Bad experience from Naseem Al-Rabeeh Clinic

Yesterday,04 November I had to take my friend who got injured from his work site to hospital and we went to Naseem Al-Rabeeh, it was around 9:00-9:30pm and we went to reception to see one of the Ortho pediatrician and at that time there was Dr.Ajith, who refused and said that his time was over and didn't stay for the consultation. We then went to Focus medical center around 10:00-10:15pm ,and we are so greatful to Dr.Gangadharan,who was getting into the car when we reached and came back for consultation when they called him from reception.

I will see the director of Naseem al rabeeh tomorrow to tell this. Usually a doctor takes oath "To protect human life in all stages and under all circumstances,doing his utmost to rescue it from death, malady, pain and anxiety." and my question is why did Dr.Ajith become doctor if he cannot work after his working hours or odd hours.
I always had good about Naseem al-rabeeh till yesterday but this bad experience has totally ruined the reputation of the clinic and Iam telling you this to inform you all so that you don't have any bad experience from Naseem al-rabeeh in future....



While I feel sorry for your friend..I don't see how your opinion that the said clinic or the said orthopaedician should be blamed, is justified. Doctors, my friend, also have a family and other life to live for, just like everyone else. They do offer their service in the prescribed time limits. If one is willing to provide his service outside this limit...its good for him, but it doesn't make others any inferior. You could have taken your friend to Hamad hospital where round the clock service is offered ( but even there, doctors work in shifts and each one leaves after his/her shift is over and the next one comes). If you had little bit of common sense you would have recognized that public hospitals and private clinics function very differently and you would not (..&hopefully will not) use such quotes in every situation. To think that you can come to this country to make money for yourself and expect doctors not to do the same or to do service in odd hours is foolishness and being stupid
If it's major cases you should go to Hamad hospital it's completely free (X-ray, treatment etc.) only you need to pay very little amount (5 QR) for medicine.... In India most of the doctors especially in private clinic don't have heart & humanity, they were money motivated peoples, doing the doctors job as a business..... The doctors job is to save the life of the people he should try the best here time is not a matter......
If you have a problem with a company deal with the company concerned. Posting on the Internet about it and naming names just isn't very fair. Imagine if a doctor posted, 'I had this idiot in yesterday........'
I am sure you are a doctor... i do have friends who are doctors and my friend saptakalran, you need to understand doctor profession is not similar to other you can not expect a doctor to say NO or say that he will not consult you because his time is over, it is a different story if he has left the hospital or so, but he is in his room and said that his time is over,In any case I cannot agree with it..
dream on pal.....if thats what suits you....your experience or your comments won't change a thing...but if you realise the reality a lot will!!!..ohh by the way I am just a restaurant owner...!!
to profession has all gone to drain a long time ago, TO MANY! But there still some who have the heart to practice their passion (that is, TO SERVE).
This reported incident about the doctor is absolutely wrong. The story is fabricated by somebody with purposeful intention to defame Dr.ajith. In fact Dr.Ajith does not work in clinic on Fridays since more than a year .The story says an anonymous person brought his friend on 04th November which was Friday and Dr.Ajith was off on that day.I would like to inform all of you that, the story was indented to publicize another doctor for business interest. It is an offense against a professional with high reputation in Qatar. I personally know Dr.Ajith, and I will advise him to complain to police against the person who tried to defame him with bad intention.
I think you are right hrddillu, this dikhead...dreamkraft has posted some bs against Al Rafa polyclinic as well (see Everyone is aware of that clinic undergoing renovation work but this buffoon feels the doctors &nurses didnt have licences and they r practising!!! someone is payng him well for this publicity gimmick...but he may get his ar/se kicked soon..!!
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