Drivers Could Lose Their Jobs in Qatar
By timebandit • 4 years 3 weeks ago.

Nevada has licensed Google to test its prototype driverless car on public roads. Assuming the technology eventually becomes commercially viable, how would a car that drives itself change the way we drive - and what might stay the same?

After tests on the famous Las Vegas Strip, driverless cars will soon be a reality on the roads of Nevada.

The state has approved the US's first self-driven vehicle licence, meaning that a Toyota Prius modified by search firm Google will be the first to hit the highway.

So what would a world of driverless cars look like?

But can it be programmed to pull up outside malls and block traffic until it's owners decide to appear and embark?

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By 2020 Olympics• 4 years 3 weeks ago.
2020 Olympics

I wonder if these driverless taxis will also cheat customers and get lost.

By bilber• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

do these driverless taxis turning their meter off also?

By stealth• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

it may lead you to the water. no turning back....

By bOnEcRakcer• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

will it stop if suddenly someone cross the street? will it stop if there is car accident ahead? will it recognize a blocked road that is under repair/construction? will it stop if someone was hit ahead and the vehicle is approaching on that way? will it stop if is approaching a hole/sink hole:)), a flood or dead end in Grand Canyon? :))

By britexpat• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

There are advantages.. Back seat drivers would have no one to direct :0)

By britexpat• 4 years 3 weeks ago.
Rating: 4/5

Yes! And it will even recognise Rizks weaving along Doha Jadeed on his bicycle ...

By angel_prince• 4 years 3 weeks ago.

that's cool, it would really help a lot to have that in Qatar ... :) more driver dozing off while driving long distance

By timebandit• 4 years 2 weeks ago.

Long distance in Qatar?

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