Facebook is just a fucking site to waste time, and all

its users are teenagers under 20, nothing to do more

than buying a new camera and take a nice pictures and

try to edited and add flowers so the girls will contact

you, moreover you can comment on other stupid teenagers

profiles and share a game and tell them that you like

this food or like this site,, hhuuu what is so funny

there, text chating is much mroe better ...


do you have any problem with girls or did you had a break up or what....
Am So Grateful To See A Second's Man On The Qatar's Earth Who Is Saying That Facebook is a Waste.. Not Just A Waste.. A Disaster , Crap , Bull S ***
I think it's the greatest human achievement since we put a man on the moon and 9/11
the oldest person of my friends is 66 on FB
this should have been posted in Funnies.
this should have never been posted at all LOL!
I'm never ashamed, always flying low....
i dont have a problem with facebook
facebook is boring (YAWNNNNNN)
there are lots of positive and negetive aspects of facebook but diff people have diff mentality some people think that its good for teens to have friendship and others think its not. i think facebook in some case is usefull.
so what? nobody's forcing you to use it..
Teenagers?? only Teenagers? I aint a Teenager!
MJ "peer pressure" indirectly does force some people to use it even if they don't want to.
I am not at all a FACEBOOK user..
There is many good things about FB. I got back many of my old friends through Face Book. And I am not a teenager.
my mom uses fb. :) and so do i. and so as my brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins, aunts, other relatives. we use it for communication. letting each one of us know what's happening to them thru messages, pictures, comments. we're enjoying fb. and its free rather than texting. :p
I used FB, my girlfriend used FB, my special female friend used FB. Now I am single and don't use FB. Screw FB.
I think FB is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family.depends on how an what you use it for.
Facebook is not only the place to connect / hunting girls... this is also place where you can comunicate your community / family / friends... But I really do not like things in face book is Facebook management shouldnot allow others to copy pictures from it.
It sucks//not safe enoug/Once tagged or commentd friends of all your friends can access the whole album.
It depends on how you look @ it. Basically people use it for Keeping in touch with their Friends and loved ones around the world.For eg when you would like to make an announcement.Its so easy to Post it on your wall and let people know.For eg.If some 1 is announcing their Wedding.There are so much chances that you would forget to invite few people and you realize it only after your wedding.a Note on the Wall helps to over come the same..News,feedback,if u need something. Well to keep it moving we have options of Games and Photos which can be shared.Well mobile operators like Qtel and Vodafone have been promoting Facebook on Fones as well these days.People keep replying to posts and Chat while they are travelling or Waiting in a Que...Everything has its positives and negatives.Its the Way you look into it.Facebook has Age NO BAR.
Facebook is very useful its not a crap or so as what you think of. Maybe your just envy or can't cope up with the way how teenagers are reacting towards this social networking site. Better find a way to make noise so your friends or facebook mmbers will notice you!
FB's advantage - all of the persons connected to me are my friends, we share a lot of things in common... QL's advantage - you can say whatever you want because nobody knows who you really are. You can hide with pet names and avatars.
set your privacy settings to "friends only"...
that is so true. I agree, if you don't like it, don't use it then. the bee, if you set your privacy settings right, only your friends can access your albums, even if commented or tagged by a friend.
So, I don't know how it is but it should be Ban for their so called "Freedom of speech" policy.
FB is great to keep in touch with your family and friends but not sure how good it is to find oneself a date...never tried that :-D
FB is one good site to communicate to your long lost friends and know what they are up to nowadays by basing on their statuses and posts in the wall... We'll I was once a user of FB but for now i just shut it off and leave it for awhile for some very personal reasons... But, we all have a choice to be part of it or not, nobody forces us to do things we don't want to...
but gave it up recently cos among many things it just bored me to tears!
i love FB, i can keep in touch with my friends & relatives. It depends on how you use it and how responsible you are like in posting info abt urself, photos and adding people you really knew. If you use it for crap, then you'll end up hating it...
