Blackberry now available in Qatar

was informed that blackberry will be available in the market on the 14th of January...thought to inform some of you (specially on the business sector). here are some details/infos i gathered..


updated pricelist..  

Blackberry 8120 QR2190

Blackberry 8310 QR2450

Blackberry 8320 QR2450

Blackberry 8820 QR2850


now for the software (small business)costs QR4000 installation would be Qr3000 (by starlink or Qtel) monthly payment per user is QR500 (qtel) and QR450 for every user you put in your device.... for more details about blackberry go to and oh btw, im not part of the "sale" just informing Qlers here..:) [img_assist|nid=12867|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.


thanks a lot owen, for this useful info now im thinking twice

Those are the prices for BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) for personal

you need BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) which is priced at;

one time Qtel registration --> 150QR

monthly service fee --> 125 QR

The first 10Mb per month browsing is included in the subscription and 10 QR for every subsequent 1 MB.

The info for BIS and the handsets is on

price pearl is actually 2200qr from starlink.

or u can buy new unused from me for only 1500qr

So, is it correct that the monthly fee is only QR 125 (apart from the one-off registration fee and the handset itself)?


If I brought my handset back from my country and used it in Doha, is it allowed by the BB provider? Note that the BB provider in Doha lose opportunity to sell QR 2000+ handset to potential customer.


Appreciate your comments.

You can get a roaming service for blackberry from etisalat. That's how most people are getting the service in Qatar.

Qtel's blackberry service has been, erm, unpredictable so far. Maybe things will improve once they've read the manuals. I'd wait a while, or at least ask someone who's been using the Qtel service for their opinions.

Hey guys, I need some info here. I'm planning to buy either Blackberry or Iphone. which one is more likely to work here in Qatar via Qtel?


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mhh mhh

Is it a must to buy blackberry handset??? cannot one avail its services on Imate or any power by windows mobiles????

you can...go to, and download the appropriate software onto your phone


how much for 32GB of 3GS?

Starlink are arrogant and the Qtel service especially for roaming is terrible..

Please advise if possible to swapping 7290 unit into a new model as GSM.

Your PROMPT reponse shall be most awaited.


i cannot afford this......

above are seems to be very high. let us wait and see how vodafone will work they will launch on new year, 2010.

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