Car accident at Bu Samara road killing a man
By anonymous • 4 years 5 days ago.

I have seen a man cut in half and lying at the road beneath the toyota land cruiser at Bu Samara road which is coming back towards DOHA.

Has any body else seen this and please share if you know more about it.

May God bless the person who died and give courage to his family.

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By datuabo• 4 years 5 days ago.

so sad to hear that, we must take extra measures before it happens to us.

By FathimaH• 4 years 5 days ago.

Scary plight...what a painful way to go.

By ghazalz• 4 years 5 days ago.

Very Sad!

Are you talking about this

By anonymous• 4 years 5 days ago.

yes that is the one, when i was passing by i saw the whole internals came out from a person body , and it was horrific , y people play with other lives.

By tigabaguio• 4 years 5 days ago.

very sad..

too much pain that man endured..

By flor1212• 4 years 5 days ago.

is also considered a dangerous speed already. For me, it's not the speed per se BUT the reckless driving. It's the attitude of the driver.

By Mathews Koshy• 4 years 5 days ago.
Mathews Koshy

Nothing very strange - Let the traffic department be more vigilant with their duties and punish the speedy drivers .

So many womens are busy with their mobiles either talking or sending messages while driving .

So many lives still to to go if this continues like this again .

By vinzmal• 4 years 5 days ago.

everytime I ride, I always have worries along. Even how your driver is taking care and vigilant if there are those drivers who are very careless that will suddenly bump your car. I hope they will value LIFE. It is only one, we must have to take care, our family awaits us.

By ahmedhafiz969• 4 years 5 days ago.

Sad to knw

By anonymous• 4 years 4 days ago.

very true guys i have also seen millions of times that men and women both in national suits are busy with there mobile phones and i have observed many times that due to that they hit somebody or face accidents

By stealth• 4 years 4 days ago.

oh only they text and phone while driving. no one else does it.

By anonymous• 4 years 4 days ago.
Rating: 3/5

Sometimes it could be the pedestrians fault which they cross the highway while fast cars are on the road , i see the workers every day crossing the road in wakra , they always cross the road when cars are passing by which there is short distance between the cars and i always have to slow down for them not to run them over , many of them get killed which it is their own fault.

By just201025• 4 years 4 days ago.

Really sad, May Allah Almighty give courage to the family and sense thinking to the persons who use BB while driving not only BB but other in short MOBILES

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