight my friends started calling me a blimp. My waist size went up to 36. With lots of hard work and determination I was successful in bringing it back to 33. This is what I did:


1. I walked 10 KM everyday, I still do. It takes 2 hours on the Corniche. Instead of seeing it as an exercise I enjoy the walk. I have added 2 friends now. They come in turns, but I do it religiously every day.

2. Started working out slightly. Now progressed to moderate workout.

3. I eat whatever I want, but in moderation. I try and avoid going to food courts as it is a huge temptation. I made it a habit to eat a salad for dinner.


I think determination is the key. You have to realize that there is really no shortcut. You eat less and work more. That's the only thing that works.


Good luck.

change the topic title.


me only have to think about chocolats and my weight goes up.Poor me.


I did tried for two weeks, and it made me run to the toilet every 30mins


swissgirl, one friend, a pharmacist in Qatar told me that Xenical is effective(cossy though) , we'll see!

can I change my sex in my profile and join you




I dont think it will work! i have a friend who stays here in my house ...... and only taking edmark products for the last couple of months, she doesnt eat at all. But believe me, i dont see any changes on her. I think, body structure attributes a lot for being fat or looking chubby.


But i do agree, exercise is the best for loosing weight becoz whatever u eat, regular exercise will help u burn those extra and unwanted calories. As they said , "life is too short..... so live ur life to the fullest" and u will know how healthy u are.



10km each day is a way to much for a poor female like me.Will start with 1.Looks much better.

Swissgirl, also if you dont like the routine of dieting and go to the gym, just head up to your favorite clubs and dance like crazy all nite will do the magic. hehehe


shake your bootay baby..


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

I think, Xenical is better, but u know how much it is? its quite costly my friend! maybe it is really effective?????

did not know that you guys have the same problems.But thanks for your input.


fitrum and xenical doesnt work.. ive tried that in the philippines.. the name is slimming body which you can buy in chiness dug store..

 I need to know how she gained 95kg first....

for sure she will kill you now for providing her cell no. on the open forum !! lol

She will receive calls from guys now asking how she lost her 17kg





You certainly don't have these problems quite the opposite I would think. lol

emotional stress doesnt work on me instead.. makes me eat more like a pig.. hahaha.. cant buy edmark products over the counter...there are some sales agent (is this the right term?) that you may contact for these products..

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

Hi Swissgirl,

1Km is fine. You will soon like walking and go on.


Start! That's the key. And don't get demotivated as it starts hurting. Get someone to accompany you so that you push each other to go more.


In walking:

1. Distance is the most important thing. Speed is secondary. So don't focus on the time or speed at which ypu do. Focus only on the distance you cover.

2. For the same distance slower walking burns more calories than fast walking. Faster walking takes advantage of the kinetic energy you have. Slow walking has to overcome more inertia.

3. Jogging/running burns more calories than walking as it involves more effort to lift the body up from the ground.


It has also been proven that people drinking milk twice a day lose more weight than people who don't - for the same calorific intake. So increase milk and reduce something else in your diet.

Slimming body? is it available in all chinese pharmacy here? any specific name or is the one? Thanks swettie

thanks Owen, somebody better give me the agent contact number now otherwise i float like a baloon. LOL


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

mila..there's one up there...posted by Ladi Di...

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

"otherwise i float like a baloon." then I will pinch with a needlle to flatten it :)

Yes, techdoctor, I saw a program on BBC Food. They got the volunteers to eat the same amount of calories on a diet with low dairy intake and then with a high dairy intake. And they collected the volunteers' poo to study if they eliminated different amounts of fat in each diet. The high dairy diet eliminated a lot more fat than the other one.

Bring the cheese!

the balloon and comment on this...

[img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

"Make a difference or make way"


That reminds me how hard it was for me to loose 35 kgs  Took me 8 months

@ swissgirl, after that stress, i told myself that i don't need a boyfriend to make me looking good physically and mentally makes me i did maintain my figure from then on.


for some, emotional stress wont work. i suggest, exercise and minimize ur food intake.




Mila can tell you how heavy I am



thats not your toppic!i know you are so thin that one strong breeze can blow you away.No flesh on your bones.LOL.

I do not have this problem.

Just tried the theoretical solution and it did work. That's all.


35kg is a lot and congrats for it.


send her a PM otherwise QL will sink



Hi Fatcat,

I hate to address you like this.  Will Cattie do?


