Eid Al Adha to start on 26th October

The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science has predicted the first day of Eid Al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) will fall on Friday, October 26, UAE daily newspaper Gulf News reported.

“Based on astronomical calculations, October 25 will be the 9th of Dhu Al Hijja, Arafat Day, and consequently Friday will be the first day of Eid Al Adha,” Dr. Humaid Majol Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Union, was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

While the Eid Al Adha holidays are yet to be officially determined, the Ministry of Labour earlier announced that if Eid falls on October 26 as predicted by the Union, then October 25 will be a holiday for both private and public sectors.

Arafat Day, also known as the Waqfat Arafat, where Hajj pilgrims climb mount Arafat in Mecca, is always a holiday.

The length of the whole holiday remains unknown, but will likely last for three or four days.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi municipality has warned residents against publicly slaughtering animals this Eid Al Adha, urging them to visit the official abattoirs instead, UAE daily The National reported.

Those found slaughtering animals at homes, streets or public areas will face an AED500 ($136.12) fine.

Ritual sacrifice is part of the Eid Al Adha celebrations.


Is this confirmed now as Gulfnews.com posted some thing different last night?

yes, they posted elsething..but i think they removed it already.

TFS ... looking forward to celebrate Eid :)

Hope we can gain much rewards and blessings from tomorrow since it will be the 1st of Dhul Hijjah. And yeah looking forward to the Eid holidays as well =D

tat sheep remindes me of friendsheep...:)

TFS and Have a wonderful Eid

FathimaH.. booked my holidays and flying with Sri Lankan airlines to some nice Islands near by in the Indian Ocean..:)

first time with Sri Lankan Airline, any feed back?

thnks for sharing looking forward for holidays and try to take rewards of dhul haj as well

But I've had relatives who have flown with them and schoolmates who have worked there as air hostesses and they have only good to say about it. Insha Allah shouldn't be a problem.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful vacation,bro. Barakhallahfeekum!

Will save all the gifts to send back home for when my mom comes in December,Insha Allah. So brother Uk needn't bother himself!

It is quite an interesting place not to mention very scenic and beautiful upcountry and the coastal areas. Having not been there in 5 years I've actually forgotten what many places looked like and in any case everything is much better now than before,though expensive!

Would love to take any luggage but I am only transiting through Colombo.

Last time and the only time I went to Sri Lanka was for Christmas in 2008. Loved the hospitality and the country..:)

Yes the greenery does amaze you especially going from a barren desert like Qatar!

Is that britexpats old matey betty in the above picture..:)

FS, we are all looking forward to celebrate this Eid Insha Allah, u enjoy ure holiday and have a blessed Eid.

Fathimah, ur welcome habibti, wish u eid mubarak full of blessing to u and all ur family, do u fast in the coming 9 days?

tahsinmim, tkx ,kol sana wa anta tayeb and all ure beloved ones.

DK, Insha allah Allah accept from u.

UKQ, enjooooooy ure holidays, I wish I could have go to my country for this Eid :(

Advance happy eid for all qlers.

Rizks, how many friendsheep do u have?:D

Wish you the same emy .. eid wishes in advance :)

tahsinmim, no need as we are only two me and my husband so planning to donate to whome needed thats the best thing and thats wht most people does. wht about u?

Yes sis,Insha Allah. I find fasting the easiest way to gain some amal. May Allah make it easy upon us all to earn His pleasure and blessings in abundance..Aameen!


Fathimah, Ameen insha allah, I also do fast mondays and thursday and since am working and waking early i wont fast, will keep fasting mondays and thursday and also Arafa Day.

May allah accept from you and bless u with ure family.

Who want to come at sealine inlands to make some bbqs and adventures.

tahsinmim, Eid Mubarak to u as well, and yes sheer kormah (sevai) will be there :D

emy me miskeen no friendsheep...:(

So are u inviting me for Sheerkurma at ur place ? :)

Rizks, ure welcome:) I suppose it will be in Shamal :)

I dnt eat camel meat lol so that farm wont help :(

Planning to have BBQ there

well i am to planning for BBQ at shamal !

do let me know emy, so tat we both can share the BBQ's and find out which ones the best ? :)

don't forget I am staying along Shamal. :)

Rizks, ur welcome for the BBQ but it will be on eid day insha allah. b ready then

tahsinmim wellllllcome

May I taste your BBQS also guys.lets swap with my pork BBQ:)

Al Adeed, porn people not welcome and people who agree to swap pork BBQ with them as well :(

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