Brits in 'sex on beach' trial

Brits in 'sex on beach' trial ask to leave Dubai

By BARBARA SURK, Associated Press Writer 33 minutes ago

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - A British couple on trial for allegedly having sex on a Dubai beach asked the judge on Tuesday to be allowed to leave the country.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, speaking in low voices, asked the judge for a "quick ruling" that would let them return to Britain. But judge Hamad Abdul Jawad disregarded the request and scheduled another hearing for Sept. 9 to hear testimony from the policeman who arrested the couple.

Palmer, 36, and Acors, 34, were arrested in the early hours July 5 on a Dubai beach after they had been at a hotel party. They were later charged with having sex outside of marriage, public indecency and public drunkenness.


pffft.. talk about vulgarity, they had it coming...

lol how many brits have been caught in the UAE now?


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You are suffering from your name ;)

This is a follow up story to the one from last July.

Lock em up, then deport them when time served.

She had been living in Dubai for THREE YEARS, not on holiday for 3 hours...., no sympathy, even less of no (?!) as they were warned the first time, then carried on...!

When did you last have sex on a beach....?

Hmmm, exactly, not common 'even' in the West, most countries rightly look down on acts of indecency in public - for a reason.

Torque (rubbing the sand off...)

Yes but the temptation of committing a risque act in public heightens the. . .Oh well, you are right after all.

...might well give the same buzz, without the risk of being dragged through the worlds media, not to mention the chance of serious jail-time...., oh & I should add, not in a Muslim country....

the brits are in love with Dubai beaches that they cant control themselves there




Sex on a beach! So romantic...

You must be joking.. The sand gets in all the wrong orifices..

I reckon the court at the end will let them off with "time served" and deport them..

Well, to be fair, I dont speak from experience, just from what it looks like on the tele.

Doesn't dubai constantly ask for Brits and Europeans to come visit, gamble, drink and indulge?

I find it hypocritical that these people are being persecuted for entertaining dubai's invititation of leisure. Filling pocket books with their alco purchases and then jailed for the effects of it.

And umm for the comment on the beach! Coming from sunny California I know very few people who have not indulged themselves on warm nightly sands.

Dubai needs to make up its mind!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

...being from London, not California. Bit nippy at Clacton-on-Sea! :)

I'm shocked and stunned...I thought I knew you better..

I do not like hypocrisy in any form!

If it was me I wouldn't have let all the money consume me and kept to my Islam!

But thats just me! I am trying to be fair!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

PH - I think they were taking Dubai's hospitality a little to far!!! Having sex on a public beach, and continuing to do so after being warned to stop, would get you in trouble all over the world. To do it anywhere is stupid, but to do it in a Muslim country where you've lived for 3 years is beyond stupid. They deserve everything they get.

Hear Hear...


Heard your wife left you,

How upset you must be.

But don't fret about it...

She moved in with me.


they even ban you online if you use a Dubai IP address!

There is a moronic element in all societies.. We just seem to have more than most..

S&X in public would not be tolerated anywhere. The latest excuse these idiots are coming out with is that they signed a confession written in "arabic" which they didn't understand..

Okay you have a point tallg..

But they were drunk! Smashed out of their mind.

I mean haven't you ever lost your sense after a drink.

Besides they probably didn't think they would get caught once the sphincter police walked away. Thats what usually happens over here (cali).

You'll have to excuse me though as I come from the octopus smoking, bonfire, surfer scene here in south cali. Don't know what its like from the rest of the world.

Not that I condone what they did! Just that if places are going to accept behavior that leads to these actions they shouldn't be so harsh!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

I think that is false BritExpat!

People all over the world have sex outside in public! Movie theatres, airplane bathrooms, beaches, and anywhere else they won't get caught.

And if they are caught they rarely get in trouble. Unless they are in an eastern country! But dubai is trying to be western remember.

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Sphincter police??

octopus smoking???

They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it... --George Carlin

octopus is a big bong with like 6-8 sides to smoke pot from. You light it up with a big flame thrower. Its the norm on the beach scene out here along with alcohol and surfing in the dark.

I should make a point that in no way do I condone such actions.

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Alexa that is true

However at night in the dark with barely no one around having sex on the beach is very normal. At the most one gets a warning! And then is left alone to carry on their business.

Yes of course smoking pot is against the law! However the fact is that it is very normal here. From police officers, presidents, and about everyone else in between. Only the most prudish have never touched the stuff at least as a teenager or they come from outside the big cities.

For me growing up in Southern california it was certainly the norm with all my friends, classmates, even many muslim friends and family members.

Now I don't remember seeing any comment above that would insinuate I have done such things! Sorry if all you guys would like to think the worst about people!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

I should add that many of the europeans may not understand this.. As during my time in England I was often surprised to see most young teenagers who have never touched pot in their lives.

Surprising even more is the amount of drug addicts over there as well! Maybe you people keep it more hush hush then we do over here?

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Used to work on a naval base with a lot of Yanks.. Most smoked dope regularly..

Brits were more into drinking..

You are showing your age Brit!

They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to see it... --George Carlin

I am seeing PH in a totally new light.

Maybe I am part of the younger generation on this site or something?

