In case everyone was wondering

In case everyone was wondering where I am, I'm going to Chicago, then Las Vegas, then to Mexico until I have to report to Qatar. I made my last sale last week, cleaned out my desk and i'm ready to hit the road. So I won't be posting as much. I just wanted everyone to know that I still love everyone here, I'm not abandoning the message board, I'm just going to be a little busy until I get down to Puerto Vallarta. I want to enjoy myself and my family before I have go to Qatar. It's going to be a gluttonous few months enjoying all the fruits the world has to offer before I report to duty in the Middle East. I'm going to enjoy all my favorite vice's while I can, women, drink, smoke, food and total freedom. So thanks for everything friends..

Pulls Miss Teacher, Mimi and Mandi aside- I wanna give you three a special thank you for helping me with this transfer. I'll admit I'm ignorant when it comes to the middle east and your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated..And if there's anything I can do for you ladies when I get there, please don't hesitate to ask..I can fix cars, even transmissions and I built my house so I can do plumbing, electrical, framing and drywall, in fact there's literally nothing I can't do- and i'll be forever indebted to you lovely ladies.


I am starting to like your weirdness

Useless, ladies here admire people who can fix home A/Cs that drips water

I lived on lake shore drive for a few years.

pm me when you get to Qatar.. lets go for a joint and talk nonsense.. I think you are insane enough for me :)

what ladies admire most is getting their ventilation systems cleaned.. apartments here get real humid during summer

PG-I had an unit on the 90th floor of the John Hancock building in 83-84..It was only $55,000 then, gotta be much more now. They had a Jewel Osco on one of the middle floors- I coulda lived there forever but my wife wanted a regular house in Hoffman Estates.

My first cousin (who I taught to play baseball)played for the Cubs from 91 to 95.. I miss the North Side

I'll PM you in late July

what ladies admire most is getting their ventilation systems cleaned.. apartments here get real humid during summer


Thats my specialty

if I were you, I would've asked my wife to move out alone and turned that apt into a ho house. but that's just me....

sure man,

hit me up whenever

Wish you all the best on your travels and hope you arrive here,safe and sound. And yes,do keep us dated every now and then of your whereabouts. Take care and adios!

I knew I was forgetting someone..You've been great FatimaH. Appreciate all of your posts..

Thank you so much for everything.

I know im forgetting a few others here.....


Snessy is interesting...

ah.....I can't think right now...

Xena or Zena? Something like that- She has short hair...Boredinqatar is alright too...

Well anyway

Thank you all.

Nomercie goes without saying

I can't get to all the PM's now- I'll get to them one night soon when I'm sitting around doing nothing..There are just too many and I can't give them all the individual attention they deserve...

Have a wonderful time then... load the battery full and indulge yourself... LUCKY ONE!

One more 'attention seeker' is missing, lets see 'him' coming 'uninvited' any time soon.

The real 'tail carrier'.

is a violation of the QL guidelines. Sometimes I really wonder who the Mods are?

This OP will never learn to behave!

You are 100% correct.

Problem is with the people who have a 'bad' habit to promote a person who openly degrades 'women'.

And you see some women are happy too ???

I suggest you don't read his posts if you find them offensive. They are pretty tame and he has done well inventing this character.

The only reason I follow his posts is to monitor when he will be ooooppppssseeed again for such postings.

Happy Mental Health Day

It is clear now under the disguise of 'light heated' a person can be tolerated ? by some for saying ....

'' I'm going to enjoy all my favorite vice's while I can, women ......''

Read more:

The pleasures all mine,really. You have certainly been a welcome addition to our QL family! And I too enjoy many of your posts;always lighthearted. Keep it up,Bull.

There have been plenty of people on QL saying far worse than MP and have been tolerated and even applauded. Besides,what is a "vice" and forbidden for some of us may not be for others and vice versa. As long as a person doesn't spread hate, and sprout racist/bigoted statements, what's wrong with them being here? It's not like Bull is encouraging anyone to break laws, or laughing at our beliefs. He is just stating his own, and currently where he resides, all this is legal.

'birds of a feather fly together'' is true here even today.

Even men should not go near a man with having a known vice 'women' among other vices , but here what can be said about women themselves !

In todays 'Newspaper' I learned that [ religiously also ] 'One should be very careful to choose companions / friends / buddies , as we are influenced by their thoughts, habits etc

Flor take the hint. Mods don't care what you think.

