Badminton training centre


Hi all,

Actually I have a plan to start up a coaching or rather a training centre but before that I would like to know how successful it can be.

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By Dynamicsports Doha• 2 months 6 days ago.
Dynamicsports Doha

You can try at Dynamic Sports Management , Abu Hamour

DMIS, Behind Petrol Station

( An Approved Badminton Training centre by the Ministry of Sports , Qatar )

( Badminton/Swimming classes for all ages )

Learn to Swim in Just 14 session 100% Guaranteed

contact : 77443124 ,66428190

All sports facilities for Rental

Football, Basketball,Tennis,Badminton,Volleyball, Swimming etc...

By Molten Metal• 11 months 6 days ago.
Molten Metal

It is like a dream come true for me .....................

By SHINOJINFOTECH• 11 months 1 week ago.

Dynamic Sports Badminton Academy , Abu hamour, Doha, Qatar, Approved by Ministry of Sports

Provides the Best Training on Badminton

you can contact : 77443124, 66428190, 55524453

By imomin• 3 years 2 months ago.

Hi Shaima, I understand that it is more than a year now. However, I'll be interested to know if you having started anything. I'll like to join.

By Kashi_K• 4 years 4 months ago.

Hi.. Sounds like a wonderful idea ! I love badminton and am desperately seeking people I can play with. Can you let me know if you arrange anything? I am very much interested. :)

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

HI Maria where do u play....

By mariaelizabeth• 4 years 4 months ago.

there are lots of badminton enthusiasts here in Qatar, I for one and my friends :) so I know you should be far as I have observed with the demand there is a demand....the place me and friends play is getting crowded that we get to wait for turns from one group of players to another and its indoor! :( ....outdoor is much more fun - spacious, fresh air, nice view :)

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

if studying market is a blue eye, then ihave got one...

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

and Thelo I can successfully run a business but I wanna know the demand as well.....

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

Thanks brit.... but the thing is that I dint fie any indoor unit....

By britexpat• 4 years 4 months ago.

How about you rent a hall for a week and see how many people turn up. Then you can judge what to charge and whether it is viable.

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

I am just worried abt the success for the invetment...... sponsor and invetments all those stuff secondary

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

millions comes and goes but TALENT stays

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

Lol its not a pets game

By Rizks• 4 years 4 months ago.

Lols britey !

By britexpat• 4 years 4 months ago.

Thelonius' pet cat is named "Minton". Everytime she does something wrong, Thelonius says "Bad minton"

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

Plz give me some ideas as well....

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

but still he can catch up with the scores Rizks...

By Rizks• 4 years 4 months ago.

then i think Thelo would not be interested coz he is BADinminton ! :)

By• 4 years 4 months ago.

I am a research and will be in practise soon.......

training and indoor club for badminton lovers....

By zafirah• 4 years 4 months ago.

i want to join...

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