Fed up with women.......

Fed up with women...

I never thought I’d reach this stage in my life and what’s happened to me is what I feared the most, being alone as I approach 40.

All I can say is that this has not happened through choice but rather circumstances. There is nothing wrong with me: I’m a normal guy, successful, still quite good looking, well educated and with a good career. In my endeavours to meet women over the years I have tried everything from the direct approach in clubs/bars (hostile environments), dating agencies (expensive and disappointing), internet dating sites (waste of time - liars, timewasters and fake profiles), to almost every other method you can think of. What happens? The ones I like aren’t interested and the ones I don’t like often are interested. The story of my life!

In addition, I find many modern women to be inherently self-centred, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men. It’s just so hard to impress women these days, some are difficult to get on with when you are with them, and then you have to worry about how not to lose them. If I was who I am now two or three decades ago I would have been a good catch. But now I sometimes feel like I’m invisible. Also the frustration of hitting a brick wall every time I think I’m getting somewhere with the women I do meet is now taking its toll. Why do things always go wrong for me? So now I’m very close to throwing in the towel and saying that’s it! I’m disillusioned, angry, upset, tired, fed up…….. a whole range of feelings. Not to mention the time, energy and money invested over the years in trying to find ‘Miss Right’ if she ever existed.

I always dreaded reaching my 40th birthday and being alone with no woman by my side to celebrate it. It now looks like this could soon be a reality. As the weeks and months tick by I fear this moment dawning on me. What should I do? Give up as I feel I’ve almost reached my tether, settle for second best or keep waiting till I find the right woman - the one I dreamed of having all my life? All I know is that I no longer have time on my side.

Any other guys out there who can relate to my experiences?


You are stupid. Maybe that's why you are single.

Yep, divorced at 38(ish) Left Kuwait and the ex behind and been virtually celebate since.... and to be honest, it just doesn't worry me much any more. Sure it'd be nice to have someone to come home to and curl up with on the sofa, but till that day .......

We can all relate to you ; Women will do that to you !

BUT - Rather a fatalistic attitude.. 40 is nothing nowadays.. Take it easy.. Enjoy life and if the right one comes along, then all the bette..

you can't live with them you can't live without them





well, you truly laid your innermost here, and i'm quite fascinated coz you have the guts to blurt it out; normal guys dont do this, but anyway, i hope i can help you clear your notion regarding women.

first, i would like to know what kind of woman do you like/ want/need in your life?

second, as i may say women need not to be understood but instead just to be loved, for the same reason that we also do not understand ourselves sometimes.

third, maybe you set high standard in choosing your partner? if yes, why dont you try to bend down some of it. and try looking for the real thing.. whats inside..and assess yourself too if you are ready for a commitment.

DONT get fed up..we are match made in heaven..a man and a woman.

maybe, you're searching too far that you don't notice the ones around you.

Be Happy!

I definitely agree with you ..

Agree with whom?





"from the direct approach in clubs/bars (hostile environments), dating agencies (expensive and disappointing), internet dating sites (waste of time - liars, timewasters and fake profiles)", - as you quote...

looking for a right girl in a wrong place.. thats the reason why you haven't found her. Good luck! :)

try church.. :)


"Maniwala na lang tayo sa Goodness :)"

PM, you took the words right out of my mouth ;)


Relax. You can't put a time limit on when you're going to find "the one". 40 is NOT old. I bet once you quit looking so hard, she's gonna show up :-)

Singleguy - Your'e a genious.. a great ploy.. I bet your inbox is already full :)

and brit's kicking himself because he didn't think of it first!

I can certainly relate to the riginal topic. While I am a married guy, but I am struggling with my wife. Nowadays women are very difficult to please, and keep happy. The thought of old fashion ladies is very attractive, not because they are brainless, but they are content and realistic.

Todays women are very very selfcentred. The last thing they think about is others, so be it husbend/boyfriend or kids.

To the person who started this thread, I would say, 40 is not too old. Maybe you need to look after your physical apperance and the way you present yourself, and the rest will come with time. I am in 40's, however, if you see me you parly give me 30. I go to the gym, run, left weight, and enjoy my life.

hmmmmmmmmmmm.... u almost made me feel old buddy for a moment... but m back now...

Follow NFH's advice... very true ... has almost happened everytime with me...

and I thought 40 is just when a man kick starts .. lol

Raech... when are u reaching Qatar... PM me... I wanna look around ...hahaha

One Life to Live...Live It To The Fullest

OKabbar... you dont struggle with your wife man...you love them, adore them... just give them that little extra... and u have the world man...

One Life to Live...Live It To The Fullest

Life begins at 40. So your love life will be starting soon :):).

clubs/bars (hostile environments)

dating agencies (expensive and disappointing)

internet dating sites (waste of time - liars,timewasters and fake profiles)

You have tried above places.

Have you tried to find one at health club like FITNESS FIRST at city center?

Hey MagicDragon...what makes me stupid and you so intelligent and such a hit with the women eh? What do you know about me? I'm just telling it as it is. No need to insult people for that.

My husband was 39 when I met him. We married after 11 months together.15 years down the line, 3 kids and happy.

Good luck you will get there.

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

They keep saying on the telly that 40 is the new 30 these days .

Think about it , 40 years old , no baggage like ex wife and kids , financially solvent I should hope , emotionally mature (I should also hope ), your a rare commodity and should start to think of yourself that way, perhaps then somebody right may just notice you .

We never even seat next to each other...

Just a look n a hi everytime...

It's when your not looking when you find the one...

Just quit looking and quit worrying about it..

Then you will find the one...

Trust me...

My tag line is so true...

You can't teach experience...

Thanks to all those offering words of support and encouragement. Just feeling a bit low right now about the whole thing. Being in Doha doesn't help when you're up against 10 men for every woman out there! This place has made things worse for me but I need to be here for the work.

You can't teach experience...

Singleguy, what type of woman would you like? Say like Ananova or Catwoman or Maria Sharapova......Well I am single too. What's there to feel bad about it?

hey... ur post was very sincere....

d0nt w0rry, a l0t of fishes in d 0cean...

smile..life is sh0rt...:-) b happy!!

