Best Supermarket in Doha?

I usually shop at's expensive but the produce is better than other places I've been, and they have a wider selection of gourmet foods. Has anyone tried the Greenbox or knows of other supermarkets with good produce?


Shop Rite, Spinneys and the supermart at Parco Mall (forgot the name).

All supermarkets in Doha are poorly managed. Too many times I read "sorry, we are out of stock." Guess, they've never heard of proper PLANNING. Bloody amateurs wherever you look.

The greenbox stuff is pretty good. you can have locally grown (I think)and imported. The good thing about them is that they take care that their produce is not left in the heat and immediately distributed, so it really is fresh.

Nic Nic

Spinneys appears to treat their staff well or at least provide them with adequate training as most of them are very sociable, friendly and appear to genuinely smile at you.

Something new in Doha!

I am sure that when the bar code is read at the checkout all the fruit and veg immediately goes soft and black.

Plus, ask for advice on the location of a product at your peril....staff take no pride in their job and don't bother learning what the store even sells, so ask where something is, and be prepared to get a blank stare unless it is generic (who asks where obvious things are, anyway?)

It sounds like a reasonable place to get Fruit and veg, I wouldn't mind paying more because at the moment I only eat about half of what I buy.

the greenbox is not a shop. You can order from them and they will deliver your order to your house.

I have just been on the website and will give them a try, I have really missed fruit and veg that is fresh or at least edible.

Thanks for starting the thread ajnelson hope you get something out of it as well.

a south indian grocery store

Safari Mole

The one near my 20 is good too.A very good indian guy, he has everything that you need.its a Supermarket but a bit smaller, i mean a lot smaller.

Spinneys or MegaBucks. Unfortunately they are so expensive its only on special occasions or when you need a particular ingredient that is not available in Carrefour.

AT nomad_08 .......... and the supermart at Parco Mall (forgot the name).

u mean FOOD WORLD ????

U nvr know how they cheating the customers !!

Just for example check the “pampers (premium care)” prize any supermarkets in Doha the highest prize I found in a local Supermarket and its 58Qr and the lowest prize I found 56Qr from Lulu, and safari mall & Carrefour it is 56.50, this is just a example only u know how much they are charging in Food world ???? yes it is 61QR. I found many items like this when I asked them they said they are paying big rent so they need to take a big commission to recover this …….

It is shame ….

Stop shopping with them

Spinneys and Megamart are cut throats. They will offer something which are not available in the other Supermarkets to attract customers and will charge 1-2 riyals extra on the other regular merchandize.

Carrefour, Spinneys and Foodworld Choice. I really enjoy shopping at Foodworld Choice. They really have a very friendly and clean shopping environment. And their Customer Service is excellent which you can not find in other supermarkets like Lulu and Safari. Although some items are expensive they make it sure they have the highest quality of the product.And they have imported items from UK and USA.

Do you know if they have an organic greenbox?

you're welcome...I miss fresh produce because I love cooking my own food...I still can't get over the 80 QR pumpkin I bought from megamart. Also, make sure you check the bill before you pay when they ring you up. Last time they tried to charge me 450 for an onion. I thought the bill was unusually high...

i am wondering why no one said LULU ?

I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to advise against Green Box now. It was good when Sandra was there, but lately they've been missing shipments and not reimbursing for them, their website crashes for weeks on end, and they don't respond to emails. Just use caution and don't pay in advance.

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