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

That tells me alot about you Alexa! Perhaps your the one who is a bit out reality here then? Maybe your eyes are shut so tight that you only see what you want to see!

What part of Texas have you been living in anyway?

Then again you never grew up in the states right?

And quite a bit older than I am! Perhaps you came here at an age where people started to feel more responsibility in their lives. Had families to take care of and stopped all the partying. And only partake in it privately!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Well if you have SEEN people doing it then wouldn't you consider that something that has become normal?

I never thought normal consists of EVERYONE doing it! I certainly never did! That doesn't mean I didn't join them on the beach for smores while they got wasted!

And I would not be surprised to walk into a house where they smoke recreationally. Although, yes, I would be terribly uncomfortable in my more mature age.

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

The only time I have ever even sat with another person drinking was at my mothers wedding last year in July and the day I got married (mom got a bit tipsy)

Other than that it has been nearly 10 years.

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

You're right there. Perhaps I am out of touch..


I've been a lot of places and seen and done many things.. However, in my experince sex on the beach is not commonplace or normal..

Well you guys south cali culture is very different from the rest of america!

Brit expat your british!

Alexa you didn't spend your youth in America!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Are you off to the beach ??

I missed the bulk of this train but I have to admit you are right about the Limeys (its not like they're famous romantics, so I can understand the uppity remarks from their fellow countrymen on this site) being uptight and the UAE folks for having double standards, but in San Diego, where I am, from they have actually banned booze on the beach and it is proving bad for business (just this past Labor Day, the unofficial last summer beach bash, was a big bust).

How's that for a run-on sentence ;)

BTW - Check this out

"Hey your honour man" are they still going ?

if they are, the two should be receiving their lashes now, don't you think.

But I will agree with you, that thing is "common" anywhere BUT never be caught in the act. The "thing" here is sending a certain message, do not abuse what you perceived as "common" or anything that add thrills to it. Because if you don't put a limit or curtail abuse, where do you think this world is going?

And it is not happening in the west only but any part of the world open to western culture thru various mass media exposure.

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

As far as I know it's illegal anywhere in the world to have sex in public. However I think for the most part people get a fine and a slap on the wrist, not 6 years in jail. Frankly however, these people were warned and then continued and they deserve whatever they get.


i heard in france its legal

who is married to the devout Muslim and used to lecture us with Islamic verse and who was, at that time, saying she was living in England but came from Canada? Maybe it wasn't Canada, but I don't recall it being the USA lol

This is weird. The PH who used to post was very different to this one :D

I don't think you guys ever actually read what PH said, no offence, she's always said she was from California and that she found Islam a little later in her life and that she was a bit of a wild child in her youth.


Pajju, the French can do whatever they want, they're the French, for centuries they've been known for their debauchary and decandence, where would we be without them?


Its still illegal to do it in "public"..

The simple fact is that these morons got caught. Now they should pay the price of their stupidity..

Just not seen PH quite so verbal about her passed life before.

Apologies to PH for the misunderstanding. However, I DID think that a few months ago she was posting to us from an idyllic village in England somewhere. Whereas NOW PH is referring the the USA as 'here', as in where she is at present.

I'm a bit confused, maybe I haven't been keeping up to speed, but I honestly thought her doctor hub was coming to Doha to work. I guess I'm not up to date.

Hi guys..

When Peni5 get up brain goes for a Walk.......

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance.

"dgoodrebel will always be the rebellious good one"

U said it absolutely correct princess.....

Good answer Habibah...

Thank God for another cali who knows where I am coming from Southland!

Jauntie... I am religious and very much practicing! It doesn't mean I am an uptight b...! I just disagree with the non muslim lifestyle because I think its hypocritical.

How many people on here got wasted and slept with someone without thinking??? Duh!


If you people are going to allow sessions of alcohol assumption and brag about how you got wasted the night before and passed out. Then isn't it safe to say that the consequences that come with it are inevitable? I find for people who promote alcohol you guys sure are judgemental about a person who gets lost for a few moments because of it!

No offense jauntie, but maybe my comments seem different to people because they never truly understood them or me in the first place!

Quite a few people in the world seem to have a hard time seeing beneath the surface of people and sympathising with them. They see only what they would like to see or have a limited understanding. Rather then acknowleding their limitations, I guess they just figure the world revolves around them or something and everyone else is wrong.

I try to stick with self analysis and overlooking what I probably don't understand! But wrong or right these are my, not set in stone, opinions!

Maryum : Umm Hasan bint Abdullah Alshabrawishi

Somewhere the value of wild, passionate abandon has been lost in this thread. Any pain that comes forthwith is endured as a sacrifice for the bliss of esctasy of the precious moment.

This is a victimless crime, apart from the fact that it has offended sensitivities. But really, the sensitivity is established by the rule. No physical offence is done to an observer by having sex on a beach, and it does not attack anyone's self-esteem.

But it transgresses a rule, and that it is the root of the upset.

I don't think rules on sex develop in societies by accident, they are there to protect children. But if they were using a condom, or she was on the pill and they were confident that neither had an STD, it's a victimless crime.

They should be allowed to go home.

Surf's up sister! I am amused how all the casual fashion is surf wear here.

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