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Check out new brand Alessandra Rich, this really is the first European luxury fashion brand to fully embrace the beauty and mystery of the abaya and jalabiya. You can find it at Harrods in London


keiko san:

Very luxurious indeed...However the web site is still under development. Unless you have found more than the intro video?

Alessandra Rich collection at Harrods London, Eveningwear, first floor

Marketing Info: Precious and luxurious, the Alessandra Rich collection is the first fashion brand to embrace Islamic culture. Innovative, ornate and produced entirely in Italy, this exceptional debut from Rich infuses exotic Eastern characteristics with the very best in contemporary Italian couture.

Featuring premium Italian silks from Como, each piece within Alessandra Rich’s unique line has been developed exclusively for this collection. Individual models use 4-10 metres of fabric each, while a staggering 450 Swarovski crystal elements are individually applied for a truly sparkling impression at any evening event or glamorous dinner occasion. With many of the pieces requiring over 36 hours of hand embroidered atelier work before they are officially ‘ready-to-wear’, the first collections of Abaya and Jalabiya are likely to be on most style radars in no time at all. Exclusive to Harrods from June 2009.

Website under construction:

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Well they arent the first or only luxury Abaya brand in Harrods now as a first batch of fabulous Noblesse Oblige Abayas are expected to be in Harrods evening wear department within days

Made in Qatar and the very 1st luxury product ever to be exported and sold amongst European designer brands in Harrods.

Hi HH, yes I heard they're made in Qatar and run by french management, why don't they look like theyre made in Qatar?

The collection has a very different look and feel than the ones I see the ladies are wearing here.

I would like to see "Made in Qatar" printed on the label, do you know if this is happening now?


I do hope the pricing isn't as astronomical as in the link below. Who do you think will be Noblesse Oblige client? I think it would make sense if they have opened a branch in Doha and the Gulf, else Qatari women will have to order online or buy them from there.

Check this out:


I recently ordered one and it does have a made in Qatar label on it however the one I bought a few months back didnt, I also asked the sales lady this question and she said that since its being exported to Harrods it must have the 'made in Qatar' printed on its care label as per global export regulations.

Im proud that a Qatari product is breaking into the luxury designer arena and to be honest , Noblesse Oblige designs look far better than the ones in the link above!

Good amount of the population in London are from the Arab Gulf, I'm sure they'll love buying Abaya from Harrods. I see Londoners are very used to this dress there anyway. But this collection is for night occasion not for day wear.


And its about time, when you think about it, Abaya wearers are practically in uniform everyday since the age of 12, having very litte room for distinctiveness.

I tend to catergorise bling & all that shines more geared towards evening wear. I personally don't like to glitter like a xmas tree, ever! day or night.

I prefer more couture cuts and innovative style which is why I personally love the brand as it suits my individuality and breeding.

The prices are reasonable and not as exaggerated as the Saks ones.

They have Hejab wear aswell as abayas in their facebook page

It looks great... Mixing the Iranian abaya look, and i like the branching into the different colours... Perhaps , the odd one with a hood would be nice..

Can't really see it taking off here though..

I don't like this black baggy thingy at all! it looks like one of those scary costumes of Venice Carnival ..LOL

Here is a similar first hand alarming experience!


Perhaps the photo angle of the Black Abaya is misleading. The white ones give a greco Roman look and look great..

How do you load pictures here? I want!

this new A R brand is produced to very high couture standards, not at all the same customer as the N O pieces, these brands are no direct competition to one another. I think we should be proud that designers are taking our heritage and dress into their hearts....I find it refreshing.

To all QL Ladies.... Can anyone please advise me as to where I can buy a beautiful and not too expensive abaya in Doha. I would like to buy the ones which has quite a bit of embroidery on the front and the sleeves.

And what is the price of an mid range Abaya like?

Sarah...When you mentioned " very high couture standards, not at all the same customer" what were you comparing, the customer or the quality of each brand?

I could purchase a nice abaya/s? I'd like to own 2-3 pieces for work, but I'm in no hurry.

They're wxported to Harrod's for the glamour


You need Religion so when everyone goes to Paradise you're not left behind..

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