me and my husband has employed an computer assistant in our office, and we want this guy to pick up our daughter from school, but he is not willing to do so, he is straight forward, he refuses directly, how would you describe this attitude,


Is it within his job description??



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 i would describe his attitude as "self-respect at work"



If you're looking for a problem, you're probably gonna find one.


If you want a nanny, hire one!  He obviously has self-respect!

Also there my be cultural issues.

maybe, he is hesitant to pick up your daughter thinking that he will be abused or he is afraid to be the designated school driver for your kid. he has the right to refuse anyway. his job is a computer assistant and not a driver. i just hope he did it in a polite manner.

bloody sensible  i would say, it is a lot of responsibility to pick a kid up from school!

once he said he is scared he might meet with an accident




the reason we are telling him is we trust him or we could have said it to someone else


your authority. Forget that you are his boss when you ask for personal favours.


then he might be more of help to you 





He has a good attitude. He does not feel driver cum nanny is in his job description. This also bodes well for you in that his work ethic is high.




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If it is written in his position description, you could say he was 'neglecting his duties and a disobeying a fair and reasonable instruction'.  I guess it would be worth finding out why he will not pick her up... then you may be better placed to label his attitude.


All the best with it... management is no easy task.

couldnt have put it more clearly myself


job. If you have added this as a duty and the poor fellow didnt read his contract...then ooops


but no body will add this as a responsibility for that profession.


is this a true incident.....or are you just asking for an opinion.








those are 2 different jobs



if i were your computer assistant, i wouldn't do it either.

well if the car was computer aided or operated, then yeah perhaps he should pick up your daughter...


i mean cmon! give me a break!, computer assistant is computer assistant, unless he signs something like computer assistance / driver or nanny.


but i bet he didnt. and that being said, you should have asked him properly or sweetly perhaps, like asking more of a FAVOR rather than an ORDER, then perhaps, he will do it for you in GOOD FAITH, no extra charge.


@glecs! hows it goin? did u get enough rest? 


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To have trust in an employee to get his job done is one thing (that's what he's paid for anyway), but to expect him to do personal chores for your family is taking it too far, isn't it?  I believe your computer assistant did the right thing to refuse this obligation. His attitude is therefore "very professional".





why dont you just hire a driver for your daughter instead of using your authority to intimadate one of your workers doing a job that is not part of his description?



tra la la

Sashiburi da na Snowstorm! (Its been a long time snow storm!), thanks, and have you started that Blog of yours? 



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Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate it.

@Snowstorm.....Ahhh let me know once its up!



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If he refused it in a nice civilized manner then it's not ATTITUDE, also he has every right to refuse it because it's not part of his job..

You need to straighten him out and remind him who is paying him.

Now now Bae, stop stirring.




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Pass me the gag DG ....

I agree with the previous comments but one solution would be to present him with an offer to do this job, paying him the same cost it would be to use a private driver if it is an issue of trust when it comes to your child.......but it really would be his choice and you can't berate him later if he is behind in his work...perhaps work out a new agreement with some compensation to entice him, when I worked in an office I would be asked to do things not clearly defined in my job description as most JDF's have 'duites as required by your manager' attatched


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smile lots laugh more

Bae is playing Nov. Up to his usual tricks ;) However he is starting to make me bristle on the Maid thread lol.




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I tell you ... whats the problem exactally....


You have started a new business and your hubby has no idea to handle the people, the reason could be he always have worked under the Managers and never have managed people and his idea of success is to say YES BOSS...




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i guess, he's working with your computer and as an assistant,  is that it?


if so, place him in a manner he would have time-framed work.


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this's nonsense....


why hire a computer assistant to pick up ur daughter...


i must say ud make one lousy boss !!!

another pointless thread...yawn...

It seems quite common amogst some employers, that if they employ and/or sponsor you, that they own you and you are expected to be their slave...very common amongst maids too, the list of their job description is so long you can turn it into a book.. 

You are  a stupid arrogant employer..

employed one guy as a computer assistant.........and wants to do him your drivers  job as well.

