Buying an iphone in Doha


I am looking to buy an iphone in Doha. Are there places that are more reliable than others.

What is a fair asking price. Thanks


2000 Qr Should be a fair asking price for an unlocked iPhone in Doha.

by by ifon, welcom nokia N98[img_assist|nid=60660|title=n98|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=|height=0]

is this true Aghati? a Nokia N98??


"Life is like a box of chocolate.. You never know what you gonna get." -Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)

yes but here now!

Iz bran new in da world

wait few dayz!

ahh.. hehe.. i feel like buying the fone.. maybe if it became available.. cant find it on though.. so maybe it's still on production..



"Life is like a box of chocolate.. You never know what you gonna get." -Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)

Aghati, since you either dont have any knowledge about the iphone, or dont care to share would you be kind enough to take your unrealistic nokia to another discussion

In regards to the iphone. Does anyone know were i can find it in Doha, and if there are better shops.


Hay,buddies life is good, especially the health enjoyit.

lol @qatman, where can you find them for 2000qr?


Amnesia, I have mentioned that 2000Qr should be a fair asking price for a unlocked iPhone in Qatar (and not the fancy prices like 3000 + which guys are charging.)

Man look in the Classified section ... lots of new and 2nd hand phones are there.

but if you are looking for warranty then you wont find it in doha.



You can get Iphone expressed to you from many retailers on Ebay for alot less than 3000 QR.

saw some for les than 2000.

Just ask them to place an invoice under 500 QR value along with it avoid problems with customs.

I always wonder why Ebay is not -mentioned here more often. Only go with the reputable sellers with 97%+ rating.

I am selling one if your interested, please contact me at, 2200QR

Contact me if your interested,, 2200QR

I phone unlock 8GB for sale (almost new) with all accessorry only 1950 QR

contact me if you are interested

There's a significant difference under the hood...

That Nokia is crap btw. No one buys an IPhone for the phone, or the camera, or the whatever. You buy it for the thousands of awesome apps. I don't know of any that would make the Nokia an interesting device...

... come and get'em!

(for a limited time only, while stocks last).

... come and get 'em!

(for a limited time only, while stocks last).

Atlast, Iphones-apple unlocked and can be used with any SIM without the fear of locked again-from vodafone.

The plan is like apple hongkong-they sell iphones that can be used with any SIM, officially-see their website.

Let us compare the prices:

3G-8GB 4488HKD (2100QRS)

3Gs-16GB 5388 (2530QRS)

3Gs-32GB 6288(QRS2950)

3G-8GB is 2600 QRS at Vodafone doha. Other model prices are yet to be announced..

If Vodafone doha targets a price much higher than HK prices, then they will face same music like India- flop of Iphone in the huge Indian mobile market.

Helo. anyone from Vodafone listening?


I can help you guys jailbreak & unlock any iphone for the latest firmware 3.1.3

price. QR. 100

contact me 5505867


Unlock and Jail break your ipod or Iphone 2G 3G & 3GS with latest 3.1.2 & 3.1.3 firmware to make use of your ipone to the max....

***Now you can use skype video call on your Iphone / ipod 2G 3G & 3GS too....

*** Now you can send Multi Media Mesasges(MMS) with iphone.

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***Now you can use any sim upon unlocking

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It takes only 10 mins for you to unlock & jailbreak your phone to make it worthwile for a lifetime.

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For any software installation & maintenance.

I have an i phone which is from the uk, i have recently bought 2 new phones but nothing matches up to it or even comes close, is there anywhere or anyone who can unlock it for me so that any sim card will work in it?? xx

i wanna one new iphone ?????????????

is the price show above are real in qatar also ?

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where i get unlocking software for the iPhone 3Gs 16GB ?

can anybody tell.

Hi Zubee, just so you are aware if you unlock the iphone it will void your warrenty.


I am selling my iPhone 3Gs with 16 GB with more than 50 Original Applications. Box and gears are all new and never been used. My iPhone 3Gs looks brand new, no scratches and have been taken cared well.

If you are interested, please send me email at fereyesjr/-a-t-/ or you may call me at +974 5780097. Interested buyers only please... Thank you...

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How much for ur iphone 3gs????kabayan??

Please click the link below for IPhone 3GS available at Vodafone:

Hi! please give me a call. 33861688

16GB used for 2100?? lol good luck selling that you get brand new for 2300/-

Check the classified sections, 16gb iphones sell for 1200 to 1500 max.

-I phone 3Gs 16 GB for sale unlocked and jail broken for 2100 QR.

The iphone is almost brand-new used for few weeks only. No scratches. The phone is in an excellent condition.

It has been sold

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I need to know the price, do you want to sell second hand iPhone device?

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