Google Earth Qatar

Anyone knows what the first picture is.


got it from Google earth - somewhere  near Al Udeid.


Check out the fighter planes.

dont know if these have been posted here before. 


For more visit -


  hayyy can u see qatar in the world map???lol  if u want to unlock ur iphone pm me or call 5125244 .  
KC135 Statotankers are the Planes shown in the photograph.  They are used for refuelling in the Air
the second pic...Rekhiya Farm...the government fruits and vegetable farm...producing locally available fruits and vegetabel...e.g tomatoes...onoins..cucmber..ect.. the third pic ...part pic of udeid air base...
can we see the ameraican airbase on qatar???
it is sort of shaded out, maybe for security reasons     YOU DONT KNOW ME, DONT EVEN TRY !!!
may be illution!!!
d 2nd one luks like  a water treatment plant...
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