Whole milk is the solution. Not cheese.


I know you were making fun of it. Someone should not misunderstand that cheese will do the trick!



One other thing - when it comes to exercise, consider doing some weights as well as walking/running. This has the advantage that you will continue to burn fat long after you've finished your workout, unlike CV exercise which only burns fat while you're doing it. A combination of CV and weights is best.

It doesn't have to be anything to strenuous, just basic exercises that work the major muscle groups. Any good gym will be able to help you sort out a simple routine.

Hi Techdoctor


Cattie is fine, Fatcat is fine... : )


I actually wasn't making fun of it, the program (called "The truth about food", I think it was a series with 4 or 5 episodes) actually did show that any dairy is fine, as long as you don't go over the calories you are allowed in a day. The problem is that cheese is full of calories. : (


But you are right, a lot of people keep away from milk and milk is very good for you (unless you're lactose intolerant). I opt for the low fat version, though, as I find it more pleasant tasting. Not fat free, though!


"Make a difference or make way"


Well it was like waist line was 46 inch and I was 110 kgs.....One fine morning I woke up and decided.....let me see how it feels to be thin. Started off by going to a doc. He took all my vitals and said you are ok.....just diet and exercise. Initially I could only walk cause my tummy used to be so big that it used to bounce around. After a month of walking......everyday for one hour and controlled food intake.....I shed 5 kgs....It takes a bit of time to loose weight initially. I used to look at the weighing scale every single day and used to say SIGH  cause it used to be in the same place. The first 15 days you might not even drop a kilo but that is where your mind has to be focussed cause at that point you will feel like quitting. DONT.....Just keep going. I never used to get a shirt to wear and I had to stitch my trousers lol. Finally after a month I started running.....around 50mts first.....after that sit and pant worse than a doggie....Started off with 4 laps of 50 mts each then slowly increased.........after 8 months I was running like 60 laps in one hour. You need to exercise every single day. Once you loose around 10 kgs.....u will never miss out on a day of exercise cause it becomes a part of you. I started my regime again cause in the past 2 months because of my change of job n stuff I put on like 15 back to exercise and diet from yesterday.

swissgirl, speed have a perfect gentlemen body. i dont know why he interested to get diet pills. for who this pills Speed??? you wife also have amazing figure. wink


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand


and again congrats.well done.

"Make a difference or make way"


One more thing.........drink at least 4-5 liters of water a day when you are exercising

I know how it feels. Exercise really does become part of you. Thanks to Qatar's working hours I am able to do it. In India I would have to slog 12 hours a day.



I didn't see that BBC program, I read something about milk and weight loss on the Internet. I understand any dairy product is good. Thanks for the info. I was avoiding cheese, in fact tried removing it even from McSalad. LOL. But like you say cheese is in any case dangerous because of the calorific load. sucsess because of Milas comment.He heee.Thanks Mila.


"Make a difference or make way"


I did it when I was in India. No gym Nothing......JUST RUN RUN RUN   Cheese is ok.....Low fat cheese. Cheese contains protein and less of fat. AVOID BEURRE=BUTTER

You can't teach experience...


Ephedra**??, its bad for you and can raise your BP.  Avoid if you can!

It's true Edmarks product will let you run to toilet coz this product actually helps in getting rid of toxic wastes.




When I wanted to loose weight and yeah, I'd exercise 3 or 4 times then give up, diet for 2 to 3 days then give up. Then I found the Kick start diet, founded by Drs back home. It literally gets you started on a road to a healthier lifestyle, after doing this you can really taste the fats/sugar in foods and they are not as appetising. And you become inventive with what you can have. its very structured thus hard to stick to, but its only a week or two and worth it I've managed to stay at my ideal weight ever since doing this.


But cardio exercise is a must, get your heart rate into the fat burning zone.


 I may be blonde but I am wise

smile lots laugh more

"Make a difference or make way"


There is no easy way out... To shed that flab you have to run or exercise and burn it out.......THATS THE BITTER TRUTH. And for all those people who hog and dont get an ounce of fat on your body.....I PITY YOU.......or admire you


globalmerchant, stop giving rubbish advice. Too much water is bad for you. It lowers the salt in your body and you can even die.


techdoctor, check it out at

The key aspect when you want to plan a diet is discipline.

bluerose, many thanks


Everybody is right and Everybody is wrong, its depend where you stand

"Make a difference or make way"


You are drinking water. I didnt ask you to drown in it.........Besides one hour of exercise a day in Switzerland or Anywhere will make u shed more than a liter. Human body need atleast 2 liters a day. So dont worry no one is going to die. All that will happen is she or he will PEE more. Which is good for the system.

