Doha Airport v/s Doha Malls

Are the items inside Doha airport (Duty Free) cheaper compared to those that are sold inside the malls?


So ?

Rizks, it was a Question not a statement. So answer if you know about it...:-)

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oh ok, my bad ! i read it wrongly !!

i think its cheaper in Duty free but not Much of a difference.

No, I've not noticed the price being cheaper in Duty Free. It's just more convenient, almost same price and on your way out plus weight does not count to your allowed limit.

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for alcohol/liquors yes it is cheaper in duty free.

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I think the perfumes are cheaper too, not sure on that one, but at least they're genuine ;-)

Is the food cheaper inside the Airport?

I cant recall it being cheaper inside the Airport.

But then price tag is one of the last thing on my mind when I am racing back home or back here :(

Perfumes and Cosmetics are cheaper in all the Duty Free shops compared to the local market prices. It will be 15-20% cheaper through out the Duty Free shops in the world. Food items and confectionaries might not be cheaper in many cases. Electronics are cheaper in the local market.

Last time i checked electronics were priced more than what they are in local hyper markets and malls. Alcohol was cheaper and that's all that matters :P

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Yes electronics are expensive in Duty Free.

Can't compare alcohol prices as no alcohol available in Doha Malls ;)

perfumes and make ups are cheaper in duty free... esp. liquors


Basically, Duty Free is never any cheaper than stores out in the city.

In Doha, the only exception is alcohol...the price difference is however marginal: about 10% vs. QDC.

Why would you buy alcohol from duty free in Qatar? I think Alcohol would be cheaper at the destination than Qatar Duty Free.

I just returned from a trip to Dubai, and bought a perfume on the way out. It was 237QR duty free, which was much better than the cheapest price I could locate in the malls, at 314QR (some shops were asking up to 400QR for the same item).

We lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years and were fascinated by the fact that tourist buses from Dubai arrived at Abu Dhabi Co-op to buy goods at cheaper than Dubai duty free prices.

Dubai duty free was cheap at one time but not so now I suspect.

NO... the things in the Doha duty free is comparatively costlier than those in the city mall's, but still it depends upon what you are looking for...!!!!

If you are traveling and if you doubt of having excess baggage.. better go for duty free shopping rather paying high excess baggage fee...

Unfortunately they aint cheaper compared to malls. also watch to check on the warranty, as they have funny system of warranty system if bought in duty free. so electronics not advisable in duty free... BUT, goodnews is that, the alcohols are 50% cheaper in duty free compared to QDC :-D.... lol.. enjoy and remember to drink responsibly (dont spill it)

chocolates are way more expensive in Duty Free than in stores. cosmetics, cheaper in Duty Free. those items are the only ones i checked.

there is A&W at the airport which for some reason is missing from al-Sadd which is la spaghetti now..I miss the coney cheese with fries and the broasted chicken pieces..hmm.. Iam feelin' hungry now..

Oh.. Not to forget the root beer.. ( those school days..) :-|

Yes it is cheaper in some parfums.

And there is nice collection of toys and chocolate. But I'm not sure about the price.

But for me it is cheap, good idea to buy some to your child to be quiet.

God NO. The very definition of DUTY FREE reads 'Premium' and 'Exclusive' and hence the pricetag to justify.

I know for fact that the makeup IS cheaper..

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gold is cheaper in the duty free than in the gold souk...

Alcohol Cheaper in Duty Free than at QDC. Food price, I never check. I'm too busy eating chicken!

Is that 18ct or 24ct.

Gold is cheaper in Duty Free than Gold Souk?????


borloe, have you tried bargaining? it's a tried and true method to get a better deal, Duty free doesnt offer that option

ITS TAX FREE IN DUTY FREE, LIKE for ex Liquor in QDC is 82QR(75cl) in Duty FREE is 45QR (1 Ltr). perfumery, confectionery and electronics is cheeper in dutyfree...

my fellow QL'ers,a comparison can only be made between a REAL duty free & a mall,QDF is an excuse,"real" airports have duty free shops so in keeping with that,they've thrown together the basic booze,chocolates,cigarettes,which if you walk fast enough past the security check or blink hard,you'll miss altegether,so really if we are to compare,do it between say dubai or Abu Dhabi or Bahrain duty free & the prices in the hypermarkets/malls...

matet...its offensive

depends on what u are goin to buy,

last year i remember and purchased in qatar duty free was canon 1000d which i took for 599$ (2,190qr). in carrefour that time its price was 3,499qr. not bad!!!

good price on the canon camera. i bought the same camera in melbourne approx 1 yr ago with twin lenses and spend $1200!

good price on the canon camera. i bought the same camera in melbourne approx 1 yr ago with twin lenses and spend $1200!

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Definitely, absolutely cheaper in QDF. Buy your perfumes and cosmetics there which is 30% cheaper than local market.

I don't know why i never looked for anything besides drinks and food whenever i passed through the airport's stores, I had o idea they have so many cheap stuff... I will make sure to check them out from now on, i always try to get the best prices if possible, and usually i chase for (Removed by Mods. Please don't advertise on the Forums), so i shouldn't ignore the airport's duty free stores anymore.

Have the rules changed that I am unaware of? Otherwise, why would anyone be worried about alcohol prices of Duty Free if youre still not allowed to bring it into Qatar? I wouldnt buy alcohol on an outbound flight because you can certainly buy it cheaper at your destination.

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