Oh boy, I didn't want to "insult" you. If I were a woman, and I read your post, I would, however, think, what a stupid guy.

i say that because ive gone thru life staying single. the moment you hit 40,start celebrating life differently.i used to think that at a certain age you have to be settled and secure or with a loving partner beside you.

some men are wired for relationships;others are just wired to be single.acceptance of oneself is the key to a healthy second life(life beins at 40 bs,you know that right)

When you are not looking for love, love WILL find you! Don't stress - really! She's out there for you. The time just hasn't been right for you to meet. Keep believing!

Whatever you vividly imagine, Ardently desire, Sincerely believe and Enthusiastically act upon, Must inevitably come to pass.

get hitched married i think its time

When I read your post, I found nothing wrong with it. You seem to be intelligent, well written, realistic, and if what you say is true, successful in your career and good looking. Then as a woman, there is only one thing that is missing. You are failing to ignite any passionate desire for a woman to be with you. You have all the markings of a great guy, but if you can't make women think that you're a great guy that they must have, then they will never give you a chance.

It's like what we've talked about in a previous topic, where the nice guys are at a disadvantage. A lot of women need to feel that your attention has been earned, not given freely or even desperately. You need to amp up the confidence levels and inject a bit of arrogance. You do not need to continue this behaviour forever, only until a woman has become attached, and then we actually appreciate it when you resort to nice guy tactics.

You can't teach experience...

You can't teach experience...

Maybe it is because you complain too much.

Never forget the things that really do matter...

It seems you're trying a bit to hard... You need to go easy..women sense an eager man and usually its a turn off. Even if they say it, they don't really like a very romantic, passionate guy that gives them full attention.

By a "Bad Boy" many girls like that...

get together with group of "true friends" and ask them to truthfully tell you why THEY think you are single. Sometimes what we don't see in ourselves is obvious to others. Maybe they will give you some food for thought and some traits to work on. Also, I agree that you are probably trying to hard. Someone gave me advice one time that instead of "looking for Mr. Right" I should focus on "becoming Miss Perfect". I think sometimes we are so intent on finding the one that we forget to break bad habits, develop talents and hobbies, learn the art of conversation, read and become intelligent and interesting etc.

Finally, forget bars, the internet and dating agencies. I mean really? No one in their right mind would look for a QUALITY spouse in those places. If I met a guy and he told me he had used those avenues I would probably run as fast as I could.

Places to find quality people:


through friends

clubs (learn a new hobby)


Lastly, learn to be happy with your life whatever circumstances you find yourself in. No one has a perfect life. People are drawn to positive people and don't want to be around depressing ones.

Good luck!

thinking you are the english version of jimimadi99,

women were looking for confident, decisive,strong willed men, but can still treat them as equal.

it's very easy actually.

expect nothing, do more, love lots, smile often, cry sometimes but continue living....

i see alot of SHE girls pitching in....do u expect us to stay clear on this? hell no....

STOP LOOKING.....at the wrong places...

tone down yer expectations on yer women, and on yer relationship...


some guys just have all the luck and some guys don't...

ENJOY LIFE AS IT IS!!! LIFE BEGINS AT 40... don't be among the ones who "die and wither"

who knows, yer life would be (more) miserable if you do get married LOL.... that's a consolation at least...

Singleguy -

"In addition, I find many modern women to be inherently self-centred, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men."

Take a trip to Thailand or Russia. Also, Fiji is a good option. I'm sure you'll find heaps of women there with the qualities you desire, and willing (desperate actually) to get out of their home countries.

Thanks to all for the advice and particularly to MissX and Deedee.

One of the things that possibly contributes to my situation is that because I don’t drink or smoke you won’t find me in bars or clubs. People have to drag me along to a club and I really wouldn’t go alone because it looks sad. The combination of sport and alcohol also doesn’t appeal to me so you won’t find me at places like the Rugby Club. My life simply doesn’t revolve around the consumption of alcohol. I prefer to have more cultural experiences like being in museums, galleries, concerts, exhibitions, cafes and restaurants etc. That’s just the real me. So if people are meeting when out drinking then that’s something I’m missing out on.

The other thing is I rarely meet women through my work and the only people I know here in Qatar are all married so my avenues for meeting single women are very limited. That's why I tried the internet and other methods but to no avail. So there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m a normal guy I’m just in the wrong circumstances. That’s why I’m the singleguy.

LOL. You sir, are a genius! How is that inbox looking?

Never forget the things that really do matter...

good spot lol, sadly "the power in a relatioship these days remains with the one who cares the least" then the games begin. Amazingly happinness 'generally' comes to those who are patient.

Acesup1234...The in box is empty. I'm just telling it as it is and wondering if other guys are going through the same experiences.

Seriously although you sound very genuine and smart and intelligent and bla bla bla in this post, you have shown your attitude time to time on other QL threads. I think this is the point where you are loosing women. You might be showing a plenty of attitude to them and regret...

Your posts like unfriendly Qataries or your filthy remarks on other nationalities clearly show it.

Well, All the Best to you on every mission because I think you are fed up with many many other things too...

Everything's gonna be alright!!!

Singleguy.. why not try arrange marriage...lol



Be patient, be yourself, dont try too hard to find someone and treat them as your best friend when you do.


"Every adult of sound mind, should be able to choose to do whatever they want, as long as they cause no harm to others".

Well, this one works , u dont have to be a gentleman to have women ,

Ladies are often attracted to ugly guys , funny , and somone who will take care of them :)

All they want is my sexy hard body. every place i go,, women want me.. have some of mine please i need to sleep at night when i go to bed

Power to the non believers, it’s a great feeling to have and hold.

Exactly my point PM!!!

Everything's gonna be alright!!!

Shreeya's just pissed off because I had a go at Indians. PM the strip club thing was a joke.

PM I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Maybe that's the 'bad boy' side of me. Women like bad boys right?

There is no set formula for why a woman may be attracted to a man and vice versa. Sometimes the attraction is immediate and othertimes "you grow on each other".. Whatever the reason, relationships have to be worked on..

I am sure that you will find your "true love" :)

PM what's your definition of 'maturity' when it comes to women?

Told ya , u need ladies! u gotta be a naughty Brat! Bad boy!

This works fo s!

From one dude to another let me just say all i can see from your post is a single frustrated guy. Your whole purpose of existence seems to be finding a woman you can call your own. Well face facts here dude you've tried every trick in the book yet dont seem to be getting anywhere. So stop trying and explore other aspects of life. You dont have to drink and smoke and have other vices to be cool or get noticed. What you do need to do is expand your friend circle without the intention that your doing that to find a woman. Surround yourself with friends and get this whole thing about finding a girl out of your head.