If you don't like the thread, don't post. It is that simple.

what an annoying kid u are

DON'T COMMENT, is that hard to understand?

Oh, BTW, I do think that the Mods do care about my posts, they PM me and give me warnings, which for me is good, someone is reminding me of my limitations.

Please check your PM,thanks!

But as a former football coach and best salesman in the entire western region I know that there are two kinds of men you don't want on your team, drunks and skirt chasers..Unfortunately i'm a skirt chaser from a long line of skirt chasers- but Im always working on my issue ...Theyre just so GD iresistable sometimes.

Have pity on me

You made me feel right at home, right away.. I feel bad not mentioning you in the OP..Its just that I was golfing in the hot sun all day, drinking beer and I just wasn't thinking right when I made that post.

I'm such an idiot sometimes

The topic in this thread is me leaving for a few weeks..

you're joking, right? With your lifestyle, you WON'T last a day here!

Again appreciate the appreciation. And do take care. Bye for now then.

Sorry Manna Pro.. I just can't help it when it comes to Flor.

the kind of CAr you want is not available;

2. All houses here have no side or rear access, so you can not bring a woman and let her pass through another door;

3. Some of your supplements are not available here;

etc etc etc! Lol!

Have your fill of booze and pig out while you're at it.

Coz you're coming in at the onset of Ramadan, where every fastfood joint and restaurants are closed until the sun is down from the sky.

with your comments.

But hey, I'm just a reading intention to join any melee at all.

I'm so envious, I love all the places you're going to. Please place a $50 bet on red for me. Shopping in Puerto Vallarta is Fab U Lous....have fun :-)

Have fun Bull and stay safe :)

Have fun Bull and stay safe :)


Oh thanks sweetheart- You too!

I'm so envious, I love all the places you're going to. Please place a $50 bet on red for me. Shopping in Puerto Vallarta is Fab U Lous....have fun :-


All right Snessy, I'll do it.

Interesting- from around 1980 to 1990 every time I went to Vegas the first thing I'd do was put $1000 on red. I'd put my suitcase down by the table and peel off 10, $100 bills and lay them down on red..The guy would turn around to the pit boss and say "The maximum on the outside" and to me at the time, that was a lot of money. Anybody around would gather around when they'd hear those words.. I was so confident I'd win, and for 10 years I almost always did..It was like a tradition..I won like 60 out of 70 of those wagers, and went on some 15-0 runs..

Then those bets suddenly started coming up Black..Every time single time..I just quit doing it- it became a trip wrecker. I used to believe with all my heart it was gonna be Red, and it was- but suddenly for some unknown reason I stopped believing, I lost the confidence in that bet and it never ever came back.

..Well...I think you just turned the table Sneesy..I'll do it, I'll do it and I'll load up on it myself...I'm feeling it! Thanks to you

I'm Baaack!

Thank you Sneesy and I'll buy you somethin in PVR

I had to go into the office today to sign some papers and just as I predicted! There was a surprise going away party for the ole Bull today. All the secretaries in the office surprise me this morning and they really went all out for me..They brought in a Tiramisu cake (Cake: a sweet baked food made from a dough or thick batter usually containing flour and sugar and often shortening, eggs, and a raising agent (as baking powder and covered in something typically referred to as icing) and gave me all kinds of gifts..They all took turns speaking and sharing their favorite Bull Meachum stories, and then I spoke..It was emotional...What followed could only be described as a giant hour long group hug, and a lot of tears were shed in that break room today. They're taking it harder than I am, and some of them are really struggling with it, especially my secretary who probably is still crying about it.

I should have thought about how this would effect other people before asking for the transfer..Nobody is happy about it, nobody. except maybe my competition in the office- I saw another salesman, who I call "light bulb head" (his chin is like an inch across and he has a big bald head) enter the break room and immediately do a 180 and leave without saying a word. I think all the guys are all happy to see the Big Bull leave the herd.

Just noticed this thread....thanks for the mention! Been away from QL to give myself a break after recent drama. Good luck with the move, enjoy ur travels & make the most of your time in the land of the sand! :)

best salesman in the entire western region!!!

do you need to say all of these???

you already got all the gals attentions pal..

too much adds can spoil your fame..

If you are a salesman and you can't sell yourself to women, then you have no business being a salesman to begin with. About best salesman, well.. he will have to compete with me when he steps in the sand box.

so Mannapro wat gift u gonna get me apart from the supplements ? :)


I never saw you sellin your self to women here..

But em pretty sure your a great salesman..