Carrefour Abu Hamour Now Open

Shopped there today. Very handy for me.

Carrefour Abu Hamour


r u working for them?

Yup. I clean their toilets.

there's no "hype"r this time round?

carrefour "market"?'s not super!

carrefour management not good

a market.. should similar like at the Lagoona mall

Good News.

Any idea where is the exact location?

I think it will be a smaller version of Carrefour like the one in Lagoona as mentioned by MRST.

shisha and tb lols.....................

you guys both spoiled my keyboard.


Happy for ya TB. But hope they are better stocked than the 'uns in Landmark and CC. Those are the ultimate in bad shopping experiences!

Well it's only a tiny Carrefour compared to the others. But it seems to have most things I want. The thing is I live on the opposite side of Salwa Road to the other branches. And with the roadworks as they are at the moment, the last thing I want to do is cross Salwa Road.

lol congrats to them

location is nearby Aramex roundabout.....n Mamoura

it's between Abu Hamour Petrol Station and Aramex roundabout....I saw it yesterday, but I thought is was still closed.

its a blessing, take left from Decoration round about keeping going straight.

Whoop Whoop! Another reason to partaaaaay!

aha.. TFS!

but the arrow in the above pic is showin the direction to the junk yard ? :(

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