Without wanting to sound GAY, yes you have a lot of qualities to as you've written to seem to be a great guy but this whole attitude of worrying that you'll remain single is your whole problem. Focus on living life my friend, your freaking just 40! Your tastes in women isnt the same it was when you were 20, you want someone to settle down perhaps you should be looking for marriage and not regular dating. You can talk to relatives to hook u up with a lady willing to settle down too. Life does get lonely here in a place like this where every man is looked at like a desperate man just wanting a good lay.

Good Fortune always comes knocking at your door...when you are sh*tting in the toilet!! :)



hey SG,

i know a prof guy..he's been roaming around to find his right girl, 'till he reaches 43,..out there in Asia, he found 18 years old girl...they are living together..happily!!!

I'm sure a 18 yr old girl would make any 40 yr old "happy" Ok i'm off to Asia...hmmm but where exactly?

Good Fortune always comes knocking at your door...when you are sh*tting in the toilet!! :)



its that judgmental feminist attitude that you adopt that always gonna make it hard for guys like Singleguy to get ahead. Sure he has his flaws, hes not the most affable, doesnt know how to communicate the right message accross, but he s willing to learn and for every bad habit he has theres a women that see s that as an attraction. Give the guy some pearls of wisdom, he needs our help :)

cant you see he needs us, my heart goes out to Singleguys wounded soul...

Don't get me wrong it's not about sex it's about companionship and having someone to share your feelings with.

Alexa I don't want to go into my personal life. Let's just say I've had a few bad experiences.

hey PM, 18 years old will make him feel young!!! like my friend does...:D

and it depends on how he handles it when it comes to his hand...

Good Luck Mr. SG!!

Alexa, I'm just looking for a physically attractive woman with a good warm personality. There's nothing wrong with that. Uglier, fatter, older guys than me have managed to achieve it so why can't I?

take a break Mr. SG,,take a holiday in ASIA, a lot of them out there...the calculation's there!!you might have the same formula with mah friend..

why post on this forum if your not going to share? Alexa and others have asked many questions, help us help you help yourself. The path of enlightment becomes only clear when you decide to accept your predicament more openly. Your like a fly in a glass full of smoke, blinded with anger, fury and desperation ....

PM, Transference please explain yourself :)

Uglier, fatter, older guys manage to get pretty girls? Perhaps then you should start thinking like those pretty girls. Go for the Uglier, fatter and older women? I get this feeling its just the physical beauty that your looking for. You will never get the total package, when you do fall in love perhaps then you'll see beyond the physical beauty.

Good Fortune always comes knocking at your door...when you are sh*tting in the toilet!! :)



Yeah, Alexa. If all he said was true, it's surprising that he's still single.

Well, life begins at 40. Being self confident (as opposed to arrogant) and being not so desperate would be a good thing. This would be because you're clearly looking for someone to "complete" you, which no one can. You have to be genuinely complete in yourself before you can love another unconditionally.

What you said about some modern women is true but not all are like that. You may have met some good ones but because of your desperation, no matter how well you mask it, you send out warning signals that you're going to be emotionally draining in the long run. It could be you being attracted to the wrong women but it could also be that you contribute to your own situation. Sorry, but that's the truth.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

Right Smokey. Physical beauty is what he's looking for and perhaps the models he has been dating were a bit too high maintenance? Or they easily had better options.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

You can't teach experience...

You can't teach experience...

We are best alone. Perhaps you were not meant to get a partner for life. Lots of happy people are single.

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

Alexa, I am a ugly duckling and single. Can you find me a bride too...

i could never get fed up with women.

Flan, I think you need to spend a night with 5 sumo wrestling woman, then you may be fed up with woman!

Knowing Flan, he has done that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

thanks guys, that's why i'm staying in tonight. just waiting for my lovely sumo geisha's to arrive.


I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

@ singleguy

youre probably one of those successful, smart, not bad looking guys who i used to know who are still single even when theyre already on their late 30's-- early 40's. when they were younger, they thought someone better would still come along so they didnt really make their earlier relationships work. some werent looking earlier because they didnt want to get married yet but now that theyre already wanting to get married, the well has already dried up on them. youre gonna have to settle yourself with the not so-girl-of-your-dreams if youre hurrying of not being alone anymore. there are lots of women around, as the others have already said to you..youre just looking at the wrong places, i guess. oh also, be a little more enthusiastic and interesting than you already are now..put yourself out there, you know? that'll really help with your endeavour. good luck!

its true!!

so true...

WOMEN...you can't live with 'em and you can't live without them!

AS 4...

MEN...you can't live with them;

just the thaught OF IT,,





" I find many modern women to be inherently self-centred, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men. It’s just so hard to impress women these days, some are difficult to get on with when you are with them, and then you have to worry about how not to lose them."

I find it amusing that you just described not WOMEN, but men...Most men are looking for that Barbie doll that acts like mom in the kitchen, cares for him like he was a little child, looks drop dead gorgeous all the time, and thinks he is God's gift to the female race.

You need to get over the thought that you have to IMPRESS women...what we want is someone we can respect and who treats us well. If you treat a woman with equal respect and love, you won't lose her.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the main difference between a dog and man.

-Mark Twain-

Dont look for love...

love will find you !

take it easy , get a chill pill :)

Good luck m8 , wish you the best really...

Thanks Alexa for the supportive words. Seny0rita you are quite right. It was easier when I was younger and now perhaps the 'well has dried up' as you say. Also as they get older people are more fixed in their ways so it gets more difficult to find a good match. All I can say is that I envy those people who met their 'perfect match' when they were younger. For some people it almost falls into their hands whilst for others like myself we have to try so hard. I guess it's just the luck of the draw.

I got married in this GFSP...

To the best woman in the world...

Quit crying n get out there...


You can't teach experience...

40 is peanuts. At 50 am still going strong & kicking. Women, I knew of, prefers older men for their maturity and status. So why not? There are thousands out there, some are desperate for partner, including the Desperate housewives. Go for it. smile

A fact you need to know

"A woman needs 1 man to fulfill all her needs; A man needs all women to fulfill his 1 need " ;)

single too.

