Are there mental health professionals in Qatar that provide on going therapy or is this strictly a Western tradition? Certainly marriage conflict, depression, and anxiety occur within the expat population.


Hi , could you recommand a westener please??? I have called a few from mum's the world , I find that they are quit expensive , but well ...and it is hard to decide who to see ...

Is there any sexologue ???



PM i suppose marion means a sex therapist.

On the topic of general therapists/psychologists though...I have also often wondered about psychologists and Qatar...Does Arab culture place much value in counselling/therapy?

Mmm I imagine there must be a huge need for good cross-cultural counsellors amongst the expat population here.

Especially with the cultural diversity here in ppl struggle to come to terms with all the various X-cultural issues, many of which are talked about daily on this site!

hi all,

im currently doing my masters in psychological counseling from bangalore(India) and would be finishing my course by this march and then heading to qatar for work. i was just wondering if there are any job scope for a counselor there and i have specialised in family and marriage counseling.

yes there are western therapists here ... you are looking at paying 400QR an hour...

pm if you want a phone number.

im not looking for a wondering if i could get work as a counselor in qatar

No. Most Qatari people don't get counseling/therapy. People here think that if you see a therapist, then you must be crazy. This is the reason why most people I know here are depressed.

ah ok..but my dad works there in qapco..yes i knw a lot of people who have no place to go for marital discord or be at anxiety problems..tht is why i feel the immense need to help people there..

and moreover psychiatry and pcyshology and counseling all different fields...counseling is more for normal ppl with problems and the techniques used are very different

I would like to contact them; how do I? Can I have your phone number or to call me please send an email to me at



Sent you a PM; I hope this name helps. in qatar right now..and like i said i could not find a counselor vacancy in any of the organisations...i have completed my masters in psychological counseling in family and marital therapy and child wondering if the need does not exist at all in qatar or are people just subjecting these problems onto themselves without any help...

There maybe vacancies in schools or colleges...Did you try there? then again everywhere they want experienced people as you are a fresh graduate it might take time...if you start a private clinic people will come to you for help...otherwise how do they know you are reliable?

hmm yes...i tried in schools...but all in vain..they apparntly dont require counselors.there is some aji abraham...but he is a looking for working under some psychologist who has specialised in counseling

ways to keep their Brains cool by doing YOGA, praying to GOD, relaxing with family/friends and get their stress level under control. Scientific methods is more acceptable by westerners.

Secondly, a social stigma (very conservative society) in disclosing their personal greviances to a third party (even Doc) being felt very uncomfortable.

dear shamna

do u do personal counselling, im bipolar and need counselling my mail is if u r interested

Dear Shamna

I may be moving to Doha. I have a degree in Counselling Psychology and am working towards BACP accredition. I am also interested in doing a masters in psychological counseling. I would very much like to continue my training from Doha but cannot see a means of doing so at the moment. Can you help?

hello qatari..i happened to see this post just recently. i understand that it was posted quite a long time back. am currently experiencing what u experienced then. i too completed my masters in counseling psychology from bangalore. wonder if u cud help me with any job opportunities here in qatar..

Do you need help with anxiety , stress, fear etc. I am psychotherapist and NLP practisoner from India. If you are seeking help because you suffer with anxiety please contact me . 30606181 (After 4 pm)

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