Correct pronunciation of Qatar

I know this is an inane question and has probably been asked before, but I've heard four different ways to pronounce Qatar and would like to know which one is correct: Is it like "cutter", "gutter", "ka-tarr", "kotter", or like Horshack always said "Kott-air".

I appreciate any clarification, as I'm moving out there soon with my wife and infant son. Very excited!


Probably "cutter".

But make sure you enunciate and don't swallow the "tt"s.

I think "gattar" is closer with the 'TT' sound similar to that in "bottle"

However, different arabic dialects may differ slightly.

is it common for ppl there to ask "guestions"? or say "king and gueen"? just curious

Didnt understand your question bullsshake... have you been sniffing lighter fuel again :P

i couldnt help it giasi...such pretty colors!:P...while im at it, is there an arabic word "wallah" and what does it mean? ive seen it enough around here, but im not sure if it's for the french word "voila" ..anyone?


The literal translation is "and (by) Allah".

Used as an Wallah?? its simiar to the englsih Really?? or No Way!!!

In its pur form, its meaning is "i swear" Wallah, i didnt say that!

Maybe someone like e43M3 has more to add. Hes our resident expert on these things :)

that's kewl to know, thanks. it was giving me palpitations thought it was supposedly french.

Palpitations? i think thats enough glue for today :P

Seriously how can French give you palpitations. "j'ai deteste le Francais." at least French Canadian. They sound like they got something stuck up their nose. :P

je needez un stiffez drenk tout sweet :P

if i answer that, this site might get banned in doha!lol! jkkkk!

do they have glue in qatar, giasi?lol:P

You can try the bread in the exhaust pipe trick

J'ai besoin d'une boisson rigide :P

Wallah I didn't say that (I did)

Wallah I called you (I didn't)

and so on and so forth


Have you always been this cynical or did you take a course ? :P

Wallah teacher I didn't do anything! I hated that.

Wallah what did I do!


As much as you can digest

Digest? I thought you sniffed glue.

do you have any arabic words that kinda grate to you when u hear it? word yallah gives me a bad feeling, it just does

I didnt want to get too technical DG... i thought synthesise was too much this early in the morning. Plus i have to think of some of our short memory members , you listening fish?

thats reassuring to hear giasi, i kinda like breaking things apart n putting them back together with i kno why ppl say i smile inappropriately..hmmm

pet peeves

Khali walli

Inshallah (means "god willing" but you can take it as no)

Chow (italian Ciao. So bloody pretentious i wanna vomit)

maybe he doesnt have time to smell the flo...err..glue:)

ur comment on ciao is so graphic, ur venom cracked my screen.

*gets more glue*

Thats not venom... its diced carrots and sweetcorn

must be peppered with shards of glass then!lol!

think it's the equivalent to `swear to God'

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