I personally think, out here in this part of the world, that it is hard to meet women, as they are mostly accompaning their spouses.

Plus, the culture and religious side of it,also narrow down the field somewhat.

But hey, all we can do is hang in there....


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

Mr. Singleguy ... dont lose HOPE. Just keep on praying & ask for a definite sign if you are destined into "blessed singleness" or "for marriage". I just would like to share w/ our love story. My husband was working in Korea & I was in Phils (in a very remote place in Phils) and that time Im busy with my own career. Like you he doesnt smoke & drink (all he can tolerate is a mango juice & coke. So he has difficulty trying to catch a date with very sociable korean ladies. He prefers to stay home & play computer games. We accidentally met in one chat room w/o intention of flirting. Im not a chatter, Im just curious & tried to log-in that room. So we're not giving our best foot forward on that meeting as we're not there to impress each other. But few months after, I met him in person & 1 xmas I met his family. And now we're happily married with 1 kid. I hope our story will inspire you ... if you're destined "for marriage", God prepares a suitable partner for you. If you're into books ... I recommend you to read "Hello God Love" by Coralyn Hizola. Its a very inspiring book.

I think you need to have a complete look at the thread and comments between Qlers and singleguy before playing the 'feminist' let me quote him, win the battle card. Everyone has there opinion and sadly singleguy gave a good snapshot that you just highlighted which was factual in many ways.

Men are also inherently flawed as you kindly outlined also, but amidst all the fallability in human kind alike, each individual is unique possessing a set of physical, emotional and personality charicterstics and traits that do or do not tick all the right boxes of some other individual. All very intersting putting all together (perfect relationships) but ultimately a main driver in making life worth living. I love being flawed but i wont give you any material to pour scorn on me.

Get off the whole respect script, the womens suffrage is over, respect has been convuluted time and time again over the ages and what used to be the norm and acceptable is now a given amongst a tirade and plethora of givens and essentials... :)

Ohh no, Single-nobody-wants-to-mingleguy, I am not pissed. See I have even given you best wishes in your mission.....

Asia is not a great place for you. May be you can try Venezuela or Poland...

Everything's gonna be alright!!!

Doubledown777 I think that feminism has taken such a hold of the way some women think that it is bringing into question the role of men in society. Since many women are now empowered, financially independent etc are we as men becoming obsolete? I sure hope not. I have no problem with independent thinking women in fact they are more stimulating than those who have nothing to say. But I can't take men bashing.

Anyway, from mens point of view it's not just about sex. Call me an old fashioned romantic but sometimes it's just the simplest things that matter the most. Lying on my back with my woman's head on my chest staring at the clouds go by and talking about anything and everything is something I could do all day. Maybe I'm a daydreamer but we are not machines that must keep working until we break down. Unfortunately, modern society is going that way. We are losing the humanism in ourselves.

i think if the guy in his 40 is still single (never been married, common-in law or never had at least long-term relationships), there IS something wrong with the guy... sorry, eh? I can’t believe that during all these years you have never met the girl who you fell in love with and who loved you in return… and if you haven't, sorry, something wrong with your HEART, man!

there are plenty of women around... you say, “many modern women to be inherently self-centered, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men”.. for me it looks like you are the one who has too high expectations of women… and you sound selfish as well.…


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

no comment

qatarisun...firstly you don't know my relationship history and I don't intend to go into it or put it in the public domain so you can't assume there is something wrong with me. Secondly, on what grounds are you accusing me of being selfish?

Even the title of your post says to me about your selfishness: “FED UP WITH WOMEN” … this is your way of approaching to this matter: here I AM, so good, so well educated, so “normal”, successful, good looking… I am EVERYTHING – on one side .. and all these WOMEN who you are fed up with – on the other side…

..one part of these idiotic women (those who “I AM” interested in) don’t appreciate “ME”! And another part (some crap which “I AM NOT” interested in) cannot understand that they are just invisible for “Me”…

You r even using the expressions ”I am interested”, I am not interested”… your girl, you wife, your lifemate is NOT some sort of the merchandises that you can be or can be not interested in… It is rather about FEELINGS… You either love or your don’t.. and again it seems like you don’t know what love is…

Come down to Earth, take yourself off the pedestal, develop your HEART, not your “searching skills”, and I am sure you will see a lot of interesting, lovely and nice, giving and sharing girls around..REAL ones, not some myths that probably you are "looking" for...


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

First of all, you don't know me from Adam...but I have been watching and reading singleguy's posts for some time now and he's not impressed me at all with his sensitivity...least not until his last post on here.

You need to get off my back and I WILL stand by what I said in that men tend to be selfish, self centered and usually only look at the surface of women. That is until they find they are still alone because women don't and won't put up with attitudes like that as they mature.

Respect will never be something that is automatically given, by anyone. It is earned and to earn it takes a lifetime. Breaking it, however, takes only a second. Females are still fighting for equality and from what I've read that you wrote, you see it as fine and dandy now. Its not...still an ongoing uphill battle, but it IS getting better.

All humans are flawed, male and female. What I was pointing out is that what HE said about women is just as true about men.

So why not get off YOUR high horse and see reality. When you get to know me as a person, THEN and only then may you pass judgement.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the main difference between a dog and man.

-Mark Twain-

I don't need to explain myself to you here. In anycase you have distorted what I said and used words I never used or implied. It appears you obviously have a lot of anger and resentment towards men for some reason. I as the author of the thread chose to write it from my perspective that's not to say there is no other perspective in the matter. I think you should just cool it and stop lashing out at people you don't know.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the main difference between a dog and man.

-Mark Twain-

I was talking to QS.

Anyway I don't want to be dragged into feminism arguments. That could be another thread in itself and you'll find no one will win the argument. Period.

you asked for our opinion, didn't you?

this is MY opinion..

I don’t know why, but some guys just never left alone… and it’s not because they are all Johnny Depp’s or Brad Pitt’s… they are just ready for the girl, for relationship.. and they are ready for the normal nice girl, not necessary Superstar...

