Ezdan Mall Opens

Here we go then, the first of the new batch of mall's in Qatar opened its door this morning.

Ezdan Mall Opens

Ezdan Mall Plaque

Official Launch of Ezdan Mall

Cue for Cake

Free Cake

First Tree Planted


Love it.. So much to see and the cake was yummy :O)

Now they can go ahead and knock down Villagio for the stadium expansion..

Do they have lungi store

the (un)official photographer of QL:)

Shame that my one day leave didn't got approved for this grand event.

Hope to visit soon.

Waiting for the 'Critics Review' of Ezdan Mall threads.

Good...I'l surely make plans to go there.

Where are BG and BRITEXPAT in the pics? :D

ahhh and i thought it is bt Brit....

very nice another mall :-)and nice pics

First time open without any delay! Congratulations

like the cake though, was is for free ?

DAMN ,i missed the cake...:(

TFS...though I can't see the pics...:(

Another new Mall in Qatar :)

Great News

supoosed to open in September 2012.

Delayed by 7-8 months ..Thanks to CD :)

Is it the same management as in Ezdan Towers ?

I like their new sign. The first one they put up was a bit naff. I guess that's why they replaced it.

Also it used the phrase "Let's go", and I think Shell may have had something to say about that.

Let's wait and see if anything starts to fall off Brit. Then we will know.

So should I go wearing a helmet, just in case...:)

by the way, u have a nice camera no wonder the pics are so crystal clear...

does ur camera mind taking my pic ? :(

OOOOOH timebandit, you don't know how much i was waiting for this thread from you, cause Brit told me you are the QL reporter :)

Anyway TFS this event with us

and looking forward to visit it

Actually Rizks these images were taken on my tiny little Sony RX100 which is my carry everywhere camera and fits in my pocket. I had my meaty a77 on hand in the car but didn't take it in because I am fed up of getting thrown out of malls for taking photos. So I only took my little RX100 in with me just in case. As it happens there were cameras everywhere so I could have taken my DSLR in with me, but I couldn't be bothered to go back out and get it.

now can I and rizks have a portfolio shoot with your Meaty A77?

I would have to adjust the camera to get it to deal with all the reflections off of Rizks head.

.....have they undergone a branding exercise? Font differs from that Ezdan Tower..

So how much parking do they have...

" a branding" exercise? Did they import some cowboys from Texas?????

Is he going on about his Meaty a77 again .. Just tell him that size doesn't matter :O(

So, from what I hear, most shops are not open yet.

lol NM, But the Mall is..:)

To be honest I was on a mission when I went there this morning. All I wanted to do was grab some shots of the opening and leg it. There were a number of shops open, but nothing that caused me to go in and take a look. The only one that caught my eye (but I still didn't go in) was The Toy Store.

Qatar has been in need of a decent size toy shop for quite some time, and this one looks substantial, and that's why it's the only shop I photographed, because it was note worthy in my opinion.

All the shops that I am waiting for are still work in progress, so it will be a while before I return.

Is there an ice skating rink inside?

valuable info TB!

Why is that Chinese looking large headed lady making faces at you ?

I don't know Brit, but I seem to have made her blush.

Nomad buddy if there is an ice rink in there I didn't see it.

where is it located for there is ezdan mall under construction also at al wakra opposite of wakra hamad hospital.?

Click this link:-


Tnx Timebandit ., ^^

Time bandit now that u have mentioned the toy store all the mom s will be ther Eiffel thing tomo morning!

Love the sign ....agree pretty cool compared to usual Mall type stuff

WOW i want to go to that toy store!!! I ve been to their branch in Dubai.

Other than Toy store nothing is special in Ezdan, almost 80 percent shops not yet opened.

Yesterday most of the peoples were going there to see something new but nothing was like this....

went there... most of the shops are still close though...

Planning to go there this weekend(Saturday). I know the car park will be full. Maybe I should go in the Morning?

This is a new strategy in Qatar. The team EZDAN wll achieve it.

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