Friday - Doha's day off

From the creators of Essence.

Friday from Omar Khalifa on Vimeo.


very nice!

really nice video. Keep the good work up.

-- F L A M M A B L E --

Good one


Another excellent one. Keep it up! We want more!

So is the idea that we're watching everything through the eyes of a muslim lady (hence the extreme "letter-boxing")?

Really nice. Good work.

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very nice...


Simply Superb !!

IMI - The Screen Behind The Mirror

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it looks like a gay don't see women...hmmmm

Interesting logic; lots of men together = they must be gay!

nicely done. specially the men holding hands. lol

nice 1.......

Shot like a pro (Are you one?). Keep up the good work.

with women like you around...

who can blame them?

excellent video Omar...

everything about it is top class

and great effort for shining light on this burning issue

Very nice way to show the common man's life in Doha

excellent video Omar...intresting too

can i borrow you the next time i get on the p1ss.

sometimes i have trouble remembering what i've said and done the night before.

Nice vid man.

These are the workers who shed sweat outside during the whole week while we're chillin' in our office desks.

Live Life free of worries

maaan..!!! you made a rokin vid... keep it up buddy... best wishes:P

It captures an essence of life in Qatar, and does it in a very stylish way. Try doing it yourself - pick an aspect of life in Qatar and make a video about it. It's not easy to make something this good.

Run Run

nice one specially the"Lost in Migration" the back face of qatar....

but it begs the question - are there any women out there??

boss u r good man..........u seem to be a pro and the way u have edited it is fantabuloustico amigo........good job

gay video! hehe


Quality dude! Quality!

Gay Parade in doha on every fridays ;)

Ban Spoon Feeding not Me

fantastic vid-o congratzzz....they are not gay ...its just not a lot women go around doha... friday....coz I dont like being stared at all day... few bumps... and butt touching incidents........:-)


Indians usually do this. Its more like a sign of a good friendship between two. Its just normal for them.

Live Life free of worries

Now that's keepin' it "Riyal" in Doha! Very cool.

Liked the slow-mo effect and the music. And some nice shots in there too! Well done.

I would love to get out there and document Doha life too--but for now I'll leave it to the rest of you who actually own a camera. :)

nice 1 :)

it shows a typical friday in Doha

very romantic ending

*** didn't read the full comment before replying ***



Live Life free of worries

i will give you perfect 10... superb...

"I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."

yeah typical friday with lots of men holding hands.... :P

hahaha dude nice work!!!! il give you 5 white twix for that interesting video!!! see you around!!!

one one..


I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer.


it's a walking friday video...

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