By the way, the same applies to the girls.. some girls have never been alone… just never… and other cannot get into any relationship.. . and again it has nothing to do with the appearance…

it is just some element is missing.. but what this element is? You have to find out yourself… no need to blame WOMEN, and to get FED UP with them.. they want to be in relationship even MORE then you do! So if it never happened, better look into YOURSELF, what’s wrong and how to change it…


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

oh, it was for me?? LOL...

and may i ask you, why would I have a lot of anger towards men?? like what would be the reason?? I have never seen anything bad from them..I am from those who has never been alone, starting from 14 years old I have never been deprived of guys attention.. :)

I like guys.. :):) and I can see it is mutually.. :):)

you are the one who seems to be angry with all women...

just redirect your heart towards them, and try to drop your sky-high altitude .. closer to the ground, closer, eh?

you will enjoy yourself and them much more..


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

QS...so it's ok for women to not look at men for who they are and to chase men with money or to go for the Brad Pitts, Tom Cruises and Enriques of this world but it's not ok for men to go after beauty? I think you will find a lot of men chase beauty, especially in this part of the world. Sorry to disappoint you but the argument must apply both ways.

The guys like this type are never satisfied , even if he finds someone , he will be still complaining. looking for his match in clubs/bars (hostile environments) and maybe porn strip clubs, that is what he wants.His ideal is a porn model , good shape and doing stuff for him .This whole thread is about seeking attention. I dedicate this to singleguy :

Alexa you are right I agree with you. That principle, however, has to apply both ways.

Kaif you are just talking crap. And why bother putting a link to a picture like that?

following this thread and unless i missed something, i have yet to read about what SINGLE GUY WANTS!! What kind of woman are you interested in?? what kind of woman tickles your fancy??? Tell us about your 'ideal' type: are we talking about a selma hayek (short/athletic build/curvy/exotic looking); or maybe a nicole kidman (tall, slender, porcelain beauty, blue eyes/blonde etc..).

WE ARE ALL naturally attracted to certain types, let's not be afraid to admit it c'mon guys!! for instance, i dont find brad pitt attractive...yes, he has a great bod, and a chiseled face, etc, but he's not my 'ideal'....but someone like antonio sobato jr! WATCH OUTTT thats my 'ideal' but that doesnt mean i'll end up w/someone like that..just saying thats what im attracted to....others dont like too pale skin or on the opposite, some aren't attracted to darker skinned ppl...SO Lets find out what physical traits this guy likes b4 judging him......anyway, its not our place to judge anyone...

Also, why do ppl also say 'go to asia or russia' to find a bride..i think thats absurd. This guy has been sensitive enough to share his innermost thoughts and this is some ppl's response?? not nice! there are plenty of women to go around...

Singleguy-please tell us what you're looking for in a lady and include what are turn offs like 'smoking, wearing short skirts in public, cussing etc'....i was once engaged to someone who thought i dressed "too conservatively" because i didnt want to wear low cut shirts showing my pkg or mini skirts!!not that i didnt have the body, but i didnt grow up that way where it was okay to expose every inch of yourself, and naturally i felt and still believe that i dont need to look skimpy to get attention:)

If you are Fed up with women, why don't you find a man...

you HOMO...

Lakota your comment doesn't even deserve a response so I really won't bother.

I know what you mean.. you don't sound stupid.. just learn to stop thinking about it like the rest of us singletons over the age of 30! I reckon I'll be a mad old woman in a big old farmhouse with lots of cats.. but, I'll be happy:)

There are plenty of singles 'our' age out there.. you just can't force it.

'Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will allude you...' (gay, but true:))

Ahhh the bliss of 'Arranged Marriage'. I agree, it may be really tough to find a right partner at this age.

if he has got to this age and not married, there are 2 reasons, he is either a complete twat or he has not met the right peson.

we can't help him if he is a complete twat nor can we help if he has not met the 'one'.

I will hoist that up the flag pole and see who salutes it!!

PCG, to be honest i don’t believe in the "right person", unless you "chose" your wife as if you chose a cow or a horse...

Where are FEELINGS?? how come, the guy never fell in love till 40 years old? never lost his mind? never felt on "cloud nine" with anyone? then as i said, check your heart, whether it is functioning properly, of course emotionally, not physically… because this is scary… I could understand he was single AGAIN… but single permanently?? And hey, it’s not about “his age” ... he has not always been in “this age”, has he?

I knew one guy.. he is about same age now.. he had this beautiful girl for 7 years, who truly loved him and obviously wanted to marry him.. all these 7 years he "was not ready", he thought that he is worth something better than her... finally they split when he was 33.. since then he cannot meet 'the right person', and now he realized what a huge mistake he made.. the girl is happily married by now.. and the guy is single.. so.. here you go: who to be blamed??

So again, my point is: if the guy of 40 is still single, it is entirely his “choice” .. no one to be blamed.. especially in this way” FED UP WITH WOMEN”.. this title of the thread is just so arrogant.. the guy is incapable of managing his personal relationships, and is blaming all women!!


“You become responsible forever for what you have tamed”. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I feel pity for you but that's Life.. U SOund pathetic though u R desperately dying to find your Ms. Right.. Maybe thats your fate my friend... Finding someone on the places youve mention would be so Hard.. You cant find her on that kind of Place... thats One hundred and One percent.. wrong place i should say....yOu SoUND so stupid....No wonder.... Peace!!!!


" Failure is Not an OPTION "


no need for personal insults...sheesh...keep the negativity to yourself...this guy is obviously interested in finding out where/how to meet good women that are seriously interested in a long term relationship....show some compassion and sensitivity.....

It's amazing how judgemental people are here about people they don't even know. They are also quick to jump to conclusions. Who said anything about me being single all my life? QS you have selective reading skills and only see what you want to see and interpret it the way you want to and not as it really is. Zhyiellha why all the insults? If you had posted the topic I would be trying to help you not insult you. What's with the people on this site? Nadinenana thanks for trying to calm the situation.

I think you are trying far to hard mate. Forget all about the past and trying to "get" a woman and think to the future and just let women come to you.

Title suggest that you is fed up with the women. Are you thinking of going homo?

Hmmm, so much to say, where to begin?

First off, from my experience of men in Qatar (and indeed men everywhere) you need to lower your standards. Most men my age I've met (from the range of 26-37) all have this idea of "Miss Right" in their head, and don't or won't settle for less.

I was dating a guy for about a year and he looks at me one day and says "I don't have butterflies in my stomach everytime I see you now" (Mind you we saw each other almost every day by that point) and I said "so? I don't have butterflies everytime I see you, that's honeymoon period stuff." He replies " I wan't to marry a girl who gives me butterflies everytime I see her" and broke up with me then and there.