Driving on Qatar roads is high risky affair. I an quite sure you will not compensate him for this extra work. If he met with an accident.. then his rest of the life will be behind bars.. eating Kuppoos & Eggs.


I'm a great believer in unions.  It's a pity there are none in Qatar.  Employees need support and protection and this is lacking which leads to widespread exploitation.


It's up to each and every employer to be transparent and ethical.



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strange q in the first place!!!

we have an accountant and we wanted him to cook the food and clean, he refused, come'on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is a very strange question given your profile information and your previous threads...

I thought that there was a union for nationals in Qatar and seem to recollect a union backed walk out (or fly out) from rig Dana in the early 80's. 

HAHAHA Just checked....Qatar Nothing Else is a male...and is married to a male.....

the question started ...."Me and my Husband"


i think poor fellow is on the receiving end of this bulls***t...


my pities with you man.... Keep the faith....

It seems that he is doing the right thing. Did you make it clear when you employed him that picking up your daughter would bepart of his job? 


Brainless Question ........


He is a computer Assistant not a Driver ........


If you are appointed as a Asst. Manager and your Manager ask you to make a coffe for him, what would you think ??


He is employed to work in the office and he is not supposed do the private pick ups for you. You are lucky to find his refusal. I will slap you if you ask me to do that. We are not your slaves.

If it is not in his job discription then he is right.

As long as he is not rude to anyone i think there is nothing wrong with saying things the way they are, like being direct to one antother. that is honest and clear. 



Life is nothing without friends.... :)

QL.... just a (very nice) way of live..... :)

dnt act as the BIG BOSS, if he dnt want to do leav him alone....its up2 the person...


If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?


Nothing personal, but as a man, he is straight and honest!

Slavery was abolished centuries ago!

You should respect him for his refusal

 Hold on here......The original poster hasn't replied since last night!!Do you think they'll come back and reply?.....It seems odd how the big bosses have to come to QL to ask for must be a fab firm to work for!!..........



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but u knw one of our cmpny driver is pickin n dropin Boss's kids to n frm scool. nd driver get payed xtra for this xtra duty. it seems driver is happy abt his xtra again pikin of boss's kids is not in job description....nd obvisly drivr uses car provided by cmpny....sinc both paties r happy abt things..then who cares? right.....  


If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?

 Catsniper....I think the gist of the story was that the computer bloke was not happy doing it so therefore lies a problem!!......


"It is dangerous to be sincere unless you are also stupid." - George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Forgiveness is life...:)





I think he has a valid point with the accident and he is right, if anything happens to the child when in his care he might get into trouble as he is not hired as a Driver.

Hmmm :) okie supernurse....but its smthing relativ thing wud like 2 kno wht othrs think abt it.. 


If it's true that we are here to help others, then what exactly are the others here for?

relative to this... i want to share to everybody that our boss makes all the staff who have a car her driver to work, to home, to souq, to bank... except me because i dont let her...


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qatar_nothing_else--- this is his history with Qatarliving

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A) its your kid - you pick it up!


B) Call yourself a manager? make me laugh...just as well it isnt' a brewery because you wouldn't be able to organise a piss up in one.



So why dont you talk man to man with your hubby about it? LOL

are you trying to 'kill 2 birds with a stone' (moneywise)?else go fetch yr kid yrself or get a driver to do that. if the chap is worried of meeting with an accident i wouldnt even think of him fetching my kid......>pffft -reality check pls


life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

Oryx - "its your kid - you pick it up!"

The word "its" should be replaced with "He is" :)

Dweller, I'm not sure about that.  I'm not as old as you to remember the 80s :)  I was thinking more about the rights and protection of expatriates. 



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Go ahead and ask him to be the cook and the nanny. Whats stopping you...

...your concience? or the lack of it?


There are some who expect  their female  staff to be their 

girlfriends......single person..dual role........kind of 

u guys r seriously discussin this crap...? vomit..vomit...

is there a "CLOSE THREAD" option in qatar living?


 this is a work of a troll and you all fell for it

when are we going to stop this



Jack _ It is called Multi Tasking :)

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