hello guys!

how to access the chat room??


Well I don’t know. We used to have one but after the changes in the site’s style it’s gone :-) But you know we didn’t use it much .

For some reason I tend to be stupider in it lol so I guess I’m cool with not having it anymore hehe

How to access the chat room u said!!? The Question is.. Are there any chat rooms!?

deleted by mod - this is not a dating site

deleted by mod - this is not a dating site

what a shame, there's usually a good number of people browsing the site at once so a chatroom would be a real plus around here, and it can keep off trolls like asad ullah (avove) away

correct lola. and i agree with you. so what do u think can be the solution

there is no chat room here and there are no needs for it.

it has been discussed several times. SO this subject is closed.

Happy New Year to all

you are talking about what

million time discussed huh

Anybody wanna chat with me ca add me in his/her messanger


is my number

assad ullah, dare you.. so pathetic...

bro had dinner?

Lol guys, this thread is more than 2 yrs old. Maybe one of you could come up with a new and interesting topic to share with all of us :-D

deleted by mod - this is not a dating site

hey hiiii........


I'm looking for close freind

Hey Aisha....

i see thats why you are getting bored and post your comments here... lols

just kidding..

lol... dead risen... this forum is been 3 years old.

is there any good chatroom where mostly people chatting which are living in Qatar?

Hi Aisha! Can i have your asl plsz.

i wana frendship with u if u like .send mail in

Hey guys,if you are luking for a true and trust worthy friend add me in Yahoo MesSnger its ,See u there.have a nice day !!

climbing will keep you healthy

As-Sunnah As Saheeha

if any one like to friendship with me plz add me

hi little lola what happend iam solve the problem plese send U R E mail id

Sometimes this QL thread are turn into chat room by group of users. Some call it thread hijacking

now again we have crap ppl giving out their ids for chat ! wht despos!

There would be only limited blogs once chatting is added to this site.



"Before God we are all equally wise ' and equally foolish" - Albert Einstein

ok, this is what i call weird.

anywayy, hi for those who said hi and no one answered..


you got any sites, just put them on :P:P

kaaaaaaaaaaak XD


It seems it's an old topic indeed,

well, it's good idea to have a chat room here,

hi to you too smile and to those who said hi :)

happy new year for everybody.....

A friend in need, A friend indeed!


its an interesting site for KNOWLEDGE and so many interesting things...

there is only one site which i like QATAR LIVING .. just....

i also getting bored from chatting .. orkut, fb, hi5 and so many... its just time wasting...

which country you come from?i added you in ym

plz buzz me, if anybody from qatar

I don't think there are any actual Qataris on here. I wish there were as I don't have any Qatari friends yet. (still sort of new here)


aim thahir.

i just wanna know that whether i could chat with any arab qatari girl.not with a mind of bad.

it is just ma dream to become a best friend of qatari could i chat with any atari girl

please if yes then say me

SOrry if i disturbed u

thahir ok u can chat with DaRuDe ,, she is very cute n qatari gal

....thahirnfs@gmail, you want to chat with an Arab Qatari girl? I think the only ones here are Dutch Qatari girls.

Happy r u Qatari ? shall i send u a PM ? :P

Pajju wait lemme first send a PM to Happy !! :)

...Pajju, Rizks...:)) You're both blocked by me...:P

Happy why blocked me ? :(

i didt do anything....:(

Happy :( am goin to hang !!

lol Pajju, wat are you going to hang ?

Ur stinky Lungi ? :)

Good, if you hang then you stop pestering me :)

Hi every body,My name is Anhel Abdel American citizen currently in doha Qatar. i just wanted to say hi to every one in here.  and am glad that we have this site up and running so we can keep comunicating with each other.. 

Hello every one< How are u?

Seriouslu, is that supposed to be an actual chat room?? ah come on!

looking forward knowing new people and friends

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