For what? some silly unrealistic romantic ideal? And the problem is he wasn't the only one who thought that way! Almost every man I've ever dated as the same thing.

Men talk about women being too picky and influenced by romances , when they are just as, if not more so effected. After all, who's writing all these romantic movies? 9 times out of 10 it's men!

I disagree that women now have high standards, all we are looking for is someone to love and respect us, and allow us the freedom to live our lives, work, etc.

Men are looking for someone they feel they can take care of, who will always wait on them hand and foot. And unfortunately women today aren't those women, men have disappointed us and abused us to much we've learned to take care of ourselves.

Singleguy, seeing how much you're going off against "feminists" and "modern women" I think it's easy to say that it's YOUR fault you're single because you refuse to accept women for who they are, and for people with desires of their own and are too busy looking for a 1950's housewife.

Good luck with that, but if that's what you're looking for you'll be writing this same thing as you turn 50.

Singleguy, I read your complaint about your troubles and I read all the comments! I would say there is some good advice here. And even though I don't like alexes that much I must say she is right about what you need to do to figure things out for yourself. I to felt the same way as you. And I have to tell you I got married at 44 to a 28 year old. It wasn't about age,looks,phycial being or even sex. It was for lack of better words that "he got me" I got him" So, if I as a woman can find this at 44 then trust me! as a man you will find this at 40. I don't think you have to lower your standards just change them in a way that you can live with. Oh! and sometimes second best can turn out the be the best after all! Think about that.

good luck

I am always excited to go to sleep! In anticipation of the new experience I will find awaiting me.

It's not an insult nadinenana...If he find it as an insult for himself then it's up to him...FYI, Qler's reads alot of these kind of Thing... thats why they became FED UP also with those people who posted this kind of Pathetic Thread.... And one thing, If he is seriously wanted to search and choose someone to be his partner, he shouldn't posted this kind of Thread.. It adds negative energy on his Part for Singleguy....Maybe, ladies he meet ups before feels what his character had, Pessimistic!!!!

But its not too late Mr. Singleguy, maybe someone is just around the corner.... You just need to be sensitive enough!!!! tsk tsk tsk...


" Failure is Not an OPTION "


Singleguy have you been to Gravey's and the Rugby Club?



Pikey - "Exploiting the idea of dating someone from the Far East"????

I sure hope you meant "exploring the idea".

/Oh and btw, don't put rosy cloud 9 ideas in his romantic heart about women from the Far East. Not every woman there is a doormat and willing to be a glorified maid. But who knows, he might get lucky.

qatarisun, gypsy and Scarlett ;0)


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

From the tone of the OP, single guy you seem a bit needy and perhaps a little overbearing when you meet someone you are really into. I think if you also bring the bar down to something realistic you may find you fair a bit better. I am in no way suggesting that you settle, quite the contrary but all people are flawed. Weigh out the pros and cons and look at the things you find less desirable in a new light. Sometimes it is these small things that you initially feel are a bad quality as rather endearing once you get to fully know and respect the person.

Trust me, if you are a successful educated guy you would grow sick of the type of woman who simply looks great and dotes on you as the honeymoon period wears off very quickly. The most beautiful person in the world can loose their appeal after a while if they not intellectually and morally stimpulating. ____________________________________________________

"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

Singleguy on a serious note. Look around yourself and you will see that most westerm men around 40 plus are associated with Asian ladies, mostly from Thailand, Philipines and China etc.

Have you ever thought of exploring the idea of dating some from the Far East?

he gets is a load of abuse calling him a 'homo' and stuff like that.

Obviously, all you lot who put this crap must be sooo happy and secure in yer relationships........NOT !!!


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

A beautiful woman / gorgeous hunk of a guy will seem ordinary after routine sets in but an ordinary looking woman or man could be extraordinary after routine sets in, if s/he has the qualities one looks for.

If SG really knows what he wants then don't settle for less. It's not worth it. It never is.


Don't want no drama,

No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama

Bang on Mr. Paul.


"Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock - Will Rogers"

I disagree EG. I think it's this idea we have of the "perfect person" that keeps so many people single and unhappy. There is no such thing as the perfect person.

do u believe in destiny? or fate? or soulmate?

that actually sucks!

go look for a good and simple girl who doesnt need to be understood but rather be loved. stop going to pubs,or intrnet chat rooms. girls who find partners on that places are simply bitches.

why not look around you? dont you have female friends that are close to you?

But first part of EG's post is really nice (and to a certain extent, it contradicts that last part)


"The larger grows the island of my knowledge, the

longer stretch the shores of my ignorance."

Yes I know. I agree with the first part, but not the last.

I think if someone has a list of traits of their ideal person, and wouldn't be satisfied with anything less, then I say good for them. But they have to be realistic and be prepared never to meet that person. I think too many people settle for less, just so they aren't ostracized by society who tends to look with pity at anyone who is not in a relationship by a certain age. I would much rather be alone and genuinely happy, then with someone who doesn't challenge me the way I want to be.

So does evryone else say... with all the post i've read and all your answers to them, it seems like you are looking for the perfect woman. Im sorry to say that if you will not bend a little to your qualifications even as you say you have the right to have a beautiful woman and a warm one without asking a lot in return,it will take FOREVER to have your perfect one... How many years you searched,looked,inquired but in the end you will end up still a SINGLE GUY... The truth is ....THE ANSWER IS INSIDE YOU...INSIDE YOUR HEART,let your heart search and try to forget your mind or let say make it 60% HEART 40% MIND.... Im sure you will finally found what you are looking for thru all these years.... LOVE COMES FROM THE MOST UNEXPECTED PLACES,when the time comes and you finally fall head over heals in love, you will not care anymore about her physical attributes nor it will not matter if she is not that beautiful but inside her she is perfect.... ONLY A PERSON WHO TRULLY LOVES SEE THE PERFECTIONS on the other person...

In reality NOBODY IS PERFECT...so i wish you GOODLUCK...AND I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND what im trying to explain or share with you....

Nothing is more relaxing than flying like an Eagle in Heaven !!

Ok ALEXA nice comment... help him ;)

im 21, and i predict that when i reach the age of 40. im gonna be just like you...

Power to the non believers, it’s a great feeling to have and hold.

