Driving test - Help with road signs?

By yaghazali

I was given a pamphlet to study for my driving test, but the road signs on it are not labeled properly. (Of course! Bah.)

Does anyone know how to explain these clearly in English? See attached image.

1. It says "dual carriageway ahead" —does that just mean the road widens into two lanes? Or...?
2, 3 & 4. No label at all. What do I say?
5. It says "Bridge (Hump)". Now those are two different things. Which is it?

Any help appreciated.

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By Alumnar• 7 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 2/5

Ching!!! Dual carriageway ahead means ONE lane will become TWO lanes ahead! NOT that 2 will become 1.... D'Oh!!!

By mjamille28• 7 years 1 month ago.

LOL Drac, very helpful... which driving school taught you this... ? :P

By Dracula• 7 years 1 month ago.

By t_coffee_or_me• 7 years 1 month ago.

I call those hump sleeping policeman

By yaghazali• 7 years 1 month ago.

Thanks for your input, guys.

My test is tomorrow morning. :)

By anonymous• 7 years 1 month ago.

I call a hump .... a hump.... but people call it by different names.... whatevea rocks your boat....

You just have to learn as it says in the pamphlet... or you fail....

By ching_126B• 7 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

1.Dual (2-lane) merging to one (1-lane) sign.

2.Left or Right lane (direction)to follow.

3. Hospital (emergency) zone.

4. Humps (bumps) ahead.

By rainjohan• 7 years 1 month ago.
Rating: 4/5

1.dual carriageway ahead

2.direction to follow

3. center of emergency for patient or center for prayer

4. direction to be followed

5. hump ahead

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