Beauty Salon worth going to...

I would like to know if anybody can tell me where I can go to a beauty salon that operates on a western style. What I mean is - I would like to have my eyebrows and lashes tinted and shaped. Shaped I mean waxed and not torn off with string!! I would like it tinted as well.

PLease help I would like to look normal again.

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go to Toni & Guy at the mall

best hair salon in town as far as i'm concerned. a wee bit expensive but excellent service.

There is a topic that has such information. i can not remember the name> good luck in searching. Any if i may ask are you executive secretary?

To answer your question...

I have 11 years Hotel Experience at Front Office and I recently did a sectretarial diploma. Before we came to Qatar I was the Principal's Secretary at a High School.

Hope that answers your question?


Actually, there is a new Salon in town, owned by the same people who run Nails in Royal Plaza.

It's a french chain called Franck Provost, and its operating out of Four Seasons.

Thank u blondy, and there is a vacancy as Exe. Sec. with a prominent financial institution. in case u r interested pls send me message or e-mail> Thanks

Hi all! Recently one of the hairdresser in doha damaged

my hair, i told her to cut just the ends, but little by little she cut half of my hair! Now it looks very short and i want to repair this, does anybody know if they do hair extensions in Doha?

Really, really, really, seriously, DON'T put hair extensions in.... you say you want to "repair" the damage...? Well getting hair extensions is the surest way to totally ruin the rest of your natural hair. Very bad idea.

hi to all, I have heard that there is a lebanese hair dresser here.. his hair parlor is called Michel Askar... according to many reviews he is one of the best so far in qatar.. but I heard that his prices are on the high scale.. but i guess if it is for something like a cut or color and so on it doesnt matter the price but the quality and regular stuff like just simple hair dos can be done anywhere..

I think Tony and Guy have closed down.. They opened up here in Qatar 2 years ago but closed down operations within 12 to 14 months. I might be wrong but I am almost sure they have closed down.

Vidal Sesoon in City Centre :)

have been with michel for 4 yrs now and yes he is good, he has a few salons here in doha, the one i go to is at teh intercon, he has one at teh city centre, one at one of the beverly hills compounds and there is nother one (not sure if already in business yet ) at one of the hotels here i am not sure which one . his mobile is 5305308- go check it out

life's too short so make the most of it, you only live but once.......

Where is this Michel from? What is his nationality?

Where is this Michel from? What is his nationality?

What is that got to do with your hair cut? I from Aruba and it doesn't gine a damn about my job :)

Forgiveness is life...:)

try glow salon and spa...its in salwa road at the back of mercedez...

its an american salon....

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chk the following link to get human hair extension

Its great to see that you are very clear of the kind of eye make up and eyelashes makeup you want done for yourself. Many a times the problem is that females aren't sure of what they want to have done as part of the makeup and then when the job done is not what they were looking for its a big disappointment for them.

Knowing what you want for your eyelashes is greatly beneficial in getting the right results.


Long eye lashes

i went to franck provost it was ok, i heard GLOW is good too, i will try it next week

Anyone got the directions to Glow coming from Ramada? I have been here for 4 month now and have not had my hair cut due to reading lots of horror stories but it really could do with a cut now :-/

Glow is near decoration round about in salwa road

I am Rosa one of the new stylists at Glow, I am from Norway but I have worked in Los Angeles the last two years. We are located close to the decoration roundabout, have mersedez benz on your rigth in salwa road. The first enterance on the rigth, its more like a open space not a road, they are still building, you will see some villas on the left side after you have turned rigth, we are next to curves. Please check out our web site

Thank you

try the curving eyelash that stays for months, it shows your eyes in amazing way it gives you deep look of your eyes.

I try it in SHE SALON next to villagio and it was a good try.

their number 44474744

for Hair extension follow this &feature=related

interview for AMAL AOUAD on you tube

It's in Al Waab Street, very easy to find and very friendly and professional. There is also a Facebook page where you can have a look at the pics and get the contact details!/pages/Nara-Salon/168358873203882

Of course I a biased as it is owned by my wife. Let me know how you get on if you go there so I can give my wife the feedback.




You can try Princess Salon (44111233) next to Landmark. The prices are decent and the quality is really good.

glow's good, there are two locations which makes it easy. just avoid the stylist who 'specializes in curly hair'! She's got very very long, wild curls herself. . . but everytime she's 'cut' my curly hair, she's basically just snipped a tiny bit off the ends and that's it. She apparently like the natural wild curls, but I'd prefer a shape beyond a christmas tree, thanks. She also gave me attitude when I asked her to blow it straight afterwards. It's curly everyday-- a girl likes a change!

If you're interested buying high quality hair extensions in Doha, check out this FB page:

Hair Extensions in Doha, Qatar

You can't get any more western then this,

try Glow American, Owned by 2 American's with international standards and ratings: it is on salwa road and west bay.

they have a FB page and website.

or Nara Salon. I love both.

what r the charges of glow or nara saloon for hair cut and what if we also include blowdryy

Rose' Salon by Rorrita, is a high end salon that provides all beauty related services such as hair styling and color, make-up, nails, body and face treatments, using top notch quality products. The services are performed by highly trained expert team with international background and extensive salon experience.

For reservations please call on 33316827

Or visit:

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