I really don't have anything else to say on this matter so as far as I'm concerned the discussion is closed. I appreciate those who posted useful/constructive comments. As for all the insults and abusive comments well good luck to those who post them. If that's all they are capable of then they have problems. It also lowers the spirit of the QL community. What a shame.

If you think thats bad, think of finding the perfect woman and not being able to be with her.

was jus looking at the 'track record' w.r.t posts by our single guy here...

1.Farting in Bed

2. what is under the abaya?

3. strip/lap dancing clubs

4. Qatar -perfect for families n worst for singles

5. Single guy in Doha ("so I'm getting worried. I heard the ratio of men to women is 4:1 and that it could be a lonely life out there with no female company. I really hope this is not the case and there are opportunities to meet single women.")

6. (...heard Qataris are )Racist

7. Tired of being single

8. Why do Qataris n Indians have moustaches?

The best advise you can take from anybody is to...chill out. Relax and stop chasing. Best things in life happen when you are not trying.Believe me.

Dude, just come hang with me. To my wife's great dismay women throw themselves at me quite regularly. I am sure there could be some sort of arrangement made with one of these damsels and their Cinderella complex.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar



I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

it is a matter of self trust which you can`t get from others it should come out of you,try to have a new friends & seek what they are good in & learn it.if you still in a bad mode PM me we can go 4 a coffee.

40's for guys are quite young to get settled down, i know a guy he is 53 now, and yet acting like a teenager, getting girls as much as he can. and with the sound of u, i dont think u need to settle, just enjoy everything right now. if im a guy like u, why would i worry about a thing? u can still have offspring even if u r 70 yrs old, so be happy, and enjoy!!!

All is fair in love and war....????

yeah Alexa , my husband is full of awesome, big mouth and all, ......but what can you do :(

ALEXA ....mir gehts gut, kinda busy with the tribe ( family/ kids) here....allahmdulillah

Hey don't give up....there is no age limit to finding Love and Happiness.So, it's taking longer with you,but there are loads of singles out there who are also looking.Maybe you are trying too hard.The best thing is to live your life and start enjoying yourself.I too felt the same as you,but my husband came into my life when I was already in my thirties.Anyways,just stop worrying about it and it will just happen. Big Hug!

you have given positive comments, which I will also take to heart.Yer right, yer never too old to meet new people.


I think you have me confused with someone who gives a sh1t.

SingleGuy....my oldest brother, age 42, was "all done with all women" and meant it too! Then he met a lovely woman in her late 30s, fell madly in love, married and they have just had their first child this spring. Anne Windsor is so right - live your life, be happy and love will find you. The most important thing I think is to keep believing and the person who is worthy of you will appear.

WOW!Give it up to the forty somethings ......Life is just beginning.

Power to the non believers, it’s a great feeling to have and hold.

Any other guys out there who can relate to my experiences?

With regards to this question...


Think about this,

Maybe your gay or have a serious form of 'fear of commitment' and subconsciously or knowingly sabotage your relationships? Most likely, the guilt lies with you.

If this posts makes you realize something, apologies for bursting your bubble :-P

As a woman I am sorry you've had some rubbish experiences, but don't give up so easily! Maybe that's your problem. Anything worth having, is worth working for.

Yes modern women have high expectations are are self-centered, but not all the time! And here's some news for you, they were like that 100 years ago too!

Please don't give up on us. Try joining a sports club, taking group lessons in tennis/golf/yoga etc, and you can meet some great people as friends - both men and women in a non-hostile environment.

But before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself, so make a list of all the great things about your life and embrace your 40th as a new start! I'm sure you could be a lot worse off if you really think about it

Social system?

What bullshit is that? You mean to say that the man rules and the wife should obey....

No, woman = man = human.

It is as simple as that. One guy that has difficulties finding a suitable partner, to me, is either very unlucky or needs to look in the mirror and correct his own flaws.

Oh yeah, God/Allah has nothing to do with anything human. Why? Simple: Free will, the feature to choose between good and evil which each human by design and default is equipped with, indicates that God/Allah is unlikely to interfere with our progress. otherwise we would be nothing but Lego and our earthly conscious a complete and utter lie.

The path of life depends on individual choices, free will. These choices lead to doors, the doors we open lead to our future... in the end, it is YOU that decides.

They just want one thing, all the time but not when and how I WANT. Bunch of selfish creatures!

3 dimensional brains and 2 dimensional brains... body language, behaviorism and other forms of (non-) verbal communications.

Find out how the female brain works, and for females vice versa..... and you'll understand the dynamics of the opposite sex.


(says the bugger with a serious case of fear of commitment)

Ok although i'm single, I'm not really looking for the "one" just cool people to have a laugh with and enjoy the expat life with!

Perhaps you should stop worrying about how much time you think you have left to get settled etc and just enjoy meeting people and someone some where will suprise you!

We all worry to much about what other people will think if by the age of 40 we are not married, dont own a house, have no kids etc etc! Live for the moments and the rest will happen when we least expect it. Besides i bet you have some funny stories to tell about dating and had a good laugh do so!


From the title of the thread, it seems that you have turned into a Homosexual.


THATS WHAT I SAID>..........

thank god, I thought I was the only genius around here!!!!

Ow Cabin....

I will just assume your 89 is your 'production date'

hence, being (as I assume)20/21....

You display wisdom.


Single guy, I was just thinking...

It seems you don't go out much, maybe your social life revolves around your friends (from work). And in your free time, you just stay in your abode/accomodation, watch tv or surf the net. And if you had bad experiences, my guess would be, these women you met are from social or dating websites.

You said " I find many modern women to be inherently self-centred, unreliable and with extremely high expectations of men. It’s just so hard to impress women these days, some are difficult to get on with when you are with them, and then you have to worry about how not to lose them.".

My comment--->I would deduce you only said out of frustration. And you must be (socially)moving around (if you do during your entire stay here in Qatar)in a wrong or different social circle. Excuse me but I would beg to disagree with what you quoted about "modern women". There are still women who prefer simple living with simple needs. Obviously, you haven't met them yet.

