Best recomended protein supplement

Which is regarded as the best recomended protein supplement to boost memory power?


Ginkgo biloba, as it enhancer’s the blood flow to the brain. Apparently many scientists consider it the best herb to improve memory. I used it for a few months and found it effective! Like all herbal medication you need to stick to it for awhile before it takes affect!

where can one get Ginkgo Biloba!! in doha??

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You can try to find it in "GNC" shop ( "The Mall" or "City Center").



Are there any side effects to this protein Supplement.

Check this out mir83. It will give you all the details you want to know!

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Ram, you can find proteins at GNC as well as other places like this shop in Bin Mahmod (I can't remember the name though ... something York). Price goes from 100QR+ to 200QR+ depending on brand and that's for 1 kg, I think ... or maybe 2 ... not sure now.

thanks a lot ...

GNC stands for wut?? is it in city center

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GNC stands for GNC as far as I know :D

Yes there is one shop in the city centre and another one in Al Nasr for sure, don't know if there are others.

General Nutrition Centers

thanks for the info.

i'll check that out ..

Boosting memory power is easy. And its growth is fast.

Try out some Memory games.

The growth of memory is said to be exponential. ie The more you use it the more it grows.

Nowadays in daily life you donot even remember the day of the Month. We look at the watch or the Calender to know the day. So we are using less & less of our memory.

The Physical way is to do Handstands (standing on your hand with your foot in the air)- it increases the flow of blood to your brain.

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Jack is right, it is true that the more we ‘exercise’ our brain the better (and longer) it works!

And Alexa, yes it’d be nice if we started using our brain more (and more often) lol

GNC is located opposite homecentre in city centre, and there is one on al nassr street opposite turkish central, a few meters ahead. it look tiny there and you could miss it.

Ram: amino acid supplements are available in most pharmacies as well. you get free form multi amino acids, usually a bottle of 90 tablets or 100, cost around 80riyals.i have used the brand health aid and sentinel.

there are protein supplements and protein powders, so you need to decide what you wish to take.

also, do your own research before taking any herbal supplements. although we have GNC here, there arent any naturopaths or herbalists to advise you in doha. if anyone knows of any such doctor please tell me. the staff at GNC just read off from their herbal manual.

to check interractions between meds and supplements, check out this site.

you will get all the information here including gingko.

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thankx a lot for the info.

i'll check for that ..


This morning I had about 90 minuits webconference with US,Australia,Indian representatives fora new product launched recently in India.

This product is already selling in 44 countries.

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I hope this should give you the necessary information.


My old Mum used to say that fish was good for the brain. An old wives' tale? I just found this extract from the internet re brain and memory:

Dosage: 100-300 mg daily. Omega-3 Fats: Why Fish Is Good for the Brain

As your grandmother may have told you, fish is good for the brain. But she may not have understood that the mind-boosting powers of fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are derived from the essential fats they contain. As we've already seen, EPA and DHA, found mainly in fatty fish and also in flaxseed, hemp, and walnut oils, are omega-3 fats that uniquely feed the brain.

DHA, more than EPA, is highly concentrated in our brains and nervous systems, and improves not only learning and age-related memory but also mood. (in other words less prone to depression!)

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Keep eating - it's helfier than pills (yer mum said so!) lol

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