I got introduced to FB recently. Felt good cause I use it scarcely but I get lotsa updated from my friends. Got in touch with my schoolmates which was the best part.
To niledeathmetal: Who told you Facebook is only for teenagers? I'm 56 and I'm using that site to deal with my friends all over the world. It is very helpful to us because we search and found our old pal, friends and our classmates in high school. The principle is very simple: if you dont like it, dont use it. OK?
I never lost track of people be it friends, class mates, relatives, etc etc whom I dint want to lose track of...so dont need anything to connect or to find them... but even if I need some medium to connect, just in case, it wouldnt be FB for sure as I am given to understand that with the snags hitting them once a while, ones personal info isnt safe.
Facebook is the answer to afghanistans problems and will replace the government there. All hail FB!
Some of my settings are in "Only Me".. And thanks to FB i meet my relatives abroad, my batch-mates/alumni and the still keeping in touch to those who are important and not so important..
doesn't get banned... it the way I keep in touch with my family and friends back home... its not fair to penalise those of us who use it for these reasons.... I really don't care about anything else on FB, except that when I post pic or have something to tell everyone, I can do it on there... If they ban FB, they will have to ban them all.... Orkut, Friendster, etc....
because you are respectful woman, fb is for stupid
because you are respectful woman, fb is for stupid
because you are respectful woman, fb is for stupid
actaually i had an account for facebook, not more than 40 days, so what the physical benifits, ha why you ddint say that hi5.com was the best invention in the world it does the same purpose as facebook, but the people are boring or the advirtisment campaign was larger, and most the people were victimis like the 54 years old man above msn messenger is better or acually way better, chat voice calls and sharing photos, NO NEED TO BUY AN EXPENSIVE CAMERA AND PUT ALL YOUR DRESS ON AND SNAP ON YOUR BEST POSE WITH ALL THE MAKE UP SO YOUR FREINDS WILL MAKE A SILLY COMMMENT AND MARKE IT AS LIKE IT OR DIDNT LIKE IT, HAHA I FEEL LIKE IM 12 YEARS OLD
i don't think there's problem with fb ; anyways, it's concept is same with msn messenger or hi5 or any other website like that.. and that is communication..
From a psychological point of view...hmmm,it seems that niledeathmetal has some sort of disorder or something...judging from his comments,it is obvious that he frequently suffers from "rejection",somewhat a loner or worst an outcast of society..Im not into pro-FB or any social site,whatever you prefered..It is a choice,its either sign-in or shut up!..Now would u be my friend??LOL...
yeah me too...having an FB account connect to all of your friendsssssss....especially old and lost friends... i think he just said that its a waste of time because he doesn't have a friend... add me on fb so that you are not wasting your time!!!!
you think i want a freind, so i will look for facebook, im talking in general, hahah, i dont want it specially a user like you have an account there, good luck for you and stay communicating with the teenagers
yeah i dont like it, but i feel sorry for my freinds who failed their courses at the university because of facebook.com, what reply do you have. People used to connect the whole day for it.. smoking habit is better cause it will end one the ciggeratte finishs What reply do you have ??? ?!
err, they failed because they were not responsible enough, they don't know how to balance their time between FB-ing and studying.. studies should always be priority! and smoking habit is better? oh pu-leeease!!!!
dude. what do you mean smoking is a better habit? have you heard of CANCER by any chance? smoking and cancer, google it up.
What is even good in smoking? Just a lame comparison between FB and smoking.. I'd rather want to see myself chatting and playing in FB than killing myself with cigarette..
yeah dont smoke so will live more and more to enjoy facebook.com, hahaha what a life A HUMAN LIVES FOR 20 YEARS AND ACHIVES HIS PURPOSE IN LIFE IS BETTER THAN LIVING SO LONG FOR NOTHING, and a good example of those people are facebook users
if you don't like FB, don't use it, it's that simple.. not all FB users are the same so your generalizations are nonsense..
lol.. what makes you think that FB users live for nothing? You see FB exact opposite as we see it.. If you have problem in FB, complain to the right authorities.
Visper, all filipino people have no objection at all for every thing, you are JUST FOLLOWERS