Cattie: Thanks for the link.

It's an ingrediant in Diet pills that was banned for causing heart attacks...

Only because people were abusing it though...

When taken properly nothing wrong with it...

On pill before a workout gives you a nice energy boost...

It has since been un banned but no one hardly makes it.

You have to mail order it...

Pm for the link if you like...


You can't teach experience...

"Make a difference or make way"


For christ sake that was a water drinking competition. Thats equivalent to drowning. I am saying to have 5 liters in a DAY not in a Shot like tequila!

globalmerchant, why don't you educate me by sending me a reputable source that says a "normal" human being should drink at least 5 liters of water a day, like you mentioned? By normal I mean the regular guy (or girl) on the street, not a super athlete.

"Make a difference or make way"


When you are doing exercise for an hour.........If you are doing exercise for an hour especially cardiac.....running n stuff.......5 liter of water a day is of no harm at all. As for people who do no exercise....2 to 2.5 A DAY is fine. Moreover no one has got killed by consuming 5 liter of water IN A DAY.........I REPEAT IN A DAY. Cause I used to drink at least 3 LITER OF BEER IN A GO.

Cool, globalmerchant, as I said previously, please educate me by showing me a reputable source that backs up this information.


Any doctors around? How much exercise would a person have to do to need "at least 4-5 liters of water a day when you are exercising"?

"Make a difference or make way"

"Make a difference or make way"


Use that link to calculate. According to your weight it varies. Try mine 110 kgs in extreme hot weather. Why I am telling you this is ........ I urinated blood once......since I didnt drink enough water while exercising


"Make a difference or make way"


Not you. You are prettiecattie. This is fat cat



First: clearly the needs for a 110kg guy is different to the needs of a female who I assume is much less than that.


Second: a reputable source is not, in my opinion, computer installation, support and information website! It would be for IT stuff, not for how much water one needs in a day.


Third: most people once in a while will drink that much in a day, like when out on a hot day enjoying some beer. The problem is you telling people they need to drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water whenever they exercise. The kidneys would probably take huge strain if a person who exercises everyday for one hour drinks 5 liters of water everyday.


I'm done discussing this with you until you can find a REPUTABLE source that backs up drinking 5 liters of water a day.


"Make a difference or make way"


One last thing. How much water according to you has to be consumed for normal intake?

Ouch, globalmerchant.

I'm a fat cat but I'm still gorgeous.

"Make a difference or make way"

GM - What time you finish today. Shall we check for the Crabs in the evening?

"Make a difference or make way"


I can finish anytime lol. 5pm is fine. How about you? I have car but cant drive on the main road cause my license is not yet transferred. Could you give me a lift??? Or I could walk till there no worries as a part of me exercise

GM - where is your location ?

globalmerchant, a person who weighs 75 kg would weigh roughly 166 pounds. Divide that by 2 and you get a consumption of 83 ounces of water. That's 2.5 liters a day, not 5 liters. Plus, a lot of the water one would need a day comes from fruits and other foods anyway.

You are right, no one should be dehydrated, but 5 liters, c'mon! Remember that most people do not weigh 110kg.

"Make a difference or make way"


Old airport road after rameez after hotspot after hertz rent a car after AL Mana used cars. You will see a building by the name ALshaya International.

"Make a difference or make way"


2.5 Liters is just the water as in pure water. Juice or other stuff is not added in that. In that case I have 8 to 10 cans of beer and 5 cans of coke a day. Is that enough? There are people who weigh much lower than me and who consume more drinks that way. That is never counted as WATER

GM - OK But you have to wait till 6.30pm. Do you think we can check for crabs at that time???

"Make a difference or make way"


After work I will walk. If there are any crabs there I will give you a ring. I am gonna walk in any case, u take ur time. If I see fresh shall I buy???

GM - OK go ahead. If you are walking to Corniche so much the better. I will pick you up near the Doha Port

globalmerchant, this is my last post on this.


My advice to you is to read a little more on it. Drinks that dehydrate you (such as coffee and coke because of the caffeine) surely do not count towards the water intake, in fact you should probably compensate with more water.


But if you have a piece of watermelon it should indeed count towards your daily water intake. Or if you have soup, it also counts towards your water intake.


