bus from doha to dubai

Hi everyone. Is there any bus line from Dubai to Doha. If so, where can I find prices.



hi to everybody in doha qatar...

hi to everybody in doha qatar...

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selon mes connaissances pas de tel service entre dubai et qatar

I never heard of that.

i never heard of that either..

2 my knowledge there are no regular bus lines to anywhere and only occsional busses to saudi arabia for visiting mekka and madina


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go to any tourists agencies and ask them for that .. they will guide u better.. try Regency they r so nice in their deals

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We always have a bad experience with them... :-(

there is no direct bus service from Doha to dubai. May be you will get Doha - Dammam, Dammam-Abudhabi with SAPTCO

is that u .. this is Ram .. i told u i'm already member in QatarLiving.com

"A Daughter is a Daughter till the end of life, But a Son is a Son till he gets a wife"

suhail can you give me any contact no of SAPTCO as i have to visit saudia from Qatar.



HI indian guy do u hv d address of saptco.. i wud like to go to dubai by bus.. i came to knw tat saptco jus provides saudi visa and travel expense qr 510/- but they dnt issue uae visa..i am a sutdent. do u hv ny idea wre to apply for uae visa thru with agent who cn process for us

no bus from Doha-Dubai as most people fly especially there are low cost airlines to Dubai and Sharjah from Doha. You can however drive from here to the UAE, technically.

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