Dukhan Road Speed limit

Hello all,

can anybody prove about the speed limit of dukhan road,
im driving every day from Doha to Dukhan and the speed limit is 120 but others are driving more on the cameras,

and i heard that its 140 not 120 km/h

your reply is really appreciated


y not giv a shot ! try driving 140

speed limit is 120

hms hms

Dukhan road speed limit increased to 140, i read the same in Gulftimes 3 weeks back,

ya i read b4 in the QL also that it is 140 but still the signs is 120 ,

i ll try 140 on dukan road and get back to u after checkin ma traffic voilation fine

yes it is 140 already a week


if it says 120, then just abide by it.. no reason to envy those driving more than that...

It has officially changed. The signs will be changed in time. Incidently, since we got the email about this in December I have used the road average 3 times a week at 140 all the way to Shahanniya and the camera hasn't flashed once. I have no violations.

Eve Eve

If you want to live longer I suggest driving 120, the road is dangerous so 120 is enough.

It is not a dangerous road, the visibily is generally about 3km, the road is flat and there are 4 lanes. There are never more than 2 cars at a time. Camel fences and bright street lamps make it a very safe and fantastic road. The old Dukhan road was dangerous. This is not. I have lived in Dukhan and worked in Doha for 6 years. I am probably better qualified to judge this road than people who used it once or twice.

im with u jasmin, the road is really safe to drive 140, open road and no crud or camels,

but some times the camera flashed one light only on my friends even they are less than 120,

but if u r sure why until now they didn't changed the signs to 140?

The notification just said they won't be changed for a while, not sure why.

Dear Jasmin,

can i know about, do you have any contact with qatar petroleum, are you working there? which department?



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