Another thing is your comment: ...fatter, uglier, older men could get pretty girls...or to that effect. You reminded me of my ex-partner. He's 13 years older than me, about 230lbs, balding and bearded Scottish guy. I loved the old guy, I guess I can finally admit now that I failed in my previous attempts to have relationship was because I was (unconsciously) still hoping he would come back. Silly isn't it....lol

What I'm trying to point out is...those "fatter,uglier, older guys"(?), they don't try to impress women they met. They present themselves as who they are, and it's up for the ladies/women to see what's underneath the physical atributes. It goes vice versa with the guys when they look out for "their woman". You know, "beauty is only skin deep" or "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". ;-P

Now, I've moved on and I could say I'm happy with MY GUY.

You will meet your match...when the right time comes. Like they always say, PATIENCE is a VIRTUE.

Good LUCK :-)

I wish I was 20/21! But no im heading towards the 30 this year! cabincrew89 is an old forum for ex trolly dolly's in the uk!



Don't worry I am aiming for 30 also...

So the wisdom remark stands :-)

Not wisdom i just think thats common sense! I know im in no hurry! lol


If "single guy" is fed up with woman


"single guy" becomes "single gay"


Either way, your words were true. Hence, wisdom.

No discussion!!!!


I also stated before, he must be gay or have a fear of commitment.

Either way, my advice....

go to bloody home-center and buy a freaking mirror.

I go to bed with meny women, but i have 1 rule I dont wake up with them in the morning. kick them to the floor.

Power to the non believers, it’s a great feeling to have and hold.

Can you explain what "second best" means to you? What does the first best have that the second best does not? If you are living in Doha, what woman nationality are you looking for? If you narrow it down to yours, here in Doha, you'll be dissapinted for sure. If you are in Doha and meet someone like your "first best" and not same nationality as yours how are you bringing her home with you? i can't believe you have not found an Asian doll yet!!! Your 40th birthday should be a celebration with close family and friends in your own country, then go to a strip joint for lust. I think you are looking for lust instead, coz then you'll find love.

Oh my god....

we are still bitching about this?

Again, BUY A MIRROR do not blame others for your failures.

End of story.

Mr.Single Guy,

"ooh god i no see any beauty in the world,( lot beauty in world)

OOh almighty there is no hope for live( Lot of hope in life)

ooh god there is no air in this room,( Air is every where)

ooh god i fed up with ladies"(Feel all ladies are good)

Ha ha ha, single guy i hope you are a well educated, intalactual, work oriented, high princible man.

But in real life ladies like a man who can take care of them,and who is respecting them,and who is giving security for their better life,and who showes real love for them.

Since you are saying the social places, is it not possible to find one good women.If you are saying all womens are wrong means, how it should it be ? logically if you say all means, that the one who says all are wrong is wrong. do you understand?.You have to think yourself, what is wrong in with you, and why you are saying all womens are bad ,self motivated.One simple question i will ask you.

In your office your boss/client/customer are all , some time say hard /worst comments on you, but because of business/work you will tolerate and adjust with the situation and work calmely with out saying/showing angry, is it not?

Now calmely sit and think, you are adjusting with the people who are not really care for you. But at the same time you Dont want to adjust with some one near to you.

Life is give and take policy matter.In life you are defeated with your lady means you are suceeding her morally.Adjust with their ideas, some times it seems foolish also.But all ladies are beauty conceious and child by heart.If we show love/affection/careing words/gift/appreciation for small doings to them means we are suceeding the ladies.

Normally dont show your too much IQ to them. For small naughty thinks made by them also you show your happy and praise them.What you are going to loose.

I read this thread compleately.some ladies gave you good comment and some abuse you,some said you are gay, some teased you.One lady asked you what kind of lady you wantand what are the qualities you need from the ladies?

If you say you need a beautiful lady with good physique means,sorry friend beauty will go by years,and today good phtsique tomorrow will be spoil.select good charecter girl with little beauty( U need a life partner, not a show room model).Good /bad are all according to our vision.if you are in good mood ,every thing in this world seems good.If you are in bad mood ,then every thing in the world seems as bad.But Reality world is common our mood only changed.So, first rinse your heart with goodness, and see by goodness cooling glass , you will see lot of fantastic ladies with high qualities.May be you will get one from this QL also.who knowes?

Cheer up my dear friend dont loose your heart evaluate yourself,first , then show fingers others.

My point of view all i am seeing good/best/wonderful/excellent ladies.I am also single.But i never feel ladies are all bad.i had also bitter experience with them.I told myself, what situation made them to behave bad to me, may be some thing i made bad to them , so i got the same.so i never worried for that.because life is full of excitement.40 years nothing man think you are teen age and go energetically search partner for you.Adjust with her/compramise for small thing and get lot of happiness in turn.

Excuse/sorry /forgive me /all are accepted in human love.Be ready to ask/to give/to get excuse/sorry/forgiveness/love teasing from your love partner.

Since she is giving all to you, why dont you adjust with her to have a beautiful/pleasent/peaceful life.

She will be a angel who makes the house glorious, active and giving social status for you in society.

Dont fed up with all ladies my dear friend,some where a good soul already born for you, and you didnot met her yet, may be very soon you will meet her in a excellent situation ,and that time you will be blessed by god also.So be ready to get your lady very soon , yella cheer up, dont be negative impression with ladies.You see here how they are argueing and put up their views boldely.wonderful QL ladies.Dont curse Mr.Singleuy, very soon he will be a Married Guy. Let us cheer up him.

Good Luck Single guy. ha ha ha ha be happy QL's.

Have woman curry every day with hot sauce.


you can't change it

There's usually a very good reason why 40 year old single men are still single. Especially over here, any half-decent looking guy with a little money and car can have a girlfriend or get married. Meet me in Starbucks this weekend and I'll give you an honest opinion. Some guys just don't have a clue. Maybe you are really fat, maybe ugly, maybe no manners, maybe you collect girls dolls.....there has to be something, right? Even with all these traits, I have still seen men like this married or with girls. Tell us the truth about yourself.

You being single at 40 is God's way of saying you shouldn't reproduce. No offense. Really.


The more desire the lesser chance to get them with you.

Try to be focused and dont look for perfect lady because no one is perfect in this life including me and you.

Best luck for you friend

"in real life ladies like a man who can take care of them,"

"But all ladies are beauty conceious and child by heart.If we show love/affection/careing words/gift/appreciation for small doings to them means we are suceeding the ladies.

Normally dont show your too much IQ to them"

Sorry Kumar, but I don't need a man to take care of me, I'm not a child and I appreciate a man who's smart.

No wonder you're single.

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