If you want to drown yourself in 5 liters of water a day, go on.

"Make a difference or make way"


Ok thats cool. You take your time.

"Make a difference or make way"


This is my last post as well. In a day if you consume 5 Liter it will never cause any damage to your system. There is something called as water therapy to eliminate free radicals in your body. I do not wanna discuss about that either cause u will be really amazed. Check it out on the net.  No offence. Nice talking to you and we shall catch up on other topics as well. Take care

GM - Friday we cook and invite few QL/Non QL friends over for lunch and open a bottle for drink. don't ask for beer as I don't have any :(

here;s my 2 pence worth: as we age our metabolism decreases, hence we are adviced to eat more healthy foods, excercise more (min 30 cardio and also include weight training). also pls note when we were younger we can afford to eat more coz our metabolism is higher as we age it is the other way around, (exercise more eat lesser fatty food/high callory food). excerise at least 3 times a week(of course more is better). cardiovascular min 30 mins - this helps to burn off callories where as with weight/strength training is advised to help tone up our body. some women are afraid to get into weight/strength training as they are afraid they will bulk up like our male counterpart- this is not true as #1 we do not have testosterone like they do hence our muscles can not develop like theirs unless of course we are gonna go on steroids  . #2 weight training helps us have more muscles and this will increase our metabolism and also will help in cutting down on the fat stored in our body. #3 exercising helps improve our cardiovascular system . #4 for women it will help in strengthening our bones and delay osteoperosis.#5 excersicing helps us remain youthful and our brains more alert.#6 when exercising the brain produces a hormone called 'endorphines' and this is also known as a 'feel good ' hormone and also is a stress reliever. #6 exercising also helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol etc etc etc.

there is no shortcut way to this, it isnt easy but it works. lots of 'temp' methods in the market but like i said it is temporary then you are back to square one. try doing excersice a little bit at a time then increasing it as you gain strength and fitness level.try enrolling for some classes or better still if you can afford a  qualified personal trainer go for it. do not give yrself too large a goal as this will not be achievable and hence will demoralise you. so hope this has helped a little and happy exercising.........also remember everything in moderation is the way to go.....good luck   


life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

gag gag

I am against Dieting only...

all you have to do is eat healthy, do not eat between meals and do exercices, swimming, well, drink too much water and less soft drinks...

And Good luck...

I lost 45kg in the last six months all i did was get motivated (not entirly true but being motivated helps a lot) heres what I did:

I cut out my bad carb intake. Exercised for 30 mins every second day, exercising is one of those things that for a lot of people (like me initially) is a chore thats why if you make it 30 mins instead of  a full 1hr to begin with and  figure out before hand the main areas you really want to tone and flatten first and exercise accordingly I gurantee you once you notice these parts going well you'll start with the others and increase the amount you exercise. stopped eating after 7pm for most people after 7 is when we start relaxing so the body starts to shut down as well and requires less fuel  so eating a huge dinner before sitting infront of the TV is never a good Idea in saying this I swapped my main meal for the middle of the day and had a light supper usually just a salad or fruit for supper in doing this i also found I slept better as well. Again what has worked for me might not work for you its always best to figure out first what sort of things you are willing to do and not to do to lose the weight. But most importantly always do it for yourself if your doing it for any other reason it never works.

oh you lost 45kg ... what is your weight now 20/30/40 ....  ?



I weighed 120kg before i lost the weight so you do the math.

You must be kidding !!!!!!!!! 120kggggggggggggggggggggg

Thanks GOD that you reduced 45kg ... wish you reach 45kg soon



Try this,,,im not sure if you can get them in qatar,,,my sister use them she was 100 kg...after taking them ofcouse with adiet and a doctor advice you cant buy them with out a doctor prescription,,,she lost 50 kg in 6 month and back to her normal weight,but she is saggy every where and now thinking to star on plastic surgery..but belive me it works,,im only 53,,,when i feel i put on 2 kg i take them and i loose 3 kg but im so skinny and bonney, i wear 6-8 size, but i have a big boobs which looks good with my figure. try them,,,i'll give you the name..DIETHYLPROPION (POM) SR75mg TABS but you need to go on diet me...

Let me know if you can find them in qatar with a doctor prescriber..


Good luck



 ZoZo how very unhealthy to recommend diet pills. Diet pills are no better than taking speed and have lots of side effects.



Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

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