So what's your problem with that? Is that decrease your salary? Or put you in danger? FYI Mr., i knew some of my kabayans who does not like FB at all but i haven't heard them whining in public.. Just get over it, we understand your sentiment but not your unpleasant generalization..
*sigh* Visper, let him be. He's so not worth your time :)
Can't stand Facebook myself, but I have no problems with people who are addicted to it .. :O)
clearly, he doesn't have any friends.... must be so difficult to log into your own profile and not have a friends list.... he's probably one of those that keeps sending "friendsheep" messages and keeps getting rejected... Yes, my life is good for nothing, since I started on FB more than 4 years ago... but wait.... no... if I list my achievements here, it will be bragging, so will leave it as good for nothing;-P
you called FB users friendless good for nothings.... don't get all upset when we call you on it... oh and BTW.... maybe if you had some friends you would have picked up some socialising tips and you'd know that you don't speak with such a foul mouth on a website.... Mods are watching you....
yeah i dont have fake freinds online cause im not looking specailly if a user like you having an account on fb, i have real freinds in life, ok .. please speak nxt time about the topic which is facebook.com not me YOU BITSH
You need to be more original... NDM.... the Bitsh thing is a bit old;-P
yeah bit old, but you got it right
i also agree.. facebook is a damn waste
err, what is "BITSH"? please grow up... this ain't the place for kids...
Nile..whatever... You hate Facebook, fine, some people agree with you and others don't. But it's one thing to critisize FB and it's a totally other thing when you start to use your FOUL MOUTH...NO MANNERS and personally attack people who don't agree with you. Seriously, I've seen teenagers with much better manners. So you wake up and find no one sent you a msg on FB, or didn't comment on your awesom photo, big deal, that's life, get over it, delete your FB account, but don't swear at other people because of it...so GROW THE HELL UP
I organize the alumni from my highschool an college on FB good for keeping in touch, plus if someone starts acting like an idiot or saying stupid stuff, I can always unfriend them!
Actually you started it when you said... 'A HUMAN LIVES FOR 20 YEARS AND ACHIVES HIS PURPOSE IN LIFE IS BETTER THAN LIVING SO LONG FOR NOTHING, and a good example of those people are facebook users Mon, 02/08/2010 - 5:07pm' I responded to you at Mon, 02/08/2010 - 7:37pm... whe you started calling people who go on FB good for nothing.... don't start backing out of your nasty comments now.... You should be careful.... Mods don't like nasty words here, firstly... and secondly, why are you on QL? If you think FB is a bad site, QL is 20 times worse.... Stop wasting your time on the internet and go hang out with your REAL friends....
Xena, let's just understand him, he's just a kid after all.... ;)
Xena, i think you didnt read the topic, you read the people comments, and start joining them, im talking about the people below 20 mostly (from what can i see) ,so you thought im talking about you exclusivley. for no reason, and you start analyzing me, and saying bad things. you are the trouble maker.. i know you are boring and wanna make somthing
am having so much fun;-P he called me a Bitsh (took me a while to figure it out - was about to tell him I am not British;-P Each time he posts, he digs a deeper hole;-P
Xena, I can see that you're enjoying this.... "FUNNY YELLOW CHOCOLATE" -- LMAO!! :P
yeah i didnt start that, i just started a topic, right its not so hard to talk about the topic, as you always do in any other topic.. many people comments above,, that they dosent like facebook, so why you dont start a problem with them, why me.. if you are so bored.. you can now try to anaylze them,, why they dont have freinds,, like me.. you will be expert later on
.... "FUNNY YELLOW CHOCOLATE" - must be meaning a yellow M&M.... you gotta think about what this kid is saying, since according to him, what he says isn't what he is saying;-P Point in case - Bitsh = British;-P or so I thought...lol
lol Xena, am confused now... I need coffee I think.... :P if what he says isn't what he's saying,.. does it actually mean that he means the opposite, and that he loves FB? :P everything's topsy-turvy now... :P
No, what I mean is he's calling people names, but he's denying calling them names and then backtracking... or something like that;-P
Xena, maybe he has short-term memory loss... ;)
i have said every thing, now and its clear... you dont have any thing more to tell, you will just write stupid comments, like the staff you post in fb until you get bored
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